ReMix:Final Fantasy IV "Phoenix Symphonic" 3:39

By GrayLightning

Arranging the music of one song...

"The Airship"

Primary Game: Final Fantasy IV (Square , 1991, SNES), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2004-06-16, evaluated by djpretzel

GL recently had his collab Halo mix with Freemind and Binnie Katti of Northern Virginia on tabla cameo posted, but's been quite the prolific mixer of late and also sent in this dramatic, orchestral retooling of The Airship from FF4. This blends a Titanic-esque wind lead with lush strings, over-the-top orchestral percussion, and later some synthetic percussion, as well as bell pads. The crescendo and rapid accelerando at 1'58" do have some issues and aren't as gracefully and naturally executed as they could have been. Clearly GL wanted to take the piece in a different, more aggressive direction, but the 8-9 seconds it takes to transition seem forced. However, once safely into the new vibe, things are right back on track and click, with running snare and some great low brass swells. This mixes your traditional sweeping epic feel with some ethnic/world influences; though they are much subtler than with the previous Halo mix, they're definitely still present. Good stuff - I might have extended the piece with a dropout section and a solo instrumental that could have elaborated more in-depth on the core melodic motifs, but this is a general comment I make for a lot of mixes from a lot of mixers. What this mix does excellently is achieve oscillating tones of grandeur and bombast switching to a more reticent, ethereal, processional vibe and back again. Ensemble and what sounds like solo choral patches are well implemented and align themselves with the piece's overall dynamic very synchronously as well. More good stuff from Mr. Lightning.



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on 2020-07-27 13:15:42

Pretty chill stuff. :-)

on 2009-04-10 06:14:10

GrayLightning captured the beauty of blue skies as seen and felt from an airship. Every instrument plays a delicate but pronounced role in crafting the atmosphere*. I'm all for the relaxed pace, so neither the dropped tempo at 0:37 nor the hurried pace at 1:56 are jarring to me. 2:03+ embodies smooth sailing, plus it's chock-full of my favorite moments:

Sticky, juicy percussion - if this were candy, I'd lick it profusely and have it melt in my mouth. Let's call it ear caramel.

Brass swells - a subtle, emotive touch, like small clouds or gusts of wind.

Choral patches (2:40) - they enunciate a brief moment when the airship sails above the highest clouds.

Offhand static (2:58) - weird, but I like it there.

* the mood AND the breathable air. :P

on 2009-03-23 10:21:32

Pretty cool stuff, I love the alterations to the track, it gives a much more tranquil feeling. Like for a moment, there wasn't a world to save and you can just experience the feeling of flight.

A few minor issues, like the tempo transitions being a little abrupt, and some of the sample attacks being a little slow are pretty easily overlooked when the arrangement is this strong, and overall it's a beautiful and very original take on a great theme.

on 2008-12-06 22:27:18

Although it's one of his somewhat-(relatively-not-even-ok-enough-with-the-hyphens-already-!-)-older pieces, it's one that makes me wish that Gray were still remixing on this site. It's one of those remixes you wish were longer, that it could be grander, epickier, and bigger, but not necessarily that it could be any BETTER, because it's already real slick.

on 2008-12-06 17:35:22

This is the first ReMix I ever downloaded, and I only regret that I waited so long to finally compliment it.

I believe this is the piece that got me hooked on this site; I'd stumbled upon this place a few times before in the past, but had never really stayed for long.

This piece, however, was different than everything I had previously listened to.

It's beautiful, moving, and inspiring. So inspiring that the first time I listened to it, it actually made me open a sketchbook and start drawing, and when a piece does that to you, you know it's a keeper.

on 2008-08-18 10:32:28

Awesome interpretation. ReMixes that come up like this, where you can recognize the original but see it in a new light, are amazing. Definately reminds me why I love this site so much.

Instruments are mixed very well, volumes are great, with nothing standing out or being too far in the background. Things feel a little slow from 1:10 to the tempo change, but it's nothing that terribly bothered me.

The low end right at the tempo change feels just ever so slightly off to the drums to me. I think it's the attack times of the instruments compared to the drums, but it feels off just enough to distract me a bit. If I don't listen so closely it's not a problem at all.

Overall, definately a recommended mix, and one of my favorite FF4 tracks here.

on 2006-02-15 17:38:26
Gray Lightning has as usual done it again, but this time he did the orchestric way, and that´s none too shabby, cause I love orchestric. It had flutes, drums, possible bells and a smooth feel of the tracks, besides the Airship theme, I think the Main theme is somewhwere into this too. Or is it my ears that plays tricks in my mind again? Anyhow, great mix, GLdude.

main theme? are playing tricks on you..

on 2006-02-11 12:27:19

Anybody who can take three or four songs from a particular game and get them to flow under one musical theme like this is worth admiration. The beginning makes me sort of close my eyes for a second as it builds up, just to feel it. All in all, I love it. It's one of my favorites. Anything you guys do that's real rich and symphonic like this one...I'll eat it up.

on 2006-02-03 14:22:37

I definately agree with anyone that says this is one of the best remixes ever!!!i give it a 10! :nicework::nicework:

on 2005-12-11 09:14:27


This has got to be one of the best remixes I've ever listened to. I hate the techno-beat remixes. Frankly I think they ruin the song. This reminds me of Kizukaseru (Last Blade 2), another GREAT remix, because of the orchestral effects in it, and not ruining the song by making it something similiar to Daft Punk. Thumbs up to GrayLightning! I love your style. :)

on 2005-10-04 03:58:46

Gray Lightning has as usual done it again, but this time he did the orchestric way, and that´s none too shabby, cause I love orchestric. It had flutes, drums, possible bells and a smooth feel of the tracks, besides the Airship theme, I think the Main theme is somewhwere into this too. Or is it my ears that plays tricks in my mind again? Anyhow, great mix, GLdude.

on 2004-07-03 18:30:12

This is one of thoes songs that seems to scream out quietly for a massive CG cinema to pair up with it. Scrolling from the gently flowing plains, into the air "upon the wings of an airship".

Okay.. mabye not a massive CG but any that fits the flow of the song as if its revealing a whole new world.

on 2004-06-25 20:54:53

This mix is of a very high quality no doubt but It just seems a little too much like a score for a chopper fly over shot in a Lord of the rings movie. Origional, well done but not a favorite. minute 3:22 it gets the best stuff and, well then its over.

on 2004-06-25 13:13:28

I really love this mix. It has a very refreshing feel that was very enjoyable next to all the dark/distorded I usually listen to.

The very first part reminds me of Warcraft III.

on 2004-06-23 19:36:34

I like this alot. I have no complaints about it. I think it's beautiful.

The buildup that starts at 2:35 and has the horns come in at 2:39, just fantastic. I think that could have been explored even further, though.

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Primary Game:
Final Fantasy IV (Square , 1991, SNES)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"The Airship"

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