ReMix:Final Doom "Milagro del Demonio" 4:00

By The Orichalcon

Arranging the music of one song...

"Soldier of Chaos"

Primary Game: Final Doom (GT Interactive , 1996, DOS), music by Jonathan El-Bizri, Josh Martel, L.A. Sieben, Tom Mustaine

Posted 2006-09-04, evaluated by the judges panel

When I think "Milagro" ("miracle"), I usually think "Beanfield War", as to my certain knowledge, there's not too many beanfield wars that have taken place anywhere else. But now I'll also think of this solid Final Doom ReMix from TO, or should I say "The Orichalcon", to avoid any unfortunate confusion with a certain NFL "personality". The ReMixer writes:

"Source was kinda crazy. I shaped a different tune out of the bassline and incorporated the synth thing from the original into the flanged hawaiian guitar. There's some stereo separation on the drums to start with until we lead into the main groove. The rest is pretty much my usual pattern. A Mid-level buildup at the beginning, short atmospheric break, and then an intense finale."

I'm not sure any of the judges found the finale in particular "intense"; the ending seemed to be brought up as the sole negative, but besides that you've got an interesting 7/4 groove that sort of worms around, demonically, as the lead circumscribes an undulating bassline. For some reason the whole thing seems musically... serpentine. But in a good, evil way that befits the Doom multiverse. GrayLightning writes:

"The groove is sweet, as is the bass line - to be expected of TO. Production is definitely solid as well. Really no complaints except the ending felt rushed. Solid, capable and no reason to NO this. Nice work TO."

Now seems like an appropriate time to note that on August 14th, Gray officially resigned from his position on the panel. He'd been around far less frequently and this was clearly just formalizing what had essentially been in effect since the beginning of last month, but it was still a downer to hear the news. As I understand it, he's continuing to pursue a career in audio production, has taken a promising position in Nebraska, and wants to focus solely on work and acclimating to his new environs. In speaking of his time as a judge here at OCR, I can only be overwhelmingly positive; Gray was often far more than a judge. Behind the scenes, he was a motivating force, prolifically voting and compelling others to follow suit, mediating arguments, bringing issues of concern to my attention, and in general facilitating the operation of OverClocked ReMix at large far beyond what was ever asked of him. His tangible contributions to the site are innumerable, but he also brought an intangible sense of calm, diligence, and amicability that is already missed. It's almost impossible to be Gray's enemy, which is really saying something in a diverse community that's bound to harbor differences of opinion and generate friction from time to time. Beyond all this, he's a fantastic artist, with an ability to coax confoundingly intricate arrangements with stellar production from FruityLoops. I'm not sure if he'll still be able to mix something once in awhile, but his existing body of work is already formidable enough (in size, variety, and execution) to make him a household name in the world of unofficial game music arrangements. As a Judge, ReMixer, and as a friend as well, he was simply a great guy, and I wish him the best, which is what he deserves.

Back to the task at hand; I couldn't really identify anything as sounding particularly like a flanged Hawaiian guitar; the lead comes off more like a flanged electric piano, to me, but it sounds good, and that's what counts. In stark contrast to the panel, I actually like the rather unorthodox ending, with the four stinger notes following what would have been a more traditional cymbal roll fadeout; there's enough of those about, ultimately, and this added some character. The build up to the very end could have been more climactic, sure, but these last seconds were well-executed and left a favorable impression. Overall, this is a good groove mix whose 7/4 signature works surprisingly well as background music for surfin' INTARWEB or performing the focused, multi-threaded task of your choice.



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on 2015-08-11 08:45:18

A vibe that's both creeping and chilling? Yeah, I'm totally down with it. The 7/4 time sig brings a new level of tension to the source thanks to the bass guitar chipping away at the first few notes. Every so often (e.g. 0:54) there's a double-noted and reverbed riff to punctuate the last beats of a measure while leading into the next - this adds both character and cohesion to the mix. I also appreciate the change-ups to it, like the brief off-sounding tease at 2:18/2:19 to keep the listener on their toes. 1:19 and 3:03 ramp up the latent vigor in the latter part of the source to make it a bright kind of chill. And of course the crisp percussion and glistening synths contribute to the smooth listening experience.


on 2008-12-29 03:23:43

I've had this on my PC for a while, and my playcount tells me I've heard it a couple of times, but I honestly don't remember it. I think this is for a couple of reasons: It's hookless and it's very under the radar. Obviously, I've heard when my playlist was on random whilst playing TF2 and never even noticed it. Hence why people label it background music. It gets you to from A to B without thinking too much about it.

ANYWAY, now that I've actually given it some attentive listening, it's pretty damn nice. A pleasant, mellow Doom track still refuses to make sense as a concept in my mind, but I guess that's what it is. No socks get blown off over this one. But socks on or off (socks on ftw!), it's enjoyable.

Oh and keep representing Australia, TO. It may not be the greatest country, but together we sure can create the illusion of it being so.

on 2008-01-23 11:52:11

This works really well as background music, as there are lots of layers and no single element stands out. The time signature keeps it very interesting, and the rhythms used by the drums are great.

The synths are well chosen, and the soundfield is expansive, but that isn't really surprising, as TO definitely knows what he is doing in that respect.

I frequently bag on the Doom soundtracks (and metroid) because it just seems generic to me (though maybe it's because of the constant exposure to it I got through my lame midi soundcard back in the day), but it seems that every Doom mix TO ends up doing, I really like.

Check it out, you'll like it.

Martin Penwald
on 2006-09-15 09:28:20

I'm digging this very much. Nice atmospheric track; I don't know why, but it gives me a Shadowrun-esque feeling, and that is always good.

Also, I don't see what's the problem with the end. Didn't sound rushed or anything to me.

Azure Prower
on 2006-09-07 06:36:19
P.S. Are you the one who has his name stated simply as 'TO' on other mixes? On and off OCremix?

Yes, I changed to The Orichalcon since "TO" was pulling up other artists on I'll still release mixes under "TO" on sites other than OC ReMix.

Cool. Even though I lost a lot of remixes from my old computer crashing and reformating multiple times over the past 3 years. I still re-download FF6 'Haunted Train Disco' from here and Descent Level Six from some random site.

Love those mixes man, keep 'em coming. :)

Geoffrey Taucer
on 2006-09-05 13:50:18

This is sweet. I'm digging the 7/4 beat.

John Revoredo
on 2006-09-05 11:49:20

7,5 /10. This is nice ambient. The drums lacks of realism. I would have used "compressed"/equalized kick-ass block-rockin drums to make this completely agressive. Nicely produced guitar, though.

If you'd have used some "matrix"-like drums, i would have given this a 9. I'm really missing them.

The Orichalcon
on 2006-09-05 05:58:16
P.S. Are you the one who has his name stated simply as 'TO' on other mixes? On and off OCremix?

Yes, I changed to The Orichalcon since "TO" was pulling up other artists on I'll still release mixes under "TO" on sites other than OC ReMix.

Azure Prower
on 2006-09-05 05:50:26

Aye. Good man. Good mix.

Cheers TO.

P.S. Are you the one who has his name stated simply as 'TO' on other mixes? On and off OCremix?

The Orichalcon
on 2006-09-05 04:51:20

I just want to say that I'm dedicating this mix to Steve Irwin. From one Australian to another, we'll miss him and this is the best I can offer.

Black Mage
on 2006-09-04 22:34:19

Mmm, love the Doom tracks, especially when TO's in on them. This one, I noticed, definently has a similar feel to Clairvoyant Elergy and River Styx (both TO favorites), it's laid-back, yet keeps you on the edge of your seat, like somethings about to happen. Calm, yet intense. This can also be said for a lot of the music from the Doom series (in my experience), so I'm sure the source material has a hand in it as well.

on 2006-09-04 22:09:42

While listening to this, I thought it might pick up as it progressed. It did, but not as much I had anticipated; to great response. This is a great song to keep as background rather than overtake your senses. Very nice funk to it. I always love Orihalcon's work.

on 2006-09-04 21:47:22

Love the beat :D

on 2006-09-04 20:13:28

This isn't bad. I am liking the overall sound of it. TO does a good job of mixing up the sounds. Plus the bass in the beginning works out well.

on 2006-09-04 19:32:17

Straight off the bat this is pretty background funky grooving, sort of thing i'd expect from MGS2 music but with more funk. The leads are really smooth. My brain hurts from trying to work out the time signiture. I think its in 7/4 but it doesn't really matter what it is cause it flows well. (Knowing my luck it's probably 4/4 and i'm making an idiot of myself).

Overall i'm liking this. Atmospheric. My one quarrel is that i find it very hard to put the peice into any distinguishable set of sections. I guess thats not a bad thing, but i don't find any areas of it to stand out in particular.

That aside, a welcome addition to my "everything" playlist.

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Primary Game:
Final Doom (GT Interactive , 1996, DOS)
Music by Jonathan El-Bizri,Josh Martel,L.A. Sieben,Tom Mustaine
"Soldier of Chaos"

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