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OCR01502 - *YES* Final Doom 'Milagro del Demonio'

The Orichalcon

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Game: Final Doom

Song Title: Milagro del Demonio (Miracle of the Demon)


Source: http://www.doulifee.com/prc/TheOrichalcon/tntshawn.ogg

Source was kinda crazy. I shaped a different tune out of the bassline and incorporated the synth thing from the original into the flanged hawaiian guitar. There's some stereo separation on the drums to start with until we lead into the main groove. The rest is pretty much my usual pattern. A Mid-level buildup at the beginning, short atmospheric break, and then an intense finale. I snuck a "Spyro the Dragon" homage halfway through the mix too. If that stickhit annoys anyone, I can take it out. Also, the loud cry at the beginning of the mix and about halfway through is a transitional change-up from the normal cymbal crash. The sample is from Doom 3.

Pointing out the source:

[12:12] <Liontamer> for this Final Doom mix, what part of the source is the Hawaiian guitar part derived from?

[12:12] <Liontamer> can you give me a timestamp to compare with from the source?

[12:13] <The_Orichalcon> all the hawaiian guitar is shaped around the synth from the source. Some of it is original, working in and around the melody from the source. lemme get you some times

[12:15] <The_Orichalcon> 1:20-1:38 in the mix, 0:48-1:07 in the source

[12:16] <The_Orichalcon> and the hawaiian guitar parts from 2:30-the end are shaped around the strings from the beginning of the source

[12:19] <Liontamer> timestamp on that?

[12:19] <The_Orichalcon> timestamp?

[12:19] <Liontamer> the strings

[12:20] <Liontamer> yeah, what time regarding the strings

[12:20] <Liontamer> :11?

[12:20] <The_Orichalcon> :28-36

[12:21] <Liontamer> aight

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http://www.doom2.net/~doomdepot/music/tnt/TNT07.mp3 - "Map07"

A-ha! I've got my own inferior MIDI-grade copy of the source. Yeah, listen to Lee's OGG copy of it, which is much better.

It was hard to point as where everything was specifically derived from. Beyond that (sweet) bassline, I initially had to do a lot of side-by-side comparison, as there wasn't much melodic material to latch onto and recognize right away. I just like to safely know the connections before approving anything.

Thanks to Lee helping with a breakdown of some of the connections here, I can vouch for the level of arrangement here and don't need to elaborate on it. He also pointed out the well-executed 7/4 time signature when we were talking about the WIP of this a few days ago.

The instrumentation and atmosphere sounded fairly polished and the groove was solid. At first I wasn't feeling the drum tone, as it potentially seems thin, but it manages to fit reasonably well here. The sequencing sounded a bit mechanical, but it didn't affect the flow of the piece in any negative way. It was more like a strange hybrid of robotic timing yet very flowy sound. The nice processing ideas here really gave a lot of character to the piece.

I would have pushed the vox-style pad from 1:19-2:09 up a little bit to further round out the soundfield, but by keeping it low Lee didn't expose it, so I suppose I can't complain.

The dynamic shifts here were understated but still noticeable. Good elimination of some parts at 1:52 to create that minimalist break before bringing the groove back at 2:31 and escalating to the climax of the piece starting at 2:48.

Definitely no complaints about any of the stuff Lee pointed in the sub letter, like the opening Doom III sample or the stickhits; both were very solid ideas and were handled well. I wouldn't know where the hell the Spyro bit is in here, but I damn well know that doesn't belong in Final Doom. Nice touch.

This had some nice arrangement ideas that played around with the source's structure and gave it a lot more substance than anything the original had. Fairly good sound choices and textures along with dat groove were nothing but a solid package.

Nice work. I dare say, you might make a decent track or three someday. :lol:


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the instrumentation here reminds me of a lot of the old pc tracker OSTs. subtle and effective escalation, moody and groovy. The ending leaves a lot to be desired, but other than that this is solid stuff.


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The groove here isn't quite as layered as some of your other stuff, TO, and I was kind of hoping it would build up a little more into a familiar rhythm. I guess that's mostly a subjective thing though since what you have going on does get the job done. I do like the instrumentation overall.. it might not be quite as shiny and polished as it could be, but it has its own flavor that is enjoyable in and of itself.

Nice arrangement work though I think some of the guitar chords are a little 'off'. The structure is rather simplistic but it's not repetitive, and things change over the course of the song, so it's OK by me.


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I agree with the previous voters, this isn't as complex as TO's other mixes, even his recent one we just yesed is several marks above this one in my opinion.

I have to say I didn't like the original source of this, it was really simple and eh, so it was very interesting to hear what TO did with this in comparison. I think TO did a great job with the arrangement esp. when comparing both material.

The groove is sweet, as is the bass line - to be expected of TO.

Production is definitely solid as well.

Really no complaints except the ending felt rushed. Solid, capable and no reason to NO this. Nice work TO. YES

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