Posted 2007-11-06, evaluated by the judges panel

Newcomer Radiowar writes:

"So uh there's a range of influences in this song, at first I wanted to make a Boards of Canada type song but some Crystal Method influence got in there. not to mention this is my first time doing a full out dnb/big beat type song, hopefully it doesn't sound too forced together. This isn't really the easiest song to remix since it's basically two repeating phrases, the only melodic variation coming from the key change between C and F#, so the source is used pretty liberally in the first half and the outro...hope that isn't an issue. so uh yeah enjoy"

So, uh, yeah... actually, I've heard some Boards of Canada before, and it seemed like pretty good stuff. I just like their band name, because if you say it fast or with imperfect diction, it can easily sound like "Whores of Canada" or "Bored of Canada," both of which would ALSO make good band names. So it's like a three-for-one bargain. Right. According to our illustrious judges panel, this one's in 13/8 time, so if you try tapping your toes to it and expect predictability, you might inadvertently find yourself doing the Lambada (the forbidden dance!!), wooing and/or frightening innocent bystanders. See See Sixty Funk for more details. Honestly, we really don't get a ton of electronica mixes in the dnb arena, so it's rather refreshing to be posting this. It's got some excellent beat work, with obligatory splicing/stuttering/mutating, coupled with an undulating bassline, warm pads, and shimmering synths. Actually, this reminds me of A Final Hit by Leftfield, off the Trainspotting soundtrack, but what do I know. At least up until the build at 2'22" where things get edgier, with distorted synth, string stabs, key changes, and more traditional drums - way to change things up! But wait, the deal gets sweeter - Radiowar throws down some badass mangled electric guit lead work, then outros on the initial, more ambient feel, sans drums. This is a fantastic, fantastic example of how dnb/electronica - a genre often criticized for pieces that don't "develop" or "go anywhere" - can yield linearly progressing, almost narrative arrangements. Quoth Aversa:

"Incredible! I love the intricate drum programming, smooth textures, and Boards of Canada/Crystal Method influence. While I was definitely enjoying the minimal/chill first half, the transition into a heavier and more distorted soundscape worked very well. I do agree with Larry that the bass could be pumped up more but honestly it's not a big complaint at all. The arrangement is highly creative and interpretive, to match the excellent execution. I gotta say, this is one of the most impressive subs I've heard lately - great job!"



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on 2014-10-12 13:05:02

Wow, the first breakbit section is nice. I like how drumming is slightly domintaing over main melody. But the second orchestral is even greater. It's so badass.

on 2010-06-18 14:35:38

The strings production have always bothered me (which I said as much judging it), but composition/arrangement-wise, this has got it going on. Definitely very creative and one of the coolest time signature changes for a ReMix!

on 2010-06-18 14:29:22

Catching up on some of my song comments -

Radiowar made this song sound better than the original source. He has inspired me to play Super Mario RPG this year. I can't stop listening to this song!

on 2010-02-11 08:37:30

DnB, breakbeats and more rolled around SMRPG? Love it. This first half is so calming and it seems like I always forget about the upbeat half until it hits me in the face. As upbeat as the second half is, it sounds more epic-like than frantic, which is a nice change of pace. It rocks the box for sure. Recommended by moi.

on 2009-08-25 21:45:08

THIS is what I'm talking about - I had nearly forgotten what kickass music sounded like! Creative, aesthetically pleasing, yet utterly hard-hitting. I haven't even heard this game's soundtrack but you definitely have me interested.

Thanks for making this - it rocks!

on 2009-08-25 17:42:28

Grows on you in a very good way :-) You've got a great percussion style and the whole soundscape is very clean. The strings in the latter half of the song are startling at first but it totally fits in with the song's overall progression.

Completely different from Radiowar's other song but it's equally great :-)

on 2009-08-25 03:23:54

awesome time signature.

on 2008-08-04 10:09:10

I'll keep saying this until my fingers fall off - SMRPG had one of the finest soundtracks in gaming history. It's also, I would imagine somewhat tough to mix - I've arranged the Big Boss theme before, and if arranging and mixing are related (as I suspect they are), the simplicity of some tunes (unlike Big Boss, which was long) can make it a real pain to keep fresh.

That said, the Weapons Factory is ingrained in my head from hours of being there. It sounds almost like Boards of Canada, which is a compliment because it's a tough sound to nail down. I must confess that I am not an electronica junkie - that said, I applaud the effort.

RadioWar has taken a lot of liberty with the theme, but the fact that I can pick out the original melody means that it's a good liberty. The only complaint I can even muster is that the beginning is a bit long - but since it's well-done, I don't have a huge complaint on that. Thanks RadioWar for the propagation of the epic SMRPG soundtrack!

on 2008-08-03 21:28:08

This remix really grew on me. At first I wasn't really feeling it and the intro was way too drawn out for me. Then I listened to it some more, and I don't know, I'm kind of addicted to the drums especially and the weird time signature and now it's one of my favorite remixes.

Nice work!

on 2008-03-27 12:09:18

I feel like a fool.. coz' I don't get how anyone could have any complaints about this track! ;) It hits my nerve perfectly. I like the serene, but rhythmically wrecked beginning, and when things pick up, boy do the pick up. Definitely a must to check out if you like dnb, breakbeats, weird time signatures, badass electronica et cetera..


Martin Penwald
on 2007-11-27 15:54:03

Starts off with some very intriguing drumwork.

At 1:14 it becomes truly amazing, reminding me a lot of Wingless' Aphrodite Oceanus. I love this part (and the end, where it is used once more).

Interesting change of pace following, taking the remix into a whole new direction. Way more aggressive than you would expect after the mellow beginning. Dunno about the electric guitar, though; it's a little over the top IMO.

All in all, this is a very nice remix. Good job.

on 2007-11-21 13:39:52

This song is so awesome! When I was driving it came on my iPod and I was like, "Wait, do I have a Boards of Canada song in my top rated? Wait, no I don't! This is that remix!" So you totally nailed the BoC beginning. I really like the dnb beginning to the song. It's like BoC cause it's really interesting but not necessarily melodic, just more like a soundscape.

Then at about 2:25 it morphs into complete awesome. It sounds... really driven, I guess you could say. Like some kind of wicked machine pumping along. Fitting for the source material. The source song was something I really liked in the game.

Then it trickles back into BoC territory with the dropped voices and mellow sounds.

Absolutely fabulous.

on 2007-11-18 00:44:13

It gave me goosebumps i love the progression.

on 2007-11-14 14:31:59
First two and a half minutes are a lot more drawn out than they need to be. Just get to the point.

The next section is brilliant. Impressive job of mixing a very difficult source in an extremely difficult time signature.

Cool sliced voices at the end, but why only at the end? Why bring in an idea like that in the last ten seconds of the mix, and not expand on it at all?

I agree almost completely with Sir Geoffrey Taucer here. The beginning is repetitive and "drawn out."

Are there not "sliced voices" toward the middle of the piece? Right before 2:28 where everything kicks in...

I'm in class right now, so I can't give a specific point in the piece where they happen, but it sounds like a man over a loudspeaker or something...

Awesome work, though. I'm a freak for weird time signatures, and this kicks big butt!


Okay, I've listened to it (several times) since I last posted. That voice sounds more like a man over an intercom at 2:09... and it's not really "sliced" but it's a voice, and it's there :P Can't blame me for trying.

on 2007-11-13 12:53:47

Didn't really dig the first few minutes as far as the strings and synths went; it was just a little too floating with no real melodic direction, but once it picked up, it was great.

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