ReMix:Secret of Evermore "K-Pax for Evermore" 5:12

By Mazedude

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Primary Game: Secret of Evermore (Square , 1995, SNES), music by Jeremy Soule, Julian Soule

Posted 2007-12-24, evaluated by djpretzel

Merrrry Christmas! While we've still got a ways to go on the East Coast as of my writing this, a lot of people I know open gifts on the eve, and from an international perspective, many of you may have already gotten your haul o' the season. We always open at least a few on the eve in my family, and I'm now the proud owner of BioShock (360 version). Given my family's familiarity with video games, or lack thereof, it's a minor miracle I didn't end up with BodyShock, which my sister insisted on calling it, or Bio-Dome, with Pauly Shore, which is surely what Santa gives the very naughty kids, along with mint copies of Yahoo Serious' immortal Young Einstein. Lucky.

Mazedude's American Album continues to resonate and result in continued submissions, even two years after its initial release. With the perspective of considerable time to reflect on his masterpiece, Mr. Getman confides that this particular piece may in fact be his favorite of the bunch, which puts it in and above excellent company. As always, Chris provides a solid background narrative:

"Okay. If you haven't heard the soundtrack to the feature film "K-Pax," by Edward Shearmur, you are missing out. It is awesome. It sucked me in from the moment I put in the DVD, and I daresay it dwarfs the movie in coolness. Shearmur's blending of piano, mallet instruments, pads, and groovy electronic percussion is just so friggin' cool.

When first listening to the Secret of Evermore soundtrack by Jeremy Soule, I knew I wanted to remix this track in emulation of the K-Pax style. It just made sense to me.

It was actually very hard to do. It took me several tries to get started. I just couldn't settle on the right samples... but I stuck with it, and kept trying. Eventually I got a flow going, and then I ran with it. I even took it in directions that Shearmur didn't go, mingling in screaming synth leads, Reichian minimalist sections, and even a bit of Michael Manring electric bass influence. The end result is a soothing yet kickass remix of a great song. I'm quite proud of this one."

I remember seeing K-Pax in the theaters, and I remember vaguely liking it, but definitely being somewhat more enamored of its score, so I'll toss my hat into that ring as well. This is amazing work, and is also my favorite off AA; I think Chris really nailed core aspects of the K-Pax sound, while implementing quirkier, Mazedudish percussion and FX. There's also something here that reminds me of Kondo's score to Super Mario Galaxy (an instant classic) - I think it's the "spaciness", for lack of a better word. I could easily pun off Kevin Spacey at this point, so appreciate my measured restraint. I think this piece should have an audience even with those who might find some of MZD's other material too zany, as it's a bit more melodic, and a bit less polymorphous perverse, sonically, probably due to the K-Pax emulation. Essentially, Chris is uber-flexible, and while you could still (easily) identify this as one of his pieces, it's also very distinct and a bit more ambient/hypnotic than most of this other fare. But the important thing is, it's excellent, and pays homage to both Soule and Shearmur with class and style.



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on 2017-11-28 13:44:12

I've discovered the book a couple of years ago, then immidiately watched the film. They're both really great and I keep coming back to them from time to time :) Now, on to the mix. It's pretty cool how Mazedude built its structure here: it starts off pretty slow, with some nice minimalist aesthetics, and then, very slowly, bit by bit, new elemnts are introduced, and eventually you get a chill and soothing combo of industrial-ish percussion, mallets, sweet bass, classic Mazedude synths, and whatnot. Sometimes you get a cool little break, with a touch of Chris' quirk, but then all the instruments are back together for your listening pleasure :) And that contrast between such parts makes the whole thing just perfect. So yeah, now this is a song that hooked me for some reason, and I listen to it several times every day :D

on 2011-12-15 05:24:17

Finally, a mix of one of my favorite game themes, and an incredibly well done one as well. I wish I had caught it back when first posted. This these keeps much of the acid jazz feel of the original, keeps the length that allows the song to unroll and unfold bit by bit, synth melodies while the bass sucks you under its spell. It's not as deep and expansive as the original, but in true Mazedude style, it's got crunch and pizazz and wanders into more new places, while still doing justice to the dirty jazz.

Personally, nothing can quite compare to the utterly awe-inspiring sax and bass Jeremy Soule created, but this was a mesmerizing spin that instantly made me put the original on.

on 2010-12-19 18:40:12

What a laid-back, atmospheric remix! Haven't seen K-Pax in years, so I can't really make the distinction. Still, I enjoyed this remix very much.

on 2009-12-22 03:20:28

This might just be my favorite Mazedude mix ever! :-D He's mentioned in the past how he finds a different set of sounds for each mix, but I think the one's he's using here work better together than any of his remixes I've heard up to this point. It's so peaceful and serene, but mysterious as well. The piano fits like a glove into the synthy soundscape... honestly, I could keep rambling, but ultimately this is one of my favorite Mazedude mixes and I'd recommend everyone check it out!

on 2009-12-17 05:09:16

A very laid back piece from a game I've yet to play... I need to start expanding my horizons a little bit...

The tempo of this is something I like, along with the seamless blend of organic and synthetic sounds. The soundscape that has been created is fantastic.

Another great track from the 'Dude.

on 2009-11-05 14:43:26

I wish i could speak a better english to translate my thoughts, this song is atmospheric, it's a very similar feeling with the game

on 2009-10-01 18:16:48
I've actually had an unfinished trance remix of this theme sitting on the drive for the past 1.5 years :-0 gotta finish it

3+ years now? =(

This is a fantastic mix. It was always hard to justify getting SoE for xmas while my brother got Chrono Trigger...which one of us won the battle of "better game"? He did, obviously. But sibling rivalry commanded me to squeeze every ounce of good out of this one, and I think I did.

The score is absolutely unique for an SNES game, centered around mystery, loss, and desperation. It was so good that I tended to hate the game because of its long stretches without any BGM playing, regardless of gameplay elements (although frequent and lengthy mazes were frustrating on their own accord).

I love all 3 of the remixes up here, all evince terrific emotion in the spirit of the source. Mazedude's percussion is fantastic, like a well-measured case of ADD knocking pads and bells in an entrancing rhythm. For some reason, the melding of synths and percussion reminds me of a more electronica version of the latest Muse album's symphonic suite (sans guitar). Beautiful stuff.

I agree with the criticism that the ending jumps out of nowhere.

on 2009-03-27 22:59:01

This one never should have become buried in my vg remix collection. I am elated that I rediscovered it.

The combination of organic and synthetic sounds is astoundingly beautiful and profound. It truly surprised me how appropriately these seemingly polar opposites could meld as they interplayed; also from what I understand, such a melding also fits perfectly with the theme of the game itself. The poignant touch, in my opinion, was made in giving each style its own moment to speak... the sounds intertwine and build, then the organic quiets for the synthetic to profess its secrets, both build and recircle, then the artificial withdraws and allows the natural to give its testament, and finally they rejoin and crescendo only to eventually fade into the distance.

This is the story I hear. It is further accented by the panning, which completely envelops me in this strange world, and by the pitch bending of the synth, which sends a chill down my spine every time it is introduced.

Now I must listen to the soundtrack from K-Pax. However, I will venture a guess that, even if the idea originated from Mr Shearmur's work, the inspiration evident here came from none other than Mr Getman. Do be proud; this is phenomenal. Thank you for this.

on 2008-10-24 09:32:16

Still the best.

on 2008-10-23 14:39:20

Mazedude's tracks tend to be very unique, so... sometimes I like them, sometimes they don't quite click with me. But they're always interesting, no doubt about that.

This in particular might be my favorite remix that Mazedude's done thus far. It really, really gets at the part-eerie, part-mysterious atmosphere in both SoE and K-Pax (really enjoyed that movie, by the way). It's a brilliant track where you can really hear the inspiration behind it. KF

Alimah Kali
on 2008-10-18 15:35:40

I was just recently introduced to a couple tracks from SoE through an awesome channel on Youtube called "From Bleeps to Beats: The Music of Video Games". I'd never played the game before so it was a very welcome addition to my playlist. I listened to it all a number of times before coming here and finding Mazedude's remix. When I heard it I felt like flying and crying all at once. It's just soooo beautiful, flowing and ethereal. It even prompted me to go and get the K-Pax soundtrack. I whole heartedly agree with Dunnowhathuh... it can easily be snuck into the soundtrack with absolute perfection.

Thank you for this gorgeous masterpiece, Mazedude.:-)

on 2008-08-16 18:19:00

Can't really comment on the K-Pax thing, but I just recently re-discovered the SoE soundtrack and the original version of this song is definitely my favorite from the soundtrack. As a result this remix is a very welcome addition to my collection, very low key, but the same melody is there.

Hard to describe but this remix has a very "light" feel to it, very unique.

Schloss Ritter
on 2008-08-16 12:25:34

I just heard this awesome track on the Ormgas stream. I haven't gotten around to seeing K-Pax yet, but the remix reminded me of the songs by Animusic. In fact I was half visualizing them animating this as I listened to it.

on 2008-02-24 01:56:36

What an awesome track. Very soothing, very spacey, very powerful in an understated way. It flows beautifully, and feels free but never unfocused. Great piece, and one that will make it on to my short list of favorite OCReMixes.

on 2008-01-16 17:27:06

Great atmospheric track, the delayed bass harmonic sample at the beginning was awesome, and the track progressed very well while retaining a deep atmospheric mood. Synth choices were all fantastic and meshed together well, and every few listens, you discover another layer of sound. My one complaint is that is starts fading at the end and then gets abruptly cut out. Considering how much care was put into the rest of the song it seems like an oversight.

I'm wondering if this track hasn't received the attention it deserves review-wise because its downtempo? A more obscure game? It was posted nearby a lot of other, higher profile mixes? I'm not really sure, but if you are reading this, be sure to check this track out.

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