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More project mix postage, this time from Bound Together and a ReMixer we haven't heard from in a long while, Zeratul. He writes:

"Long overdue, my submission from the "Bound Together" Remix Project by Joe Cam from 2005. Since I just realized that all the other tracks have been up here for a long time now, I thought I'd just as well join. I hope it gets through the submission process, I like this track very much, differs from most of my other stuff - and it's actually my last remix to date (apart from some joke thingies). It's compositionaly based on the (in europe) very popular "Café del Mar" chill music series.

During a summer vacation on greek island mykonos (that explains the name, it means 'coffee break' in greek) I worked out most of the song structure. Afterwards I arranged it mostly with the waldorf micro-q and the access virus. Software used: Cubase, ReNoise, Reason, Garageband. Frank van't Ende (Diggi Dis) played the Guitar."

Nice; no denying this was a great project, arranging a singular and important game soundtrack, with a variety of artists & styles. Can't go wrong, given the ingredients. Incidentally, one of my sisters visited Mykonos a few years back and had a great time - cool that this mix was essentially "born" there. As you'd imagine, it feels very laid back, open, and - dare I say - wistful. The background discussion and what sounds like... radio fumbling/feedback... during the intro, as synth pads ebb and flow into EP and strings, which a nice little brief accordion riff then introduces fx-driven percussion to... all are quirky and interesting without being threatening or ominous. It's mellow, but it's also Earthbound, so there's gotta be some eccentricity in there somewhere, and I'd say Benedkit succeeds in that with a very open, floating structure. Diggi's guitar adds a human touch and only increases the feeling of carefree, vacation-minded chillin'. Sadly, I haven't even planned a summer vacation yet, and it's getting kinda late, so this mix makes me wanna get my ass in gear and by plane tickets for... anywhere. Good timing! A subtle mix with excellent attention to detail and an expansive arrangement that hopefully I'll be enjoying at some point in the next months while I take a (much needed) vacation of my own.



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on 2023-12-01 17:17:53

One of those mixes that caught my attention within the first few seconds, and kept it throughout in the most chill way possible. I can't think of anything else quite like this on the site (which also speaks to how unique all the other mixes are).

on 2015-07-08 16:01:54

Ah, very soothing after it gets rolling....

I feel like it plays out like a story... I thought the sounds at the beginning were Jeff making something late late at night, and it opens with him making a cup of coffee to watch the sun rise...
That was my first reaction anyway....

wonderful mix

on 2015-04-09 12:12:36

Very fitting for relaxation, and a true classic.

on 2009-12-27 21:51:08


I downloaded this like three times to make sure, but whenever I play this with Windows Media Player, it turns into a 17 minute song. Everything else I check says it's just a little over 6 minutes.

Annnnyway, I like the initial sound effects making it feel like some forgotten home movie. It feels like something from Half-Life 2. The more I listen to the intro, the more it creeps me out actually.

Moving on it mellows and rounds out nicely, and understanding that this is supposed to have a Euro coffee break feel really makes more sense now and makes the sheer mellowness and gentile "go with the flow"-ness understandable.

It's a fairly decent track, but in the end, I don't really care for it though.

on 2009-02-11 09:39:24

Oh yes, I'm feeling this. I think this is really smart, classy stuff that doesn't just run it's course and fade off like a lot of chill-out mixes can do. It builds in a fluid manner, flows like honey and spreads into a warm, collective sound toward the end, which is a great, evenly balanced payoff. The entire mix is just pure ear candy. Inoffensive and easily overlooked, but a real treat and just amazing music to just shut your eyes and absorb into your head. It seems free of any strong ambitions, which is quite liberating for a listener. It requires absolutely no effort to be in love with this.

on 2008-09-16 13:27:16

Really interesting track; I kept waiting for something to happen beyond sound effects and some pads, but it remained sparse throughout. I was a bit skeptical, but things became a bit more clear on repeated listens.

Not really my style overall, but I can feel what the intent is, and for dudes looking to straight up relax, this fits the bill.

on 2008-06-27 16:12:35
With all the ambient noise in the background, this almost sounds like something you'd hear on monotonik or kahvi. Which is a good thing.

Just one technical thing; the bitrate of this song moves up slowly, so winamp cannot display the duration of the song properly. Nothing major, but it always annoys me when that happens.

So that's what was going on. I kept staring at iTunes and thinking "there's no way this mix is seventeen minutes long." :shock:

Great work guys. Good to see you around still, Zeratul.

Martin Penwald
on 2008-06-11 16:01:47

With all the ambient noise in the background, this almost sounds like something you'd hear on monotonik or kahvi. Which is a good thing.

Just one technical thing; the bitrate of this song moves up slowly, so winamp cannot display the duration of the song properly. Nothing major, but it always annoys me when that happens.

on 2008-06-03 00:55:26

It brought a tear to my eye to see my favorite track from my beloved Bound Together finally make it onto OCR after almost 3 years. I can't believe it's been so long and people still buzz about this project and it's still getting notice here on OCR.

Much love to Z Diggi for making one of my favorite songs ever and many thanks to djp for posting it.

Red Shadow
on 2008-05-22 00:03:34

most likely my favorite mix from the bound together project, aside from 'keep it short'

neat to see it here

on 2008-05-21 18:01:18

Very relaxing, and brings back memories of the game. The nature sounds in the background are a nice touch.

on 2008-05-21 15:37:09
:razz: ! loving this! .. also nice to see zeratul still in action! welcome back
on 2008-05-21 11:13:23

I loved Bound Together and this is one of the best tracks. It's so relaxing and has a great atmosphere...

The Mutericator
on 2008-05-21 10:13:57

Yeah, I thought this was a different version, but it isn't. Which is okay, the original was already great.

I've got this on my Summer Nights CD, for listening to on those warm summer nights when nothing's going on... awesome, fits and even defines the CD itself. About time it got recognition as an OCRemix (not that you guys could help it, since he forgot to submit it).

on 2008-05-21 07:42:37

Ahhh, laid back. My first thought when I listened to this was that its a perfect backgroundtrack for opening credits in some cool movie. And I mean this in a VERY GOOD way. This would totally steal the show from the credits in terms of setting up the mood, but I think some really cool visual material would compliment this track in a beautiful way.

As we have no cool opening credits, the track truly stands on its own too. I still think of its as "background music", but thats not a bad thing in any way. Some tracks are just meant to roll on the background, setting the mood. And this one does it in a great way.

There's also some really interesting sounds that add up to a beautiful scenery. The whole song is kind of a journey - and definitely not the "trippy" kind. Sometimes its just nice to lay back and enjoy. And for that, this is just the right stuff.

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