ReMix:Team Fortress 2 "Electrodispenser" 3:41

By zircon

Arranging the music of 2 songs...

"Playing With Danger", "Right Behind You"

Primary Game: Team Fortress 2 (Valve , 2007, WIN), music by Mike Morasky

Posted 2010-04-09, evaluated by djpretzel

WAT!? TF2 MIX ON OCR? We certainly know a lot of folks in the community play it, but I'm proud to say that we've finally got a ReMix to accompany the addiction, courtesy the one and only zircon, who writes:

"I don't normally do full-on, 'hard' electronica in my remixes but this is probably as close as I've come. At first, I wanted to do an electro house remix, but then I remembered that electro house is boring so it ended up being some twisted fusion of dance genres. "Playing With Danger" is a rather minimal source but the bassline is so awesome that I spent most of my time on that part, with "Right Behind You" showing up as a cameo a bit later. To any other ReMixers; virtually every synth is either Zebra or Massive, and most of the fun processing comes from dBlue Glitch (automated). Enjoy!"

For some reason, many of the mixes we receive from TF/TF2 and other FPS sources like Counter-Strike often fall into the "not much more than loops & sound effects" category, but this is Andy, so we're safe from that particular fate. Things intro with a gnarly, snarled synth and solid thud kick, then a downright obese synth bass ("heavy," you might say...) comes in with a seriously thick beat. Nice triplet saw motif and running pads, then a synth bass-driven segue into bongo/ethnic percussion land for the second half. The variety of aggressive, twisted textures here is impressive - like the different classes in the game itself, each synth seems to have its own personality & specialty, and they all work together (c'mon, you knew it was coming...) as a TEAM.

It's taken awhile, but TF2 finally has some representation on OCR, and I have to think that this mix would be fun as hell to play the game to. It's zircon, so you shouldn't really have to be reassured, but this is some damn fine electronica I think even those who've never played the game, or suck at it like me, should enjoy - along with the hardcore players and law-abiding engineers of the world. Great stuff.



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on 2015-02-19 12:37:36

Gritty, hard-hitting, and awesome. That bass is so damn sweet. Love the percussion at 2:30 - nice touch. Tight stuff, Mr. Aversa!

on 2012-04-27 14:54:27

Wow, this is some kind of crunchy, dirty goodness! But what else can you expect from someone like Zircon? Those reverbs are just plain sick, and the arrangement along with it was really well done. Hard-hitting stuff and I'm loving it!

Dark Vagabond
on 2011-03-29 04:02:09

Erectin a subwoofer

on 2010-08-01 17:15:55

this song just gets better and better every time I hear it, from the irresistibly catchy intro all the way to the punch-you-in-the-face awesome ending. Zircon will have a hard time outdoing himself with this one, but I know he will, and I can't wait to see him do it.

on 2010-07-09 14:44:42

You know...the first time I listened to this, I wasnt impressed. Now I am ashamed of myself for that! It was playing in the background while I was gaming and now I cant hear it enough. It may be one of my favorite remixes of all time, Excellent work!

on 2010-06-23 09:32:45

Another amazing remix from zircon... this has been sitting at the top of my most played list for a month - I just can't stop listening to it!

Reading zircon's comment from earlier gives an interesting insight into the creative and technical process behind this track. The lack of repetition makes this track so more-ish that I'm more likely to listen to it than if there were an extra 16 bars of the house-style beat put in there just for the sake of it.

I also think that this track is kind of like the Avatar of music, in that where Avatar just looked so good, the instruments in this tune sound so good. I'm listening not just to the overall tune, but to each individual component on each listen. Right from the off it's just so interesting to listen to - everything is produced and balanced perfectly. That bass at 0:10 just tickles your eardrums letting you know you're going to be in for a treat, and the track doesn't disappoint.

Incredibly interesting stuff here. Now I need to go install TF2... :)

on 2010-05-02 23:29:34

Off with those lights and start the strobe !!

Martin Penwald
on 2010-04-26 16:12:06

Incredibly fat low end: the bass is awesome.

I can see where zircon is coming from on the topic of variation in arrangement. Many electronica songs are quite repetitive if you listen actively, i.e. they're much better used as background music that you don't pay that much attention to.

Obviously, this remix does not suffer from repetition.

on 2010-04-21 22:41:53

This is fantastic stuff. Really deep, throbbing sound.

Crank this sucka up on a high powered sound system (or a nice set of headphones) and let it blow your mind.

Great stuff, Zircon. Loved the ending bit. :)

on 2010-04-17 04:50:29

It's really cool to have a TF2 mix on the site, not only do a lot of people here play the game, the soundtrack (even though you only hear it when you first start the game) is really unique and catchy.

There was little doubt in my mind when I saw this that I would enjoy it, though to be honest on the first listen it didn't really do too much for me. Since then, let's just say it's gotten exponentially better, to the point where I've been playing it several times in a row. It's really all anyone could hope for for an electro/dancy remix of the TF2 main theme, and it's pretty addictive!

As soon as I listened to it the first time I knew it could only really end one way, with that oh so familiar victory jingle (I guess it's used in draws too, in a different way). It works perfectly and is the icing on the cake on a really fun mix!

CC Ricers
on 2010-04-14 19:51:42

Ah, arrangement compression. Condensing all the ideas down to a short time ;)

Nice remix, it may be electronic but it's definitely breaking out of zircon's usual style. My favorite part comes after the breakdown- A suitable replacement to the current TF2 music on the title screen.

That bass has some real character too. There are various changes in its tone and texture. Good bass is not just about making your speakers tremble.

on 2010-04-14 16:38:26

Thanks for all the comments. You might notice that none of my mixes are very repetitive. I prefer to present ideas and then move on rather than repeat them ad nauseum, which is why I find a LOT of dance music (especially electro house) extremely boring... it's literally the same kind of loop for 16, 32, 64 bars. The way I write a lot of my arrangements is to have smaller builds and falls in the energy and layering of the track. So, 2:18 is a mini-climax. Then we have a fall to a lower dynamic with lots of new elements (the glitchy bongos and hand perc.) That rise continues for about a full 42 seconds before we get "the money", which is similar to the first section of the track, but up a whole step, with bongos/hand perc, a more dramatic bass and lead, and of course a huge ending.

Could I have repeated that last section for another 8-16 bars? Yes, but what would this have added, musically? Nothing. No additional dynamics, no excitement, no drama. Right now, the ending is 16 bars plus the 'hit' at the end. Doubling the length would make it extremely repetitious since we've essentailly already heard a toned-down version of this section once before.

Also, it's very hard to transition from 3/4 back to 4/4 feasibly, and while I could have eliminated the whole breakdown... where's the fun in that? Again, it's not exciting to just keep things going at the same dynamic when there are so many new potential elements to play with and showcase. Here's what I like to be able to do: jump around in a remix I've made and be able to tell, without looking, whether I'm closer to the beginning, middle or end. Too much repetition and filler material diminishes that and makes the whole track sound same-y. :

on 2010-04-14 03:47:43

awesome mix. love the bass :)

on 2010-04-14 02:55:31



Dispenser, Comin' right up!

Ahhh... Bloody Brilliant. I will now voice my thoughts which sort of mirror other peoples'. The intro/opening section was absolutely amazing, right from the get go I was loving the groove you had set up. Sort of reminds me of Beatdrop, nice to see you are extending yourself to embrace the raw power of noise. At a minute and a half or so in you change things up and it feels a lot more reminiscent of your earlier work, but I was digging it pretty hard. I could almost grab and fondle the flow basket.

2:22 on seems kind of... tacked on? It's such a disparate jump from what you had going on the rest of the mix, I mean I can see how you build up again to something groovy and raw and toss in some amazing percussion, but did you really have to drop it and then build back up to that? The issue I have is that you spend so much time rebuilding yourself that by the time it is all clicking and popping in place it already ends. And I am left feeling as unfulfilled as Bruce Willis being cast into the part of a middle-aged dad in some teen romance flick. Without shooting anything.

on 2010-04-13 12:01:20

I'll agree with OA that the ending wasn't very strong and you seemed to reach the peak energy of the mix relatively early in the mix so the latter half (despite the awesome percussion) was kind of a letdown.

That said, the dubsteppy bass is the shit and the way the rest of your instrumentation complements it is fantastic. One of the most fun mixes to come by the front page in a while!

Sources Arranged (2 Songs)

Primary Game:
Team Fortress 2 (Valve , 2007, WIN)
Music by Mike Morasky
"Playing With Danger"
"Right Behind You"

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