ReMix:Final Fantasy Adventure "Chivalry Begins" 5:22

By Big Giant Circles

Arranging the music of one song...

"Rising Sun"

Primary Game: Final Fantasy Adventure (Square , 1991, GB), music by Kenji Ito

Posted 2010-07-27, evaluated by djpretzel

Big Giant Birthday! Happy bday to the panel's own Jimmy Hinson, who originally contributed this Final Fantasy Adventure pop vocal ReMix to Josh's Songs for the Cure '10 album. BGC writes:

"I can definitely agree that the lyrics in "Chivalry Begins" are going to strike many people as cheesy, haha. Truthfully, they were written years ago and exclusively outline the general premise for FFA, which is essentially about the (almost) love story of a young lad who unwittingly becomes the protector of the a young girl who turns out to be someone of great worth to the world as revealed later on.

When considering what to contribute to the album, I came across an older version of this song on my hard drive, and the general principle of an ordinary person taking it upon his/herself to protect/care for another seemed to fit the spirit of what the Cancer Drive is all about. Definitely a bit cheesy to be, say, heard on the radio, but I hope the message itself is enjoyable enough considering the context. :-)

As for the 80’s mixing/style (especially the guitar solo), that was pretty much the exact intent I had, so good ear! The 80's rock, I miss them. :-)"

For those of you who've been lucky enough to catch Jimmy jamming with Brandon & others at various OCR meetups over the years, it'll come as no surprise that he can hold his own on both guitar AND vocals, and this mix thankfully employs both. He readily admits to using some autotune - not the T-Pain kind, just for touch-ups - because (like the majority of us) he's not a pro singer, but it sounds pretty solid to me. The arrangement is dynamic, interesting, but also very catchy & approachable - nice blend of guitars and acoustic elements with a significant helping of synths, even working in some trance riffs towards the end. I for one think the lyrics are just fine; they might set off the cheese-o-meter when read aloud sans music, but like so many lyrics to so many songs, they sound completely natural in context. And what's more, they're heartfelt and make sense relative to the game WITHOUT explicitly being exclusive to it - always a great feat. Vocally, I'm digging the chorus the most; yes, this is probably the part that got the largest helping of autotunage, but it's also a really nice harmony, and the delayed doppelganger on each refrain works well.

Jimmy's got a very long history with FFA, and I think with this mix he's basically realized the goal of doing an album with co-conspirator Ziwtra, as they've got nine mixes between the two of them. I'm not saying I don't wanna hear more, but the body of work is substantive enough that you can think of it as a "virtual album" of sorts. This track is different from all the rest, however, not only because it's been awhile and Jimmy's upped his game (and, oh btw, co-composed Mass Effect 2), but because the guitar and especially the vocals make it unique among his arrangements, and the level of emotion & power is enhanced. While it's BGC's birthday, somehow we're the ones getting gifts; great, memorable piece!



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on 2019-07-24 00:57:18

Alas, my only opportunity to play FFA was thanks to a hacked multi-ROM cartridge from Singapore. One of the downsides being, things were glitchy. Notably music.

Thanks to the Switch and Collection of Mana, this lack has been corrected. And thanks to this downright lovely song - and yes, despite my previous reservations on lyrics, I greatly enjoyed the lyrics - I felt an immediate connection to the game.

A beautiful song, with heartfelt lyrics.

on 2015-04-28 21:22:03

I actually signed up for an account here just to say.. I think this remix is amazing.

on 2012-09-10 14:31:21

Okay, look, I really enjoyed those lyrics. Knowing what this song was for, and what it could be for in different contexts left to imagination, you got some powerful stuff here, cheesy or not. And the music arrangement halfway through the ReMix was pretty sweet. I agree with the person who said that this comes off a little like Christian rock. Nothing against that, I mean I like it, but it seems lighter and more positive, which is perfect for what you were going for. Damn well done.

Daemon Gildas
on 2012-07-09 02:54:31

Man, this was just a real treat to listen to. I've never even heard the source material before, but I just really enjoyed it. In a way, that probably speaks even more highly; most remixes here, while awesome, are also aided by nostalgia. This one, though, really came across as a solid song.

Excellent work!

on 2012-03-29 00:15:20

Wow. This song literally just came up on my shuffle, and I was on the verge of tears. There's two ways I can hear the lyrics as well. There's the religious way, which I can tell was unintentional, and the romantic way, which BGC basically said IS what it was written about.

Religiously, it sounds like the sort of Christian music I was brought up with, especially with the "All I have to give you back are just my two hands/To help you find your way to heaven", which instantly made me think of Jesus. (I'm sorta religious, sorta not.)

But then the religious feelings were overblown when I realized it described my on again off again crush on a friend of mine, better than I can express in words. So I sent it to her, because I can't bring myself to say I care about her in words again. That was.......well, two minutes ago. I don't think she would have listened to it just yet, but still, she'll probably think I'm trolling her (I've confessed feelings for her in Mandalorian from Star Wars before, so I'm not sure how she's gonna react to an epic song like this)

BGC, thank you. For all of the different meanings this song can have, and for making me realize that this kind of music is truly amazing.

on 2011-12-17 09:54:06

I forgot how great Final Fantasy Adventure was until this song shuffled up on my playlist a few times in the past week or so. This is a wonderful song that represents a powerful game. Great work, BGC. I had to watch the FFA ending again on Youtube only to fight back some tears.

I've never even played Final Fantasy Adventure before,

Definitely give it a playthrough sometime.

on 2011-07-08 07:18:36

Found this remix due to a related video suggestion on YouTube while listening to a DKC2 remix a few days ago, I think. I've never even played Final Fantasy Adventure before, but I decided to give this song a listen.

And damn is it good. Hope you decide to do more vocal stuff in this vein in the future, because this is definitely one of the best remixes I've heard on this site over the years. Awesome melody, great guitar work... yeah. Not much else to say as I'm not very educated when it comes to audio, but it sounds good, haha.


Melbu Frahma
on 2010-09-19 19:30:26

I honestly didn't get much out of this mix the first time I listened to it - I neither liked or disliked it. But with each repetition since then, it has grown and grown on me, until now it's become one of my favorite vocal Remixes. Great instrumentation, too - love it, BGC.

Less Ashamed Of Self
on 2010-08-23 04:49:43

Wow. It took me entirely too long to actually hear this mix but I have to say... it's very tingly good. All of the harmonies resonate in just the right way, it's a great interpretation, and it's really sweet and romantic. Something that can only be said about a select few songs here on OCR.

Great source tune to. I didn't think anyone was gonna compare with Ziwtra's cover but you definitely matched and then lapped it.

Martin Penwald
on 2010-08-16 15:36:42

Have to say that I really enjoyed the vocals, especially considering that Jimmy is an "amateur" (to put it in his own words). I hope we'll hear more of that in the future. The lyrics are really cheesy, though, but that's not something that bothers me.

The guitar solo has a rather epic sound to it. The trance riffs in the last part of the song are an interesting addition; on the one hand, they sound kinda weird in a song like that, but on the other hand, the do add a certain awesomeness to it.

on 2010-08-06 13:50:23

Great melody and cool production. The additions keep it flowing, the guitar solo is excellent, and the soundscape is massive. I think the vocals are over-processed, but I'm still enjoying this one immensely. Thanks a lot, Jimmy, this is beautiful. :-)

on 2010-08-03 19:30:37

I'ma go out on a limb and say I really enjoy lyrical remixes (but I also really enjoy non-lyrical remixes too). Not sure why others do not, but to each their own.

Anyway, really liking this mix. To point out what others have already said (and what BGC has already admitted), I'm definately hearing the Goo Goo Dolls influence. That was basically my first thought upon listening to this song. My other thought was "This is Epic!"

And as far as the somewhat cheesy lyrics go... I listen to fantasy metal, so really, the cheesier the better :P

Awesome mix.

on 2010-07-30 14:23:20
both :)

That being said, I'm a little ticked off at The Crakaz for stealing all mah vocal hate. : SAVE SOME FOR ME NEXT TIME JOE :)!!

They really should be more considerate. :P

big giant circles
on 2010-07-30 13:05:41
the mix has a catchy chorus and a pleasant ostinato on bells (or piano?).

both :)

Very awesome mix: strong energy, passion, and excellent execution. I'm happy to see it on something like Songs for the Cure. One of my best friend's eldest brother passed away two weeks ago after a long struggle with Cancer. He was buried with his character sheet and dice; I get the feeling that he would have liked VG music being used to help find a cure.

Sorry to hear about that, my condolences to your friend. :(

Happy b-day mix Jimmy!

I remember hearing a very early version of this on your site years ago. Was happy to see you finally finish the song off. :) Good take on a classic theme dude.

Thanks man, it's a pretty old mix for sure lol

It sounds amazing. At first I wasn't quite sure I would like it enough to listen all the way through if it had cheesy lyrics and an easy beat, but I took a look at the lyrics and . . . wow. That's all. This is an awesome piece.

I need to work harder on making my lyrics cheesier then, right? ;)

Got the chance to give this thread some love!

FINALLY BGC gives us vocals for one of his OC ReMixes. I only want more of them! Beautiful track, Jim. Since you have so many FFA tracks, I take it that's your favorite game?

Well, I wouldn't say it's my favorite game exactly, but I do love it a lot, and as far as Gameboy games go, it's got some of the best music on that platform, which is saying a lot, since I love a ton of GB soundtracks!

I'm extremely flattered by all the kind comments here and on youtube where people are saying "You know I don't really like vocal mixes, but hey, this is pretty good!" To an amateur singer dude like myself, that's a wonderful compliment and warmly received.

That being said, I'm a little ticked off at The Crakaz for stealing all mah vocal hate. : SAVE SOME FOR ME NEXT TIME JOE :)!!

on 2010-07-29 22:54:40

Got the chance to give this thread some love!

FINALLY BGC gives us vocals for one of his OC ReMixes. I only want more of them! Beautiful track, Jim. Since you have so many FFA tracks, I take it that's your favorite game?

Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Final Fantasy Adventure (Square , 1991, GB)
Music by Kenji Ito
"Rising Sun"

Tags (7)

Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Singing,Synth,Vocals: Male
Lyrics > Lyrics: Original

File Information

7,825,319 bytes

I know this is our world to keep
To make it what we choose to
What do you choose this world to be?
I'll go out to the great wide open
I'm starting out alone, but if I find you on your own
I hope that you won't mind

Walk with me
Would you stay awhile and talk with me
I wonder if you'll be the one to calm this raging storm
That's inside of me
I just need a light that I can see
I only want to be the one to help you find your dream

I knew, I knew that you were special
And I wanted to protect you, I'd fight to keep you safe
Since the first time that you looked into my eyes, yeah
I know just what you have to offer--just what you're meant to be
And all I have to give you back are just my two hands
To help you find your way to heaven

Walk with me
Would you stay awhile and talk with me
I think that I could be the one to quiet all your fear
And uncertainty
You will shine for all the world to see
I only want to be the one to help you live this dream, yeah


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