ReMix:Reset Generation "Plumber's Last Stand" 2:43

By Matt E. Waldman

Arranging the music of 2 songs...

"64 Rocker", "Reset Generation Anthem"

Primary Game: Reset Generation (Nokia , 2008, NGAGE), music by 8 Bit Weapon

Posted 2011-01-26, evaluated by djpretzel

I'm really glad to be posting another mix from MattInc, since I'm a big fan of his sole mix to date - the world needs more Panzer Dragoon! Sega should really do a PD iPad app, I think it could work quite well... Or perhaps a 3DS shooter w/ RPG elements? I can dream, can't I? Or Space Harrier 3? Or just a port of Planet Harriers? What about Galaxy Force III? Eh? So many great franchises and missed opportunities, it makes me cry...

But back on topic; Matt actually subbed a pair of good RG mixes for the contest, but I think this is the better of the two. He writes:

"Combining both the Anthem and 64 Rocker, I wanted to make it a lot gloomier, darker, and edgier than both. I felt that it should have a very open and ambient sound overall. Enjoy, thanks for listening, and thank you for a neat and addictive game and a soundtrack that's fun to arrange!"

Very stark, dark contrast with jv's arrangement of 'Anthem', as staccato string stabs state the melody over industrial drums, gated choir, undulating synth bass, and isolated piano with heavy verb. In under three minutes, working the second, major-key theme in cohesively could have been quite problematic, but it works and comes off as rather cinematic, almost like a film cue to a glimmer of hope in an otherwise brutal, post-apocalyptic wasteland. Nice thematic development, interpretation, & integration from MattInc, who we'll hopefully be hearing more from this year.



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on 2012-07-15 22:44:01

A short song, but well done. The song has dark overtones throughout, so Matt did his job here. Good job!

on 2011-12-14 17:12:00

Nice, man! Very dark, like something's approaching with a chilling tense purpose. I immensely loved the combo of the strings, synths and piano here. It was almost short, but I actually think it was done perfectly in the time you gave it. The contrasts in the middle with the slightly lighter melody before going back into that darker dynamic area was great. Not a fan of the fade out, but it didn't really bug me all that much. Sweet stuff.

on 2011-12-13 21:22:18

Wow, this is a very dark mix. It's in a good way though. bass, synth, piano and strings all work very well together here. seems a little sad, a little defiant in mood, but that might just be me. love the way the song comes in and out, very smoothly.

on 2011-12-13 03:31:22

The mood to me feels somewhat dynamic; managed to take the edgy 80s-like nature of the original 64 Rocker to something that could be seen as something more film-score-like, maybe kind of similar to David Bergeaud's more downbeat works due to the combination of synths with more organic sounds. The atmosphere and intertwining of both the themes throughout can indeed highlight a hint of desperation for the Mario parody character in the game, indeed reflecting on its artistic merit really well. Nice going.

The samples themselves were even handled with amazing quality; goodness knows how anyone can even replicate those booming bass drums along with such clean production to match; the only two qualms I tend to have though tend to be with the piano writing being somewhat stiff to me (albeit the dynamics were worked on really well for it to fit in with the rest of the sounds), and I'm not so sure about the choice of fadeout ending. But if it was written with more of an intent to be a game loop, I can probably understand the direction more.

It's a good interpretation for 8-Bit Weapon's score though, and for what I've witnessed of you so far within the community you're really pushing yourself as a key arranger within the OCR clan. Outside of waiting for NiGHTS "Panzer Nightopia" to be posted, I really hope to see what you've got in the works for 2012 :)

Nobbynob Littlun
on 2011-03-30 05:00:39

This song is badass.

I thought about talking about how this song does an excellent job of setting the mood. I also thought about noting how it transitions between themes smoothly. Or how it embraces the artificiality of the sampling and makes it work to the song's advantage. Or how it progresses in a cinematic, story-telling way. Or how it uses the full range of bass and treble to keep things balanced at all times. Or how it uses periods of silence (whether relative or complete) to great effect. Or how professional the processing sounds. Or how this would be friggin' perfect for a Deus Ex game. But really, all I need to say is:

This song is badass.

Martin Penwald
on 2011-03-16 15:46:26

Very moody piece. The section around 0:20 gives us a first taste of the good stuff coming in around 1:05; those are my favourite parts of the remix.

Have to say that the strings feel a little overly dramatic to me; I could do without them. Fadeout is too abrupt IMO.

on 2011-01-27 16:32:16

a very dark sounding song, yet it doesn't come off as entirely depressing...

on 2011-01-27 07:52:37

Like halc before me, I really enjoyed the major section. At first I thought I might prefer a switch of key instead of mode, but decided that maintaining the key keeps everything very smooth. Either way, great work on that section and the transitions in and out of them.

I would like to hear the intro wait just a little longer on the heavy drum beat -- say, 4-8 measures or so. Give us a moment to appreciate the strings without having other things to concentrate on next time.

Nice work overall, MattInc! Let's hear some more sooner rather than later.

on 2011-01-27 02:47:48

really enjoyed it! that major-key bit was brilliantly executed. fine work, sir. :)

on 2011-01-26 20:16:51

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Sources Arranged (2 Songs)

Primary Game:
Reset Generation (Nokia , 2008, NGAGE)
Music by 8 Bit Weapon
"64 Rocker"
"Reset Generation Anthem"

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