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This one's a musical humdinger... it's got Drum, DrumMom, Tony, and vocals, and it goes everywhere and does a bit of everything before it's all through. It's a Reset Generation megamix, sort of like a road trip through the game's soundtrack & universe, and it shows off the considerable musical imagination of Mr. Perry and formidable instrumental talents of all three musicians. The lyrics not only drop game references but also music production nods to the likes of Reason and Logic, and the whole thing is an exercise in maximalism and fusion. Doug writes:

"Well, I thought it was cool how Reset Generation identified itself as a game that pays homage to all the games that influenced it, so I wanted to do something similar. In this remix, I wanted to pay homage to the remixing community and reference as many of my influences as I could, sort of like how Reset Generation does it. Hence the name, "Remix Generation".

Live violin and viola by Sharon "MomUltimA" Dennison, rhythm electric guitar work by Tony "Prince of Darkness" Dickinson. Lead keyboard synth stuff played by me! Special thanks to Andreas "Snappleman" Kotsamanidis for mixing the guitar in, and to Jay "audiofidelity" Yaskin for mastering the final product! Also for being up at 5 in the morning with me helping me through all of this stuff."

Intro is more electronica, with some slick rapid-fire drum work that almost sounds like wavesequencing from Korg days of old, then at 1'06" things go rock w/ some rhythym guitar and spiraling synthpeggios... then at 2'06", not but a minute later, EP takes over and things go decidedly jazz. 2'49" features the introduction of live maternal string performance before a chippish, retro groove takes over, and then... rap? Yeah, rap. And you know what? Pretty well done, too... distortion and doubling/widening sells it, and the lyrics are fun as hell. Then a beatdrop with more strings and a lovely wah guitar. It's not over yet, as guitar and synth finish out the mix in a tantric duel of impresario noodling and showmanship, before the vocoded mix title closes things out for good.

Where to start? For one, Rayza and Tepid may have placed first and second, respectively, but for sheer audacity, scope, vision, and concept, this piece is my personal champion. As Doug says, the game pays homage to the history of gaming, so applying that same concept to the fan arrangement community was a lofty and not-entirely-sane notion that only Doug could have cooked up, and the execution is awesome. Ultimately, the piece is definitely schizophrenic, and that may be a turn off to some, but it's certainly not trying to hide that fact. Instead, it's embracing the variety, creativity, and insanity that our community has seen over the years, and from that perspective, anything less would have involved too much compromise. I cry and a small piece of me dies when I think about how many folk might pass over this mix, specifically, and all the great Reset Generation mixes we've now got, just because they're not Chrono Trigger or Mega Man, but at least *I* know that Doug & co. really nailed it.

Absolutely EPIC mix, not to be missed.



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on 2015-12-04 15:04:37

This is a mostrous mix! I'm truly impressed by how you put all the sources into one cohesive song that manages to represent quite a few different genres - there's some electronica, some rockin' stuff, some jazzy/classical things and even a vocoded rap verse (the lyrics are hella catchy). Very cool!

on 2012-05-08 13:59:02

Nice references in the song's lyrics. I gotta admit, there was a little too much going on with the vocal effects which made it hard to hear, but it was catchy and the music was amazing. Not saying it was bad at all, I just had to look at the lyrics tab to understand them. I like this a lot, and after I got used to the idea of it sounding half vocal half instrumental, it got a lot better. Very nice!

on 2011-12-01 19:07:37

This track took some time to try and get around my head, partially due to the obscure source material (though I do appreciate the NES-style approach taken to the original score) and the mish-mashing of the themes and styles within, though luckily enough it managed to maintain a cohesive structure. It does tend to show a wide scope of what Doug is all about, and with the additional instrumentation thrown in from PuD and DougMom at various intervals - not to mention those wonderful synth solos at the end - it really shows a spotlight on Doug's attention to detail.

Gotta admit it took me a while to understand the vocals without having to cite the lyric sheet though (most likely due to the extra effects processing), but that's a stylistic quirk that I'm probably pointing at here. Having said that, I really appreciate the direction taken here, and having heard lately that you were to take another music course then I'm all for seeing you audition with that.

Again, good going Doug :)

Martin Penwald
on 2011-03-26 01:29:07

Jazz section is awesome. Love the violin, too.

The rap is a very mixed bag, though. While I certainly like the idea behind it, the vocals are too distorted for my taste; it's just too hard to understand what Doug's rapping about.

on 2011-02-12 22:18:42

What's up with the vocals in this song? the first half is completely devoid of vocals as far as I can tell, then suddenly you spam-drop a steaming pile of vocals into the song? That's like putting both people on one end of a see-saw and expecting it to balance.


The song is nice though.

on 2011-02-02 23:50:07

Hey guys, thanks for all the feedback! I worked super super hard on this remix, I'm glad everybody seems to be enjoying it. Once again thanks to Tony (Prince of Darkness), snappleman, audiofidelity, my mom lol, and everyone else who helped me through this one!

This remix references a lot of different things... one of which being one of my earlier remixes. Can you find it? ;)

on 2011-02-01 22:39:43

This is a really really good song and you can tell Doug put everything he could at the time into it.

Really great job, well done.

Prince uf Darkness
on 2011-01-27 18:42:16


This happened so long ago that I pretty much totally forgot that I had any part in this, so you can imagine my face when all of a sudden I see my name on a new remix that I wasn't anticipating getting posted.

Anyways, now that I DO remember my part in this, I was very pleased to be part of Doug's entry, because it is a blazingly awesome song in general. Listening to this is actually a little embarassing for me because I used my old, crappy POD X3 Live rhythm metal tone (then again, the same tone you hear on the versions of Sonic Gargles, Hell March and THPOB on OCR right now). And I'm glad SnappleMan mixed it right, because I knew I probably wouldn't have a year and a half ago! :P

on 2011-01-27 08:02:07

My first thought was of VVVVVV -- this is a very good thing.

I love the integration of string instruments into contexts where they don't usually appear -- rock guitar was nice, mixing the strings with the chiptunes was surprisingly even better.

The jazz section was fun, but felt removed from the rest of the piece. I don't know how you'd rectify this, unfortunately -- sorry for my lack of advice here :(

3:20 hahaha wtf. This mix keeps getting more and more fun! At this point, shock value is worth more than smooth transitions :P

String section following was my favorite part of the piece -- the chiptune lead and electric guitar integrate with the strings surprisingly well again during the transition out of the slow portion. Why don't we hear other mixes with this type of amazing voicing more often?

While the transitions might be a little jarring for some, it's really amazing how well the violin, viola, synth lead, and guitar work as a quartet. More please!

on 2011-01-27 02:02:53

drumultima is indeed a musical genius!

SubNormal J3
on 2011-01-26 23:23:39

musical humdinger INDEED. what have we got here? all sorts of electronica, rock, jazz, classical, rap. Clever lyrics, though I do wish they were a bit easier to understand during the piece, but only a minor complaint. I can see why djp would "shed a tear" for those missing out on this. Great work guys!

Brandon Strader
on 2011-01-26 20:47:41

It took WAAAAY too long to post this mix. I've been nerdgasm'ing over it since it became public. Easily one of the best remixes evar.

on 2011-01-26 20:17:52

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Sources Arranged (4 Songs)

Primary Game:
Reset Generation (Nokia , 2008, NGAGE)
Music by 8 Bit Weapon
"Bubble Twin Bonanza"
"Dungeon Derivative"
"Micro Anthem 2ao3"
"Reset Generation Anthem - Dexter Mix"

Tags (9)

Electric Guitar,Electronic,Strings,Vocals: Male,Vocals: Rapping
Lyrics > Lyrics: Original
Origin > Collaboration

File Information

7,232,576 bytes

We puttin' blast beats on Blaster Master, pump up the master
We bustin' heads off with our beats like it's a t-virus disaster
Makin' Virtua Fighter look like it was done by Cage
We got Samus gettin' freaky with some Zelda chick new age

Metal Mario! We be rollin' like Peppy
We so underground, Lara Croft is our DJ
We clockin' hours like Warcraft, like Pokemon we catch 'em all
We got force on the dance floor like Vader's in the hall!

Our tracks are always smart, using Reason and Logic
From Bomberman synth-pop down to gangster hip-hop sonic
Turn your Soliton off, because our tracks are off the radar
We change styles like Megaman, gettin down like Space Invaders

Funky fresh like Toe-Jam, feelin' shifty like Crono
We be bringin' back the beats that you heard back in nineteen nine-o
So pick a track that's from way back and make it sound next gen
So you can join in on the nation--we're the Remix Generation."


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