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HvV madness continues; the Monkey Island mixes (Guybrush/LeChuck) really knocked it out of the park, fully embracing the grog-fueled pirate swagger of the classic LucasArts soundtrack. First up is sharp-tongued hero Guybrush Threepwood via audio fidelity & co. with an epic, metal drinking mix filled with - YO, HEY, HO! - pirate singing & shouting. Great to be posting another mix from Jay, probably his best arrrrrangment yet... I don't think I've ever heard what I would call "Pirate Metal" before, but I'm a fan. Jay was captain, but he had help from his mates:

  • Artist: audio fidelity - arrangement, guitar, bass, drum programming, vocals
  • Guest Performers: Eric Griffin - recorder, vocals, Derek Meler - vocals, Marcus Affeldt - vocals

He writes:

"This track started out as an idea for a collab with OA and Abadoss where we came up with the idea of going for a rock-inspired Caribbean pirate track. The idea was to be heavy and melodic, and fragment the ideas from the original into something more cohesive for the genre. OA and Abadoss quickly fell off the track and I got the help of good friends to contribute recorder and a men's pirate chorus. The lyrics are taken verbatim from a musical scene in the game. The track is meant to be fun and heroic but still metal. I hope you enjoy this re-envisioning of a true video game classic."

Perfect - awesome vision, well-executed, and the energy is there. This is the type of mix where you really gotta believe in it or, no matter how technical a musician you may be, it's not gonna happen. Jay made it happen, and the result is epic, fun, recognizable-yet-transplanted brilliance. Steel drums were a great touch, the live recorder added an extra dimension, and from that first gutteral, unison "YO!!," I was hooked. This needs to played live at MAG or PAX or... somewhere. Awesome.



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on 2012-09-27 10:06:28

Pirate metal? Oh hell yeah.....It does have a feeling of what a chanty would be like if cranked up to twelve. The vocals sound really energetic and fit the style. And that bit where it gets off the metal and goes natural for a little bit was awesome. This is for sure going on my playlist. You just can't beat pirates. mate.

on 2012-03-27 01:10:15

This song really does grow on you!

on 2012-01-12 12:31:59

! ! ! ! ! EPIC ! ! ! ! ! You can't help but yell along with this spicy number. I'm glad such an influential game gets it's just rewards. GROG ALL AROUND!!!

on 2011-07-08 22:45:36

AWESOME!! I'm really enjoying it... just maybe a bit too overcompressed for my tastes. BTW, I agree with the above, cool vocals!

on 2011-07-08 17:53:50

Yes Pirate Metal! I love the steel pans and the Chorus. Those are some sick vocals! :D

on 2011-04-26 10:16:24

It's great, but in my personal taste ti would be better if the whole song would be like the beginning (no electric guitar). Just my taste. I would like such a song.

on 2011-02-20 06:43:52

I love it! I didn't realize that buccaneers could shred. Another great, very enjoyable mix. :-D

on 2011-02-15 10:35:50

This was totally unexpected and so much fun. I've been blaring the album through my headphones all day and this track always puts a smile on my face. I can't help but think back to fun times roleplaying in Neverwinter Nights with my sailor mercenary band.

Flawless victory.

on 2011-02-11 12:44:13

My first thought on this was "WTF is pirate metal, and why is it so AWESOME?!" Normally I side with ninjas over pirates, but the pirates knocked this one out of the park!

on 2011-02-11 11:18:12

This is so amazing, I have no clue where to start... I guess I will start with wishing the drool of my face. Erm... yeah.

Awesome work!

on 2011-02-11 03:17:41

Wow! I usually lurk without commenting on mixes or even albums, but this one struck me with such force that I had to compliment it. It infuses me with so much energy that I wish I could bottle it up and sell it as a Powerthirst knockoff.

I agree with Striker21 that the mix would have been even more fun and playful with the original snazzy time signature (not that I know anything about time signatures), but it's just too good to focus on my quibbles. If anyone's shopping for a new religion, this track just might be it.

on 2011-02-09 19:11:52

I am a huge Monkey Island fan, and while I did enjoy this mix, I was disappointed that the source was taken out of its 6/4 time and converted almost entirely into 4/4 (barring the intro). Granted, the flute solo towards the end is in common time in both the original and the mix, but the rest just doesn't have the source's flair. Still, it certainly was surprising how well you mixed A Pirate I was Meant to Be into the main theme.

on 2011-02-09 11:04:16

Having done some extensive, (and fun) research into pirate metal (yes it's a genre), i find this to be the best track on offer.

For anyone interested look up Alestorm.

on 2011-02-08 13:27:28

The pirate's life for me :D

on 2011-02-08 12:47:23

This is one of the coolest things i've ever heard.

So so so awesome :D

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Primary Game:
The Secret of Monkey Island (LucasArts , 1990, DOS)
Music by Andy Newell,Barney Jones,Michael Land,Patric Mundy
"Opening Theme"
Additional Game:
The Curse of Monkey Island (LucasArts , 1997, WIN)
Music by Michael Land,Peter McConnell
"A Pirate I Was Meant to Be"

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Electric Guitar,Singing,Vocals: Male
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Yo! Hey! Ho!
A pirate I was meant to be
Trim the sails and roam the sea
A pirate I was meant to be
Trim the sails and roam the sea
Yo! Ho!

Yo! Hey! Ho!
A pirate I was meant to be
Trim the sails and roam the sea
A pirate I was meant to be
Trim the sails and roam the sea

Yo! Hey! Ho!
A pirate I was meant to be
Trim the sails and roam the sea
A pirate I was meant to be
Trim the sails and roam the sea

Yo! Ho!

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