ReMix:Final Fantasy V "Sinking Deeper" 4:02

By halc

Arranging the music of one song...

"At the Brink of the Deep Turquoise"

Primary Game: Final Fantasy V (Square , 1992, SNES), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2011-04-25, evaluated by the judges panel

Did I say all FIVE TIMES FIVE flood mixes were either part of ~Wind~ or created for it? Well, I misspoke... we screwed up a bit and had queued up a mix from the album that was never supposed to have been submitted in the first place. Oops! Rather than end up with ONLY four mixes when the entire point of the flood was the sheer, unmitigated FIVENESS of it all, it turns out we had a halc FF5 ReMix waiting in the wings, so the flood now officially includes mixes from BOTH new judges. Not only do we get "new judge symmetry," we also get another mix besides Meteo's that's not from the album - which many of you might already be more familiar with - but WAS inspired by it. Drew 'splains:

"I haven't done any FF since my Besaid mix, so I figure it's about time I give the series a little more love. I've been poking around, picking out some of the more chill themes - the recent FF5 album gave me a little burst of inspiration so I decided to start there. Hope you like it!"

I do, and I appreciate how you keep hoping for my personal enjoyment! Ah wait, you meant everybody or "you all"... well don't *I* feel like a douche. Arrangement is slick & production is pumpier than the original Reeboks; Mattias writes:

"You really get this arranging business. Constantly varying things up melodically, harmonically and texturally. The only thing I can think to criticize is that the track is a bit too breathing and pumping, easy with the compression/mastering my friend! Overall, great track though. You make it seem so easy."

Vinnie drowsily adds:

"Pretty trippy pumping, especially on headphones, but I'm gonna guess that's intentional. It didn't sound overly done, just a little odd. I liked the slowed down last section. It made me want to take a nap."

I guess this is fairly typical chippish halc production, but it actually seems a little... shufflier? And at times, zanier & more playful than most of his other work. It's got a light, floaty feeling, but with substance... almost like a musical fluffernutter. Okay, you got me, that simile was just an excuse to say "fluffernutter," which I'm pretty sure is both a sandwich AND an adult film vocation, and is fun to enunciate either way. BECAUSE of the ambiguity. But I digress; mo' great stuff from Sir Wheeler, prompted/inspired by an excellent FF5 album!



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on 2015-12-06 15:47:07

Man, this is just excellent for this source. Like there's really not much to say except that this mix completely nails it. The whole outro is perfect. As a FFV fan, it's great to see this underrated source get such a fitting remix.

on 2012-10-31 11:14:02

I feel sort of Pokemon at Sea-ish with this ReMix, if that makes any sense. It seems to me that light, watery tunes lend themselves really well to chiptunes, and who better than Halc to bring that out? Speakers don't seem to do this justice without headphones and the pulsing feeling. Cool stuff, man.

on 2011-12-26 02:19:50

Again, the FF5 soundtrack needs more love.

And this is a step in the right direction. A wondrous take on the source, and again, some really great chipwork here.

on 2011-09-05 23:49:49

I love this mix, man. It's in my top 10 for sure.

Martin Penwald
on 2011-07-01 16:18:41
It's got that loveable, playful sound to it, with funk added and signature 8 bit elements to top everything off.

This this this this.

I wouldn't necessary limit it to 8 bit, actually; a lot of it gives me a 16 bit vibe (considering the source, what I just said is a pretty hurrdurr statement, but you know what I mean).

on 2011-06-02 19:00:09

Best bit is the awesome textures you got going on thar - especially the air behind the kick. A brillant track man, your style has never been so distinctive as it is right now.

on 2011-05-11 02:01:57

This song is great. The way the beat seems to have a constant "reverb/pulsing" feel to it makes it seem very aquatic.

I am also surprised I have been downloading songs of yours and brigg's for a while(You know ala-lurker) but I haven't seen either of you do many of the final fantasy songs aside from the FFX remix of yours.

None-the-less much respect for this wonderful piece of work. Perhaps one day I'll see a Final Fantasy Tactics remix from you ^^;

on 2011-04-30 23:16:02

Halc, you've quickly become one of my favorite artists here on OCR. I know you've been arranging for a while, but I only just really started paying attention to artist names, much thanks to you and your distinct style. Just about everything I've heard from your stash is top notch, which makes your prolificacy (pretty sure that's a word) that much more impressive. Keep it going, man.

on 2011-04-26 13:03:02

Haha dude halc I totally love your shit man. 3/4? Straight sickness if you ask me. It's got that loveable, playful sound to it, with funk added and signature 8 bit elements to top everything off. Nice pumping effect too, listening on my monitors, can't wait to listen on my earbuds =D. Another great piece sir.

on 2011-04-25 23:27:36

omg it's like getting a brain message ^_^

on 2011-04-25 23:07:36
5\4 FTW.

3/4, actually. ;) glad you liked!

on 2011-04-25 23:03:26

Woah. This is kind of different. The beat kind of throws me off, which keeps stuff interesting. Nice take on the theme too. 5\4 FTW. The only thing I don't like is that SLIGHTLY detuned flute thing. Other than that, ace, dude.

on 2011-04-25 21:45:42

to give just a little more info on the mix itself, this is the first time I actually utilized sidechaining/'gain pumping', which is what creates the pumping/fading effect on the bass and various other instruments. if I switch it off, the whole mix instantly becomes a nasty brickwalled mess of sounds. fun stuff. ;D

on 2011-04-25 21:34:55

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Primary Game:
Final Fantasy V (Square , 1992, SNES)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"At the Brink of the Deep Turquoise"

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