ReMix:Missile Master "Electric Hotslug" 4:10

By Joshua Morse

Arranging the music of one song...

"March (Boss Theme)"

Primary Game: Missile Master (Javelin , 2010, IOS), music by ktriton

Posted 2011-08-18, evaluated by djpretzel

One good slug deserves another... or so I've been told. It's certainly the case here, as Morse's 'Electric Hotslug' joins Mazedude's Frozen brother that we posted along with Kunal's Missile Master OST back in February. Morse masterfully melds his funk-fraught jazz fusion with the militant, heavier motifs from the source material, and the result is a disco/funk groove that's downright diseased at times, with HEAVY riffs that remind me of mainstream hits like 'SexyBack' and 'Hella Good', among others. For the record, I like both of those songs quite a bit, and hearing Morse bend his sound around what I consider a different style for him, and make it work so well, is a real trip. The ending manages to be silky smooth and super-classy, politely ignoring the fact that our asses were just kicked by an infectious synth lead... playing us off like a mellow, infinitely more talented keyboard cat. Morse never lets the details slide one iota, so the level of movement & interest even in something like an accompanying rhythmic line or perc. fx command attention and respect, while also contributing to the greater funk.

Awesome piece of music that does Kunal's original complete & unrelenting justice!



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on 2014-04-06 22:31:30

That grungy bass line is so good. It creates a rather "let's get down to business" atmosphere, and it pairs so well with those unison bends on the guitar.

on 2011-12-12 15:33:00

I find myself djping tapping my foot to this song. It's a grittier song when comparing it to some of Morse's other songs, which is alright by me. That guitar grungy synth really adds a contrast to the rest of the song. How the song winds down towards the end seems a bit sudden to me though - I'm left expecting more and then it's all over :( .

Regardless it's still enjoyable like any Morse track :) .

on 2011-12-12 15:12:34

Oooh! Yeah, what an spectacular ReMix we have right here. I was not expecting Morse to go this hard, but the harder and tougher version of his style is totally welcomed here. Funky and swift, but with an aggressive and rough touch, and it all comes out to a great song. The arrangement was great with the nice piano ending and the synth work was downright sexy. Very interesting ReMix.

on 2011-12-11 08:32:44

Of all the Morse releases done this year, this ranks pretty well as one of my favorites, if mainly for a lot of the details being paid attention to throughout to give this track a lease of life.

It starts out pretty straightforward to the original, what with the source's bass being used as the prime foundation for the arrangement though by the time the hand percussion comes in at around 0:50 it starts showing its way of playing with the melody, even added at 1:45 with Morse's way of chord manipulation to really give in that kind of draw towards the track. I say it's a very tasteful way to handle what can otherwise be seen as a rather unmelodic source (no offence to Kunal).

A lot of attention to detail has been paid towards the instruments too with the controller changes on the synth work, all the varied percussion throughout, some neat pad sidechaining at 3:15 and some rather blissful piano work being placed in. Aside from my usual unease towards synth guitars (don't take it as criticism, just one of my oddities :razz: ), the foundation has proven itself to be very tasteful and fitting of its contemporary American pop music direction.

Between this and the work done towards Return All Robots, I'm glad to see that there's been some arrangements done to various OC Remixers' original game scores as well, and I hope it can be the start of a good thing towards this growing community and changing game market. Be proud of yourself for what you did, Morse :)

on 2011-12-06 02:31:55

Mr. Morse never ceases to get his funk on, and yet again he does, but... I really never know what to expect, particularly after the write-up. I loooooooooove the riffs in this; I really need to check out the actual soundtrack now to really appreciate this in all its glory, but as it is...


on 2011-12-05 00:16:11

Damn, someone made Joshua mad, because he definitely means business here. Some really nice guitar, skimming over a solid beat, and a super nasty bass line is the highlight of the track. THere are some undulating synths underneath that I really enjoy that fade in and out as well, and then a little serene ending to close things out after a really powerful and frantic ending. Some different sounds from Mr. Morse, but his distinct style is still very obvious. Very cool stuff! :-)

Martin Penwald
on 2011-10-05 12:51:23

Much rougher/harder than what Joshua Morse usually delivers, but it still is very much a Joshua Morse arrangement. From the breakdown around the 1:00 minute mark to the lead guitar, it has Morse written all over it. Even moreso from 1:40 onwards, where it even reminds me a bit of the music you'd hear in Ridge Racer.

Too bad so few people gave this one a chance due to its rather unknown source. Good stuff.

But what is with the long silence at the end of the track?

on 2011-09-19 23:53:55

When I saw Morse's name on this, I was expecting something... ahh... "smoother", I'll say. So being hit by a throbbing bass and a pile of dirty synths was a bit of a shock. An altogether pleasant one, as this was a great track. Guitar lead worked well, and the laid-back breaks fit in nicely. If there's a crit to be had, it's the general feeling in the end that the song didn't really go anywhere, if that makes any sense. Anyway, great work here, thanks for sharing!

on 2011-08-18 13:26:59

Ah, always dig that Morse style. This was a pretty cool track, I really liked when the guitar came in about halfway in as the lead, it had a really sweet tone. Love those jazzy chords too, great stuff.

on 2011-08-18 10:06:32

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Primary Game:
Missile Master (Javelin , 2010, IOS)
Music by ktriton
"March (Boss Theme)"

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