ReMix:Pilotwings Resort "Depth Perception" 3:47

By Insert Rupee

Arranging the music of one song...

"Hang Glider"

Primary Game: Pilotwings Resort (Nintendo , 2011, 3DS), music by Asuka Ito

Posted 2012-04-25, evaluated by djpretzel

Our first 3DS ReMix!! Very cool that Drew & Ben were able to work this arrangement in at my request - it just seemed like the perfect opportunity to include some newer Pilotwings material, from Asuka Ito's score to the series' newest handheld THREE-DEE entry. halc writes:

"djp wanted some 3DS action on the site, so, obviously, I was obliged to make this happen. This one actually built up some dust as a WIP on my hard drive, but my other half was able to help push it across the finish line. Very happy with how this turned out, and I believe it is one of our finest collabs yet. Enjoy the flight. :)"

So glad this happened - not just for the novelty & milestone of having our first 3DS mix, but because I own the game, I like it, and specifically I dig the source tune being arranged here, and the way it's been handled. The mix title is not only relevant to the new handheld's primary feature (or gimmick, depending on who you talk to), it also manifests itself as a neat MUSICAL effect used primarily in the intro, where there's glitch/repetition work on some short loops that pulls a ritardando and slides off the soundscape in rather a three-dimensional fashion. It's better experienced than described, but it makes for a distinct intro into a fairly mellow jam that employs a hip-hop beat, plenty of chirpish synth perc FX, and a high, whistling synth lead on the melody. There's some sweet, super-quick grace-note sequencing on the chip lead that starts @ 2'45" but really takes off @ 2'51" - very rock & roll, there, fellas. Just the sheer construction & vision on this arrangement alone, from beginning to end, is superbly interesting & enjoyable. Like any good IR jam, it's got all the good bits of both halc & Ben Briggs, blended beautifully, and makes for not only an amazing first 3DS mix, but another great reason to check out Pilotwings: Take Flight in full. I'd like to thank our pilot Drew & his co-pilot Ben for getting us back safely on the ground after a fantastic, refreshing flight; great work that pays homage to some great games!



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on 2015-02-25 14:49:13

The glitchy intro is tasty indeed. The whole mix feels very relaxing, despite it's loud a bit. But the beat here is just... ohgawd. Superb stuff, guys. Gotta also say that my favotite part starts at 1:36 - there's something so soulful in there.

on 2013-07-23 11:38:41

That intro is sick with the stuttering beats! Gets trippy in several areas, but never gets overly chaotic and maintains a great melody in its arrangement. Nice to see that you can get away with sneaking in some of the original in this ReMix. Easily one of the best ReMixes from the album

on 2012-07-06 21:43:48

A nice slow chip hybrid track that makes me think of Kirby in some ways, the Ben Drew duo strike again. It's a loud, but relaxing track that rolls on with the slow to moderate paced beat. The song is a bit on the psychedelic side with the stuttering instruments and various effects at times, making me a little bit wonky on an otherwise slick song - perhaps it lends a bit to a chill party atmosphere.

Interesting song, and nice to see some newer material tackled here!

on 2012-04-29 02:28:24

all you people commenting on the amazing glitching in the intro... BUY IZOTOPE STUTTEREDIT. you won't regret it.

just sayin'

on 2012-04-28 23:36:53

some jaw-dropping, orgasmic phat beats right here.


the intro is god man... sick nasty grooves all over the place.

on 2012-04-27 20:01:07


Good lord the intro is flying funky awesomeness. How in heavens did he do that. It's as he's trying imitate a fan wing. Brilliant!

Benjamin Briggs
on 2012-04-26 17:28:46

fun fact: this song actually samples the original game music track! not something you usually see in an ocremix ;D

congrats to drew on the album release, and a big thank you for letting me help out!

Structures of Sound
on 2012-04-26 15:10:39

Really liked this EP, but I gotta say.....

I would buy this whole CD just for this song. ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT.

Well done!

Phonetic Hero
on 2012-04-25 23:53:53

Aw, you're other half. Sew cewt :D

Awesome mix. All the stutters make my nethers tingly

on 2012-04-25 17:52:44

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Primary Game:
Pilotwings Resort (Nintendo , 2011, 3DS)
Music by Asuka Ito
"Hang Glider"

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