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You thought that was IT? Nah son, we got more in store... starting w/ a hard-hitting, grimy, in-your-face, completely unapologetic piece of hard electronica from tefnek & zircon; Emunator writes:

"zircon and tefnek are powerhouses on their own, and have churned out several memorable collaborations in the past. This time around though, I think both artists have outdone themselves in terms of sheer insanity.

"Blast Beatdown" is industrial electronica in its most brutal, unrelenting form, and there's several moments in the song that will hit you hard. Both artists succeeded in ramping up the intensity of the source tenfold, without compromising the gritty atmosphere that made it so memorable in the first place, ultimately producing yet another remix that would feel right at home in a modern-day remake of the original game."

The gloves are DEFINITELY off - this is quite pointedly NOT background music, and if while listening you try to do anything with your brain that involves but a modicum of thought or focus, this mix will slap your cerebrum into submission, handcuff it to a radiator, etc. It's unignorable, it's rude, and - particularly during those triplet runs - it has the potential to induce seizure. I mean this in the best possible way, but playing this piece for someone who ALREADY had a migraine headache would probably kill them. Or they'd end up doing infomercials for the rest of their life, one or the other. I got no beef with Kenny G OR his music, but how excellent would it be for THIS MIX to randomly start playing, full bore, right in the middle of a gig? Pacemakers would short left and right. Andy writes:

"Working with tefnek is just a huge treat. Nobody makes synths as brutal or drums as loud. For this source tune, I knew that a massive, dirty style would fit like a glove, and tefnek was just the man to put it into overdrive. Our collaboration was a simple back-and-forth; I started it off, then sent the project file to tefnek, who worked on it more and then sent it back. Though I laid the basic groundwork for the arrangement, breaks and production, tefnek really injected the whole thing with battery acid and 50ccs of raw adrenaline, handling basically the entire last third of the mix among other things. Prepare to be punched in the face by an 8000 pound gorilla."

tefnek adds:

"Working on this remix was really exciting because of the moments where I would get the track back from zircon and go, "Wow! I would have never thought of that." This was a great song to work on because of the different directions the source would go, giving us a lot of freedom to do different things. My favorite part of the remix is what zircon did with the first drop, where the lower frequencies fade out and come back in full force. So intense!"

These guys know what they're doing, and they apparently know what they've done, which is dropped a megaton bomb on Double the Trouble! and left us all to savor the fallout. If you taste something funny, it's entirely possible that you've coughed up your own spleen. You've been warned... now enjoy ;)



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on 2014-12-27 05:46:53

This is why I love this album: the style of tracks varies from hard-hitting electronica to tropics-inspired juicy goodness. Right from the intro I was hooked by the gritty bass and synth, later accompanied by heavy drums. And when and kinda speeds up at 0:57 and then it explodes with energy, my mind was blown away. I love the second "chorus" more, though. While it may be repeatitive a bit and liberal as well, I love this to death. This is one of the best tracks representing the "dark" side of the album. Awesome work, guys!

on 2014-08-31 20:28:01

Singularly kick-ass

on 2013-01-17 23:40:58

This is absolutely ridiculous. Compressed, heavy, and hard-hitting electronica, reminiscent of 'mAEt B0y' by A_Rival. If you haven't listened to either one yet, you are in for some major mind-blowing, either way.

on 2012-12-06 09:19:05

Hands down, one of my favorite ReMixes off of this album. And with Tefnek and Zircon mixing it up, especially in the factory, you knew that this was going to kick so much ass. So gritty, dirty, dark and powerful. And when that main riff hit, it was like a punch in the brain. It just has that menacing mechanical sound that you would expect, but so much more. Yeah, it just further proves that when you need intense and evil levels pushed to the max, you call Tefnek and Zircon.

on 2012-12-04 23:14:20

This is kicking a lot o' asses. This is just plain tefnek and wonderful zircon collab. This mix gives the hype while doing anything phisically heavy.

The bass is pure, the overdrive is crazy and the breaks and fill let you headbang a lot more than usual.

Great track guys! With the rest of the album being beatiful!

on 2012-12-04 19:47:47

If Smash 4 had a good Mekanos map, Cracker Launchers with as much power as Brawl (like the Karbine owls' cannons), and this track, you'd have my kind of battle!

on 2012-12-04 13:35:52

This one caught me off-guard; I was looking forward to it based purely on the zircon + tefnek collaboration, but I didn't realize that it'd become on of my favorite tracks on the album. It's just so freaking intense and there's so much going on. Lord, that bass at the beginning is just so HEAVY. Great work, guys!

on 2012-12-03 02:16:33

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