ReMix:Kirby Super Star "Don't Hold My Breath" 4:09

By Ben Briggs

Arranging the music of one song...

"Candy Mountain"

Primary Game: Kirby Super Star (Nintendo , 1996, SNES), music by Dan Miyakawa, Jun Ishikawa

Posted 2013-03-11, evaluated by djpretzel

Ladies, gentlemen, and androgynous pink puffballs, I'm proud to announce the immediate availability of Milky Way Wishes: A Kirby Super Star Tribute, our 38th arrangement album!!

It's appropriate that we begin with a mix titled "Don't Hold My Breath," as this album's taken 8+ years to finally see the light of day. That journey has seen multiple starts & stops, scope changes, staffing changes, a little bit of drama, but (most importantly!) continued perseverance from director Arek the Absolute (Niraj Sharma), all of the artists that contributed both music AND some lovely original fan art that was featured in José's album trailer, and some key "home stretch" assistance from co-directors halc & Level 99. Arek writes:

"As I was browsing through the art files while listening to the soundtrack, I found myself starting to think about all the memories I have treasured working on this since the day it started. Those memories that I treasured started to just flood my mind all at once: all the laughs and joy shared between all the artists, all the hype that was created when the project first debuted... heck, even the arguments that was had between my younger, dopey self and others about progress and how things should be. That is when I realized something: throughout the years, the project became something more than just a collaboration. It became something that was "real" to me.

I want to also apologize to every single fan out there who has waited ever so patiently for the release of the project and was hoping to see the Flash storybook I dreamed up come to life. Deciding to release the project as-is was by no means an easy decision for me to make, trust me. I slept very little the night I submitted this because of how much this affected me personally. It felt like a small piece of me left me, but in the end I know it is for the best. It has come to the point in this project's life where I have to just let it go.

And, with all that said, I present you with the fruits of the labor of the most amazing and awesome staff that anyone could have asked for. Some files are unfortunately missing (thank you HD crashes and failures), but a vast majority of everything is still retained and put up on this site.

Thanks for the memories, guys."

You may actually ALREADY have memories of a couple album tracks that were rolled out prematurely, namely Taucer & Usa's 'Victory Festival' that was posted back in 2006 (!!), and the "clean" version of The OverClocked Plaid Muffins' 'Ska Buffet' from 2011. Both are amazing arrangements in their own right, and only increased anticipation for the full Milky Way Wishes release. I think there's a bit of a cautionary tale somewhere in here - sometimes changes to scope or vision need to be re-evaluated and you need to consider what the heart & soul of any project truly is. With an album project, it's always going to be the music; when Niraj described his plans for a Flash storybook presentation to go along with the release, I admit that it did sound very cool, but ultimately after years of delays the right call was made to proceed without it, and I believe the music & art that comprise this album form an amazing package that speaks for itself and should make Kirby fanatics & lovers of amazing VGM very, very happy!

Of this peppy, chippy, upbeat BB jam, director Arek writes:

"Ben Briggs never fails to deliver. There isn't much to say that already isn't implied by just having his name be attached to the song. Ben always consistently delivers amazing creations, and this is no exception. The conversations I had with him during the production of the song are probably my favorite I have had with any staff member during the project. The enthusiasm Ben had for this while creating it was something intense. You could just "feel" the love oozing from the words he was typing."

Keep oozing that love, Mr. Briggs. halc, co-director & the other half of Insert Rupee, adds:

"Briggs at his bubbliest. This song is so infectious, and I love the conceptual "holding your breath" segments; very creative filter and EQ work. And a killer arrangement to boot. Float on. :)"

There's definitely a strong chip current running through the album, and this mix is a fantastic example of that, though there are plenty of other textures & styles represented as well. Props to Arek for sticking with it for eight years & for being amenable to change and reconsideration of concept, to his co-directors for a significant alley-oop, to all the artists who contributed music & artwork over the years, and to Mr. Briggs for this great mix that kicks off our flood. This is the longest-running OC ReMix album to date - we've been mentioning it at conventions since our first official appearance at Otakon in 2006. I'm glad everyone's hard work & creativity is finally an official part of the site, and I hope you enjoy Milky Way Wishes as much as I do!



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on 2015-12-21 14:46:48

This remix sounds fun, but I was a little too distracted by some of the synth sounds, the tempo changes, and the quality changes to the remix. It definitely works as an arrangement of a Kirby music track, but there isn’t a whole lot to this track that keeps me from wanting to recommend this track to anyone.

on 2015-12-02 22:13:15

So for those in need of a sugar fix look no further than this remix. I wasn't familiar with the source and this remix was my introduction to it so I gave a listen to the original and slowing down ( which is seems to be the left handed approach to remixing, as opposed to speeding up) the original, this track becomes even sweeter to the ear. If this mix were candy it would be PopRocks all the way with slowed tempo soda fizzle, the sugar coated lead chip synth, the crisp drums that snap and crackle and the boiled carrot orchestral breakdown in the middle...wait not that last one. Either way, great mix Ben!

on 2013-03-11 20:36:11

This REALLY reminds me of BB's "Why So Serious?", which I also love!

on 2013-03-11 15:57:16

This reminds me of Brigg's "Bubble Junkie" ReMix, but it fits Kirby so damn well. So glad to see this album finally get off the ground with such a fun ReMix. Happy, lovable and memorable melody that gets played around with to great results. I love the "entering the door" sound effects you plugged into this one. Very cool.

on 2013-03-11 12:39:29

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Primary Game:
Kirby Super Star (Nintendo , 1996, SNES)
Music by Dan Miyakawa,Jun Ishikawa
"Candy Mountain"

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