ReMix:Kirby Super Star "The Savior of Dream Land" 5:09

By Juan Medrano

Arranging the music of one song...

"Coliseum Battle"

Primary Game: Kirby Super Star (Nintendo , 1996, SNES), music by Dan Miyakawa, Jun Ishikawa

Posted 2013-03-11, evaluated by djpretzel

I love me some electronica, and the 9-bit, "chiptune plus" sound that's prevalent on Milky Way Wishes definitely resonates with me and has come to represent & influence a significant portion of electronica on OC ReMix. But sometimes, well.... sometimes you want some face-melting metal, hard rock, or otherwise aggressive, guitar-based stuff, because a strict diet of one or the other makes Jack a dull boy. Fortunately MWW delivers something for everyone, and I'm stoked to be posting Sixto Sounds' first ReMix of 2013, an absolutely epic, anthemic piece of what I'd like to call "Lawrence of Arabia Metal" - Maurice Jarre meets Megadeth, or something like that ;) Arek writes:

"It is quite safe to say that this is by far one of Sixto's finest works. It is everything that you would expect from a track by him, and so much more. According to him, this is one of the tracks he has spent the longest time on perfecting, and it shows so well. Every second of the song is something special."

I tend to agree; this is one of MY favorite Sixto mixes, the energy & execution are brilliant, there's as much emphasis on melody as there is kicking ass, and the LASS strings he used for the first time here add a new dimension to his sound that was perfect for this particular arrangement and could open up a lot of other possibilities in the future. halc adds:

"Sixto brings the heat. What else can I say? This is a truly faithful arrangement that takes the source and gives it a full-on makeover, with all the bells and whistles and incredible guitar solos we've come to expect of Sixto. Rock on."

From the flamenco intro to the death chugging that shortly ensues to that amazing lead @ 0'53", we're firing on at least twelve cylinders here. I suppose that means we're getting crap gas mileage, but DAMN does it not matter. The chorus motif at 1'19" DEFINES epic, and the way Juan brings in the strings afterwards and incorporates them into the rest of the arrangement, well... effin' SWEET, s'all I got to say. Brilliant mix from a brilliant artist who's got some new toys & tools to play with, and a fantastic addition to the Milky Way Wishes lineup. It may have taken eight years, but the destination has made the journey worthwhile. Congratulations to all involved for making MWW a success; check out for the whole album, and thanks in advance to anyone & everyone who helps spread the word!!



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Flam1ng Dem0n
on 2013-03-25 12:45:01

This remix reminded me of an old movie theme from my childhood. I really enjoyed that movie when I was young and when I heard this song, it reminded my of the Mask of Zorro main theme. From (what I am guessing is) the acoustic guitar solo, to the parts with the electric guitar that sounded like something you might hear from within the theme from the Mask of Zorro. It was all so epic that I enjoyed every bit of the song.

Awesome song! Love how it reminded a movie from my childhood!

on 2013-03-22 01:53:26

Woah! I can't believe how awesome this sounds. Definitely a boss type theme. Excellent work on the mix between the guitars too.

on 2013-03-15 18:04:18
Yeah, if you need a huge dose of energy, this is IT.

My thoughts exactly. This was my favorite of the whole album!

on 2013-03-15 10:20:48

Oh god yes! Flamenco guitar strumming intro leading into freaking metal of the Arena? I love it! I smirked so hard when that heavy strumming hit at 0:13. Sixto is the man when it comes to combining high energy with solid guitar work, and damn, this has got to be the tenth time Sixto has left me floored. By far my favorite ReMix of this fantastic album and a perfect cap for the flood. Great work fellas.

on 2013-03-13 01:43:47

If this were ever to be used in an RPG, there'd have to be a dozen or so superbosses, and only the most deadly one would be worthy of this as his battle theme.

on 2013-03-12 19:19:18

AWESOME run at 1:55! =D

Sweet mix, loving it like crazy. CLIMAXES EVERYWHERE.

on 2013-03-12 14:38:47

Just another awesome track from Sixto...great work.

on 2013-03-12 10:59:44

Yeah, if you need a huge dose of energy, this is IT.

on 2013-03-11 21:03:21

I can't think of a better artist to remix this theme. An amazing addition to the Sixto rock playlist. Great justice = done.

on 2013-03-11 19:47:31

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Primary Game:
Kirby Super Star (Nintendo , 1996, SNES)
Music by Dan Miyakawa,Jun Ishikawa
"Coliseum Battle"

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Electric Guitar,Strings
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