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Next up is Prince uf Darkness with a rock track that also blends in some funk/jazz influences, adapted from an arrangement originally started by SnappleMan:

"I was asked to take this track over from SnappleMan as a favor because he didn't have time to finish it. At first I was kind of regretting throwing yet another track onto my plate, because the last few months of each year are always my busiest, but as I started arranging the track I found myself enjoying it moreso than most other remixes I've done. The source lends itself to what I was doing, which was surprising since I'm used to the crotch-rock of the earlier games.

Andreas sent me a very early WIP of his arrangement which didn't contain much other than just some basic MIDI clips. He told me he had been working on it in a sort of T-Square style, so I decided to start over and do just the same, but I also tapped into my heavier, over-the-top antics of my MGS2 remix "I Need Scissors! 61," and I also dropped the tempo quite a few beats to make it groove a little more. Even though I recorded everything on the track and the arrangement is mine, the idea to do a drum solo in 5/4 was in Andreas's WIP as well. Credit given where credit is due!"

Very cool stuff; this actually reminds me of the space stage music from Galaxy Force II - I'd love to hear what PuD could do with that. There's a fusion/modern sensibility to the mix, but it still rocks out hard. The way the bass spazzes out (that run at 2'05" is SICK), the way synths and guitars blend into a seamless lead entity circa 1'34", the jazz piano, and some truly superlative drum work throughout. Director Kyle Crouse writes:

"PuD was a literal last-minute addition to the album, turning this piece of jazz fusion bliss around in less than a week. “Night Riders” had always stood out to me compared to the rest of the Turtles in Time soundtrack, with more of a synth-driven sound and a bassline that just won’t quit. Tony’s arrangement perfectly encapsulates the style of legendary J-fusion bands Casiopea and T-Square, taking that inspiration and running hard with it. The only thing missing is an EWI!"

Awesome stuff; when compared to corresponding roles in film, being a good album director is really being equal parts director, producer, and casting agent. This source was particularly well-cast, as Tony's ability to rock, funk, and prog the hell out within the confines of a single track make this a perfect pairing. Badass, throwback stuff that pays homage to the source AND some notable J-fusion icons, and has fun doing it!



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on 2018-11-23 19:06:45

So, I'm not familiar with the source material, but I was listening to this while driving. I just thought to myself, MAN this sounds like T-Square. A band which has a direct connection to me eventually discovering OCRemix in the first place!

Never having an SNES growing up - Discovering emulation - Playing with sound channels - playing songs on my keyboard - Discovering MIDIs and MIDI hosting websites - Somehow finding Moon over the Castle from Gran Turismo.

So now I have a 3.5" floppy disk with my most favorite MIDIs that I take to school and friend houses, with Moon Over the Castle being my absolute favorite.

Then while getting ready for school one morning, I randomly hear a bit of Moon Over the Castle. On TV. On the morning NEWS!? What the heck... it's some bit about video games I don't know. But holy crap, that was the first time I heard what amounted to my favorite piece of music at the time with real instruments.

In comes Napster. And the discovery of the following: Masahiro Andoh, T-Square, Red in Blue, and perhaps most importantly, more versions of Moon Over the Castle. I had discovered the term "remix." And with it, so very, very many things. Super Mario remixes, Legend of Zelda. Virt, McVaffe (and his so very many). And eventually... this tag that was on the end of so many of these tracks... "ocremix" ...

Holy cow that was like... 19-20 years ago... Man I was discovering remixed video game music about the same time OCRemix was being born.

on 2015-04-22 01:30:07

Thank you so much for this remix. It seriously gets me pumped up whenever I listen to it. Incredible production!

on 2015-01-24 03:06:11

While TMNT:SS is full of metal, heavy, face-melting tracks, this one is something else. The electronic intro, which leads to the main journey, is short, but works nice. The body of this track is also very cool. The rocking parts has a feeling of riding a bike in the night. But the lounge parts, which are perfect for casino, sound different, yet very good. And the mixture of this parts is my favorite track from this album. Sweet.

on 2014-05-05 16:54:22

This is one of my favourite tracks on this album and now thanks to ectogemia i get the reference in the name was a reference to the band CASIOPEA vs T-SQUARE, and if the rest of their music is similer to this track? well they will have a new fan.

on 2014-04-12 14:24:27

aww nostalgic

Lovely listen for a ride.

on 2014-04-10 12:30:21

Mmmm, yeah, this is a near-perfect arrangement of Night Riders. Jazz fusion with a heavy undertone was the right to go for sure. Not really laid-back in any sense, but it's got a cool smooth feeling. Not really familiar with Casiopea, but this mix makes me want to look into that later. Nice work.

on 2014-04-09 23:56:30

Maaaaaaaan, finally another Jazz Fusion remix on OCR! We'll never get enough of this, because it's so live-based and just demands so much harmonic skill to write. One of my favorites on this album already!

on 2014-04-09 19:30:59

I was playing this whole album while studying, and it's all super great. But man, this mix just popped out at me. I was on a huge Casiopea kick for a while and I think Tony hit the mark PERFECTLY. This was so smooth!

on 2014-04-09 18:45:00

All I have to say is WOW. I couldn't have asked for a better remix of this source. It's perfect.

on 2014-04-09 03:12:31

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"Night Riders (Stage 8 BGM)"

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