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Finally, we conclude with some solo Sixto Sounds action, by way of Van Halen, with a crunchy, sizzling, appropriately-timed rock jam dedicated to April. Did you ever notice how, at least in the original series, April basically had a single outfit that she wore every day, everywhere? I mean, with turtles that live in sewers, hygiene/wardrobe expectations are certainly low, but I feel like she has less of an excuse. I see two distinct possibilities:

  1. She had multiple, identical copies of the same ensemble, in which case she's a bit OCD in treating her work/play clothes as an unchanging uniform of sorts, or...
  2. She just wears the same outfit... every day... in which case, well... ewww?

Of course, one can AND should still be hot for her either way, as she OWNED that yellow jumpsuit. Juan writes:

"This is my first track for KyleJCrb's TMNT project. As you can probably tell, I was aiming for an early Van Halen sound. Wanted to keep it very simple; drums, bass, and only one guitar track (recorded from start to finish in one take). I guess I could have gone back to fix some of the mistakes, but I'd never recorded a song this way and I kind of liked how it turned out."

Definitely; it's a shade less polished/technical than some of his other work, but that transfers into a more electric, spontaneous sound at times, and the overall production has a crisp air to it that reminds me of classic VH tracks. Kyle adds:

"Sixto’s got it bad with a track that sounds like what would happen if Van Halen covered the Ninja Turtles theme. Great anytime, especially cruising around the Big Apple at 3 A.M.!"

At just over three minutes, this is a fresh, fun jam that doesn't mince words. Instead of going proggish or peppering the landscape with extended wankery, Juan opted for a relatively brief jam that says what it has to say and leaves it at that. Nice stuff, a subtle deviation from Sixto's normal recipe that nonetheless retains his staple badass guitar & high-energy sound, and a great way to close out the flood! Congratulations to Kyle for directing our FIRST album paying tribute to TMNT, Nate for some awesome art, Dwelling of Duels & KNGI for providing community and support that helped make this possible, and all the arrangers/performers for some stellar mixes that do Turtles in Time & Hyperstone Heist complete justice! Get Shell Shocked as soon as you can, and help us spread the news!



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on 2017-06-16 11:58:40

sartorial confusion aside, I am hot for april yeah yeah

Venom Fighter X
on 2016-02-10 10:53:43

Great playing!

Turtles in time is perfect to pull off the Eddie Van Halen sound.

on 2015-01-26 14:12:01

So much awesomeness and hotness right here! Sixto created a wonderful jam, definitely fitting for hot and sunny April (2 in 1!!). This tune reminds me his "Pickin' Out the Fleas" from DKC2:SMB. Rock on \m/

on 2014-04-12 14:34:21

At 1:25 I almost expected a guitar duel to break out. Fantastic! :D

on 2014-04-12 10:15:05

So much Van Halen.........oh, yesssssssss...........The Big Apple in the early morning night, VH styled Sixto playing and of course April. So much to be hot for with this picture. I actually like that his was done in a more spontaneous one-take way. Hard to describe, but it has a sense of life by making it more......I dunno, like a talented quick jam. Like I said, hard to describe. My inner turtle has gotten so much satisfaction.

on 2014-04-10 10:01:06

Well it is pretty hot for april round here, dunno about big apple!

on 2014-04-09 03:12:45

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