Posted 2014-12-04, evaluated by djpretzel

Dayum!! We've certainly had our fair share of awesome, mind-blowing arrangements of FF6's "Terra" theme in our nearly fifteen years of operation, but there's always room for one more... If Zack Parrish isn't on your VGM radar, he should be - from his EPIC FF7 DEBUT REMIX on OCR earlier this year to some amazing indie game soundtracks you can buy for VERY reasonable prices on OverClocked Records, you need some ZP in your life. This rather Celtic orchestral/cinematic take on the beloved theme has an extended music box intro, features live winds from two talented musicians, and does a fantastic job of oscillating between grand epicosity & emotive intimacy; the artist writes:

"Probably one of, if not the most popular melodies heard in the Final Fantasy series... I don't have a real reason for starting this arrangement other than the fact I just sat down and started making a music box arrangement of it. Kind of evolved from there to the point it's at now. Has a live flute and Irish whistle in it as well, courtesy of Alex Ripple (flute) and Jesús Chic Acevedo (Irish whistle)."

Really classy, substantive work... the musicbox + FX remind me of the original Aquarion ED theme, the aforementioned transitions in & out of rousing ensemble passages are handled with care, and it all comes together in a beautiful, expressive package that does indeed put its own, distinct spin on a theme we've heard MANY different ways. Larry writes:

"After a genteel first two minutes lead by the music box, Pearl Pixel arrives with the flute and leads this piece into more epic territory, with some good flourishes and reductions in the arrangement once this hit 2:57. Loved the string cameo at 3:49 leading into Jesús's arrival with the Irish whistle at 3:56. 4:40 peaks with another strong brass flourish. I don't mind when an orchestral piece goes aggressively epic, but I was more attentive and drawn in to the restraint, variety, and pacing of Zack's more dynamic approach. He's pulled together something great with excellent live additions by Alex and Jesús!"

Ditto all that; it's more compelling specifically because it ISN'T one long build or something that quickly goes from zero to sixty and then stays there, and the mixed instrumentation also adds narrative character. We've heard "Terra" hundreds of times, but the theme's a classic for good reason, and I've never heard it quite like this. Kudos to ZP & company for fantastic ReMix - consider showing Zack some support on OC Records, I think you'll find his original stuff is great, too!



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on 2015-12-11 16:42:10

Very nice take on "Terra's Theme". The samples are of great quality, which makes the remix even more beautiful. The live instruments are also well performed. The Pan flute reminds me of the Jungle Book (Disney's) soundtrack. An incredible remix, with great qualities of arrangement and instrumentation. Definitively recommended! :)

on 2014-12-12 15:00:58

When a ReMixer delivers in this manner, any and all doubts should be put to rest immediately, regardless of how many mixes of the same source is on the site. And HOLY SHIT that Celtic section. Hitting me right in the soul, bro. It's beautiful. This is freaking immersive and goes on a journey with it's wide range of arrangement. From the tinkling music box opening, to the more epic orchestration of the theme with the sweet flute, to that Irish whistle (Acevedo, props all to hell man), and the heartfelt ending, I absolutely love every minute of this. If you are a fan of Terra, there is a damn good chance you will be a fan of this. Recommended.

on 2014-12-06 15:23:45

I remember telling this guy 3 months ago that this would definitely pass on OCR, easily. Look at that, it did! Totally deserved the DP.

on 2014-12-06 04:36:17

Really, really, good. "Terra" is not an easy song, but not for any technical reasons. Since it is the overworld theme it is very familiar to players and easy to get sick of. But the masterful arrangement and the wind instruments do a great job of keeping it fresh and epic. :)!!

on 2014-12-05 22:17:27

This is some really great orchestration... but man, I'm loving the Irish whistle! Super expressive and really natural nuance. Great stuff, congrats!

on 2014-12-05 01:11:26

If you ever loved Terra's Theme, but might have been worn out by the many times you've heard it since, this is the one to give a listen. Gods, I love how this has such a distinctive character that sort of wisps around the true theme, building and falling back in such a natural manner that it seems like nothing more than a breath of snowy wind across the tundra. A special props for those who provided such gorgeous flute work live. And with that ending?? Get. This. Mix.

OverClocked PodCast
on 2014-12-04 19:06:58

The scope of this ReMix is incredible-- kind of like djpretzel said, not just because it goes big, but because it goes everywhere. Really impressive range, and by the Nine Divine that Irish whistle gets me right in the heart.

Geoffrey Taucer
on 2014-12-04 15:10:11

Absolutely stunning! Instant classic. Definitely going among my favorite mixes.

on 2014-12-04 14:06:33

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