ReMix:Pokémon Red Version "Dream Eater Mix" 4:26

By Solkrieg

Arranging the music of one song...

"Theme of Lavender Town"

Primary Game: Pokémon Red Version (Nintendo , 1996, GB), music by Junichi Masuda

Posted 2014-12-11, evaluated by djpretzel


Many of you might not know this, but for the first seven or so years of OCR, we didn't post a SINGLE ReMix of any POKEMANZ games. There were plenty of submissions, sure, but for whatever reason no one could put together something that could catch 'em all & get past the judges. My how times have changed... the second half of OCR's existence to date has been a completely different story, with 44 mixes and two albums, representing some of the most creative & musical VGM arrangements we've heard. Unless you've been around since the very early days, it's hard to appreciate just how huge a shift that really represents, with seven years of nada and then a steady influx of awesomeness. Here to contribute to that trend is newcomer Solkrieg (Ryan Watson), who unleashes a creepy, unsettling wallop of "SPOOKYSTEP" with this dubstep ReMix of Pokémon Red for the Game Boy:

"Why can I not stop listening to "Lavender Town"?! I love the song so much that I think this is my fourth mix of it. I just cannot get enough. I was inspired to create all my mixes of this song based off all the "creepy pasta" I have read. It was a lot of fun reading through all of them and gave me chills. The song that impacted me the most during my childhood was "Lavender Town," coincidentally enough. So I decided to give it a ReMix and I feel it turned out fantastic. This song is creepy dubstep. I feel I really captured the mood of all the creepy stories I've read."

Very, very well done - I've been watching American Horror Story lately (great show, highly recommended), and this is right up that alley, blending new with old and aggressive with insidiously disturbing & taking dubstep somewhere that I personally hadn't heard it go. Vinnie writes:

"Lavender Town is a pretty creepy, minimal song and one I did not expect to lend itself well to the wub. In Ryan's first submission to us, he proves to be an expert at distilling that creepy essence and blasting it out in widescreen. This is a massive, crazy track that keeps building and building until it breaks, making excellent use of automation to maintain forward momentum. I love how the melodies from the game sometimes take front and center, and sometimes just get swept up in the chaos."

Kris adds:

"I've gotta comment on this, this is WOW. What a great treatment of that silly yet disturbing source tune. This mix has just enough happy-ish chords and timbres (music box), that it creates some real harmonic (and even emotional) dissonance with the Lavender Town melody, which really works here. Awesome wubbery and the sub-bass execution is some of the best I've heard. Nice track, welcome aboard, please do more!"

There's nothing quite like a great concept executed to perfection, or at least past the point of diminishing returns. Spooky little girl singing has never been so galvanized with terrifying wubs of electricity - I'm gonna have to again reference American Horror Story, as the jolts of super-aggressive, over-the-top bass here are the auditory equivalent of shock therapy as employed in the show's second season. Hold on to your sanity; great debut from Solkrieg, definitely looking forward to hearing more!



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on 2015-12-28 11:34:40

I'll be original and start with that the music box intro was a cool idea. The dubstep works quite well with this source IMO, especially when it gets crazier later on. A few notes sounded a little wrong to my ears (certainly the major/minor thing) but nothing really terrible. Solid mix and production, nice work!

on 2015-12-04 03:03:32

The music box intro is definitely a cool idea for a remix, especially when it leads to a dubstep part. But this isn't the kind of dubstep that's perfect to jam to. No. It's more emotional kind of stuff. There still are a couple of moments when it just bursts with energy, though, but they make this spooky-sounding track only more sinister. Nice job!

on 2015-01-14 11:50:12

I didn't believe that an electro mix could gave me so much emotion, but I was wrong. This mix is really excellent for this. I love the contrasts between different parts, sometime delicates or squarely craving. Really good job!

on 2014-12-17 01:18:16

Boy did Emblem180 nail this - I don't necessarily dislike any of the elements here, but I certainly don't love them either - until THIS. Wow!!! What a great work here - talk about being more than the sum of your parts! Congrats!!

OverClocked PodCast
on 2014-12-16 20:38:22

This ReMix takes a bunch of overplayed, often so-so musical elements (dubstep, music box, creepy little singing girl, etc.) and destroys them with all the passion of a burning sun, pounding out insanely satisfying bass and infusing it with terror to create a masterpiece in the process.

So I kind of like this song, good work! :)

on 2014-12-12 20:50:46

I'm actually not a fan of the Lavender Town song, and I don't like many dubstep songs, but I do like this.

on 2014-12-12 15:31:52

My heart, this ReMix has stolen it. This is such an interesting take on the style that I would not have expected to hear, even if it seems obvious in today's musical world. Music box (seems like the music box is getting a lot of love lately, which is cool) setting up the more intense and energetic dubstep bits entertains the hell out of me, and the weird little girl voice (what it sounds like to me anyway) is a cool touch that reminds me of the creepy pasta stories myself. Glad that you went back and forth on the music box and dubstep bits, it sounds good that way. I, for one, am all for spookystep and would love to hear more of it in the future. Strong debut, man, this is sick as hell.

on 2014-12-11 23:59:12

Interesting juxtaposition between the major-key and minor-key portions; the Lavender town theme seems to lend itself well to both moods. The dubstep was also really well done. Could tick some people off, but I personally think it's on the borderline of like-dislike (I like it, anyway). Keep up the good work! Hope to see more of ya.

Cephalo the Pod
on 2014-12-11 23:00:56



Can't believe a music box rendition of Lavender Town has not been done before (has it?). It just seems like the perfect idea. The dubstep transition lost me at first, and then it dropped. That was so cool.

Did I use "drop" right?

on 2014-12-11 00:50:25

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Primary Game:
Pokémon Red Version (Nintendo , 1996, GB)
Music by Junichi Masuda
"Theme of Lavender Town"

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