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At just under three minutes, this short-but-sweet wintry jam from timaeus off An OverClocked Christmas v.7 provides a walk through a synth-pop/ambient wonderland:

"It's not often I completely reinterpret the style of the source track. I tend go with my gut feeling on how VGM should be remixed in terms of atmosphere, and that usually turns out to be close to how a remastered version would sound, but this time it's got sort of a cinematic vibe to it since I brought the tempo down a lot and turned it into a progressive ambient big beat remix. It's nowhere near how the original track sounds, and I'm very glad I went for this approach. You might notice some Chrono Trigger thrown in accidentally (even though I have practically zero history with that game). :P

This is another look at my "unique sound palette," so to speak. In my free time, I had designed patches on u-he Zebra2 for fun, and for this ReMix, and I ended up using a good portion of them, such as the pads, bells, arp, and pseudo-sync lead (it smells like one, it feels like one, and it even tastes like one, but it wasn't made using traditional oscillator sync). I actually quit on this remix twice because of the lack of inspiration and because the bass mixing was tremendously difficult (you can see why at 1:55!), so I don't have a clue how I still ended up finishing it. Pretty glad I did. Hope you like this dreamy, light-hearted take on this source from my favorite game in the Mega Man Zero series!"

He said it better than I could, although when I think of "big beat" I generally think of something more explicitly EDM-ish, whereas you'll probably have trouble dancing to this if it takes the form of anything other than gentle swaying ;) Palpable writes:

"timaeus' latest track has a heavy zircon vibe to it - it's laid back and chill but still weighty, thanks to the powerful panoramic synth, guitar, and string elements that are used. This is the kind of song you'd hear as you climb the last few meters to the top of the mountain. The breakdown at 1:37 was a real highlight: crystalline piano over top warm swirling pads and some subtle reverse FX. Very classy, polished stuff."

The first half of this mix definitely eschews prominent percussion, whereas the second builds up a beat that is indeed big; plenty of nice synth programming details and varied timbres, which is a general strength of the artist but is especially evident on this track. Good stuff, more transformative than some of Truong-Son's other arrangement while still maintaining his style & technique!



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on 2015-12-21 03:11:42

This is very energic without being super fast. The sound design is excellent, especially during parts like 1:35. The guitars added a lot of depth to the overall mix, plus some bass too. The chilly atmosphere is respected, bonus points lol Nice job, Tim, keep 'em coming. :)

on 2015-02-22 10:55:11

Great atmosphere from the start and that stays throughout. The harmony of the piece has a nice tension (Picardy third stuff?) the sounds compliment that feel very much. It's quite optimistic but also excited.. anticipative, if that makes sense! Cool interpretation of the source - I thought the source itself had some iffy writing that didn't quite work but you didn't seem to include those portions.

I very much like the gradual introduction of the beat, and the pacing of the piece was pretty good. I thought the bell writing could have been a bit sparser in the beginning to enhance the development of the mood.. it's slightly noodly to my ears.

There's a couple of weird harmonic choices at the end (around 2:45-2:49) that stick out and don't make sense, hurting the impression of the track a bit at the end.

My favourite bit was the backwards-y synths around 1:40-1:47, very nice also writing-wise. The chords going back and forth to build up around 2:00 was also a nice touch.

on 2015-02-16 13:11:26

Loved this on the OCR Christmas album, and I still love it now. I like the direction you took with this source. A lot of people would expect to just rock out with it in the same vain as the original, so it's cool to hear someone try to take it down a new path and transform it into something sweet. Awesome stuff, Timaeus.

on 2015-02-13 01:32:01

Finally some Z3. Thanks Timaeus!

on 2015-02-11 10:40:48

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