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OCR03084 - Mega Man Zero 3 'Frosty Wilderness'

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Loved this on the OCR Christmas album, and I still love it now. I like the direction you took with this source. A lot of people would expect to just rock out with it in the same vain as the original, so it's cool to hear someone try to take it down a new path and transform it into something sweet. Awesome stuff, Timaeus.

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Great atmosphere from the start and that stays throughout. The harmony of the piece has a nice tension (Picardy third stuff?) & the sounds compliment that feel very much. It's quite optimistic but also excited.. anticipative, if that makes sense! Cool interpretation of the source - I thought the source itself had some iffy writing that didn't quite work but you didn't seem to include those portions.

I very much like the gradual introduction of the beat, and the pacing of the piece was pretty good. I thought the bell writing could have been a bit sparser in the beginning to enhance the development of the mood.. it's slightly noodly to my ears.

There's a couple of weird harmonic choices at the end (around 2:45-2:49) that stick out and don't make sense, hurting the impression of the track a bit at the end.

My favourite bit was the backwards-y synths around 1:40-1:47, very nice also writing-wise. The chords going back and forth to build up around 2:00 was also a nice touch.

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