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MORE NOOBWEEK! Okay, we're cheating a little bit with this one - MMvsUSAF (Sean Bires & Dave Walwark) have a single previous ReMix to their name(s) on OCR with the glorious & criminally catchy "Get a Weapon Weapon" from 2010, a track I personally queue up pretty often. You should, too! This equally approachable TMNT IV hip-hop/rap jam qualifies for inclusion in our NOOBWEEK festivities due to the addition of some partners-in-crime: not one, not two, but THREE guest rappers contributed, making for an epic pass-the-mic extravaganza; Sean "Renzu" Bires of MMvsUSAF writes:

"How are you gentlemen. After close to 80 man-hours, here is the 2nd submission from Mega Man vs. The United States Air Force.

Dave always got hyped when an SNES Turtles in Time playing session reached the Sewer Surfin' level, because, even though it was mercilessly difficult, the music was sick. On this years-in-the-making remix, we proudly feature 3 guest emcees, whose unique TMNT interpretations blend together seamlessly. Looking forward to your enjoyment."

Short version? It's great :) Take the humor & nerdcore sensibilities of their first mix and add in some additional voices for ensemble cast variety, while maintaining all the playfulness and memorable hooks, and you've got a pretty good idea; Chimpazilla writes:

"Wow! Awesome hip hop take on this cool little source. The track is really well produced, the lyrics are super fun and the rapping is well executed, and the different emcees keep it fresh while the source tune is fully present all the way through. Super enjoyable listen! Pizza time!"

Liontamer adds:

"The lyrics are fun, with the loose story of the Turtles crew moving to from New York to Chicago (since all of the artists are Chi-Town-based). I also had to say, the irony of Roqsteady rapping as Bebop IS NOT LOST ON ME. :-D Seriously though, excellent arrangement on the instrumental by MMvsUSAF (including some tasteful, limited sampling of the original), and a great team up with Chidi, Samara, and Roqsteady all making their OCR debuts with lyrics alongside MMvsUSAF's Walwark. Slice it and dice it up!"

What more do you need? Awesome track... I was personally anticipating these fellas' return, and when they did return, they brought company. Mad props to all five artists for giving us a new classic!



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on 2017-11-30 13:56:46

I teared up a bit when I heard the sample of Master Splinter. Is that wrong?

on 2015-12-28 12:03:12

I have to second a lot of what MrKyle said in my assessment of this track, as I liked this track for the reasons he pointed out. I do want to add to how mellow this track is. It’s so mellow, it’s kind of tough to find the right moment to listen to this. You can’t jump into this track at any time and expect to jam to it right out of the gate. It’s more suited to those chill and down time moments than anything else. But that's not really a bad thing I think. Great job all around.

on 2015-06-11 12:58:17

Such a fun mix. The energy is pretty mellow throughout and the arrangement is straightforward but there are some nice embellishments and they are well mixed. The vocal work is really a nice change of pace. You kept a tight mix, flowed well, and made it unique. Chicken dinner!

on 2015-05-27 11:47:27

Nice to see some fresh faces and some returning remixers teaming up to put out a pretty good hip-hop rap of the sewers theme. There are a few rap pet peeves of mine in this mix, but it's just a personal taste thing, so honestly I have nothing to really nitpick at arrangement-wise. Not bad.

on 2015-05-20 19:03:17

I don't usually like hip hop / rap, and I would have liked a more elaborate accompaniment, but this was pretty well done! The slightly choppy musical vocals (with pitched notes) were a nice touch. (imagine speaking choppy vocals on purpose for more robotic vocoding; that's what I mean)

on 2015-05-20 11:14:06

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Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time (Konami , 1992, SNES)
Music by Harumi Ueko,Kazuhiko Uehara,Mutsuhiko Izumi
"Sewer Surfin' (Stage 3 BGM)"

Tags (14)

Chiptune,In-game FX,Organ,Singing,Vocals: Female,Vocals: Male,Vocals: Rapping
Lyrics > Lyrics: Existing
Lyrics > Lyrics: Original
Origin > Collaboration
Time > 4/4 Time Signature

File Information

7,448,665 bytes

I do what I do when I need to have fun
I do what I do when they draw that gun,
like a megaton runnin' over everyone

Chidi Enyia (Donatello):

whether chilling in the lab, equation, pen, and a pad
meditate on the universe down to an atomic mass
to diss me would be crass, opposition comes in last
yeah, we straight from the sewer, but ya'll ninjas is trash

you gotta be out ya mind tryin' to mess with the team
a warrior keeps it chill, calm, and serene
'til a villain pops up in a civilian's path
and I step in and play whack-a-mole with my bo staff

late night heroes; bright lights of the city
cruisin' in that turtle van and I got the whole crew wit me
lasers on the roof, computers in the back
hooked up by yours truly
shredder, where you at

divide the pie, subtract the wack
add the fact that we hold it down
in every city on the map
multiply by the brainpower I possess
that's a recipe for success


Samara Smith (April O'Neil):

you know this face, you've seen it on the tizzoo
reporting on the issues, the saga continues
there's a whole slew'a people chasin' after me
further than the eye can see, it runs in the family

blockin' and knockin' these haters out with my clique
all we need is some kicks, 'cuz we dos it like this
shower you with our turtle power, any given day, any given hour
Foot ninja wanna start some drama? Leo, go to work with your katana

(watch him) slice it and dice it up, tell your homeboys "better beware"
(here comes) Michelangelo with his 'chucks
send you runnin' straight back to your lair (oo-o-o-ooohhh)

join on up with Donny and Raph
take a little ride, we're headin' out south
on the red line or on the Dan Ryan
won't you step up?
don't make us have to go off. don't make this harder than it has to be.
take us to your leader, we gon' shred him like he wants to be!


Dave Walwark (Raphael):

I dominate the landscape from video games to fame,
across the range of America; the Great Plains
The Chicago sewers got less rats than back home,
what would you do if you lived under the thrones?

yeah, I had to move, 'cuz the groove was lost in New York,
the Foot soldiers are dorks, so I moved and got a new sport
and now I'm stainin' MILFs on the magnificent mile, extra deep dish style
but once in a while I recall

giant balls falling down stairs
but I ain't scared
I got my ninja powers and I'm always prepared
don't stare, I might be a little green
but you'll be envious of my fighting machine skills

pills I never pop, I keep my body hot,
I can cold cock any robot on the block
stop the presses, my bros are swinging by in the van
it's pizza time, so pork rinds? lay low or scram.


The path that leads to what we truly desire is long and difficult.
But only by following that path do we achieve our goal.
(Pizza Time!)


roqsteady (Bebop):

red Chucks on, nose rang swanky,
purple mohawk with some shades for the framin'
Ben's in my frame and thieves for the Franklin,
call steady Roq, hit the block and the bank an'...

unlike the braid, these grenades is a statement
to blow a few holes in my foes, leave 'em stankin'
moves in arrangement, hooves hit the pavement,
Clan in the van, crew armed, and we dangerous

swerve through the lanes and gotta start gunnin'
cops on our ass, through the roof start bustin'
start puffin', mash on the gas as I
ash on the dash, bouncin' bombs off the glass

clink from the scraps made it sound like a wrap,
sweat on my horn, dabbed it off with a scrap
turned to my right, all I heard was a tap,
a sai in my grill, green toes in my lap



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