ReMix:Titanfall "M-COR Rising" 2:44

By DusK

Arranging the music of one song...

"Welcome to the Marauder Corps"

Primary Game: Titanfall (Electronic Arts , 2014, WIN), music by Stephen Barton

Posted 2015-06-03, evaluated by djpretzel

Hey, cool, a Titanfall ReMix! GIANT ROBOTS!! Awesome to see newer games/soundtracks gettin' some love, and DusK knocks it out of the park with this short-but-aggressive rock/metal jam:

"Even after the hype train has died, I'm still gushing over this fantastic game. I had a lot of fun making this. Remixing modern VGM is always a challenge for me, because after so much remixing of 16-bit soundtracks, I've always felt the need to ensure that the production values of my remixes are higher than the source tunes - an impossibility for professionally-produced soundtracks such as Titanfall. But every now and then, I'll take up the gauntlet, to see what the outcome will be.

The source is already kinda guitar-driven, so it was largely a matter of really turning that up to 11. I still wanted to preserve the cinematic feel of the source, so I opened up with some strings, and livened up the mix with some staccato strings and French horns. I really made the melody my own toward the end as well. Enjoy."

At 2'44" this still feels complete & substantial, due in part to a relatively brisk tempo but also because Dustin takes his time with the intro, building up to the power shreds at 0'26". Palpable sums things up nicely:

"I'd never heard the Titanfall OST before, so judging this song led to a nice find. Dustin's take on "Welcome to the Marauder Corps" is straightforward but well-executed. He turns an orchestral song with a few rock elements into a rock song with a few orchestral elements. Most of the original melodies and parts can be found, just switched around to different instruments. The backbone of Dustin's song is a heavy guitar riff that is adapted from the bassline of the original, while the synth/string melody is handled by lead guitar. It's a change that works extremely well, almost as if the original composer had had the rock adaptation in mind. The synthy intro and accompanying strings took this arrangement beyond a standard rock song and were both welcome touches, but my favorite section was 1:30, where guitar and strings take turns with the lead. Not a particularly ambitious arrangement or instrumentation, but Dustin makes up for it by delivering something solidly assembled and very enjoyable."

While not a HUGE change from the original, the parts & emphasis have been switched around and made considerably more br00tl in the process. Titanfall was certainly the flavor-of-the-moment for awhile, but I like that it still has diehard fans, as too many games come and go too quickly these days. Dustin's cooked up a great tribute that captures a lot of the energy & immediacy of the in-game experience - check it out!



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on 2015-12-21 15:25:57

Not having played Titanfall, I have nothing to compare this to, so I’m approaching this as a completely original track. I love the percussion work in this track in the beginning. However, it’s hard for me to maintain an invested interest in this track, as it’s short and kind of generic. I will give the artist credit for choosing to remix something released on one of the current-gen systems. It’s a great risk that very few remixers take it seems.

on 2015-12-17 15:43:37

I do love the guitar tones. Personally I thought the rhythm guitar wasn't too loud; just that some of the drums were too quiet. I'd agree with Brandon on his advice. Standard DusK.

on 2015-06-05 12:09:24

This is a mix that brings it really freaking hard and from an arrangement standpoint, this is pretty good at making a ReMix that brings the aggression. I would, however, have to agree with Brandon that this mix could have benefited from some production and level fixes. I think he said what needed to be said on that, but as for me, I liked it and it is definitely a pretty sweet mix. Not bad.

Brandon Strader
on 2015-06-03 18:33:52

WHY does Titanfall make me think of that 007 movie? Gah. :razz:

This mix rocks pretty hard but it has a lot of flaws.. the biggest problem being that the rhythm guitars are so loud they overpower everything. Those toms need some humanizing, and are also really dry, which lets the quality of the sample shine through in a bad way. The snare is almost inaudible beneath the louder kick and cymbals. Drum levels all around are a bit odd, even the hat is a bit hard to hear, but again, it could be due to how loud the rhythms are. They really mask most of the detail in this mix. You could have gotten so much more volume and even bass presence with a more balanced mix.

Please! Take some of this advice into consideration for future mixes, even if OCR does give it the DP treatment. :P Once you're above the OCR bar, the only way is up -- that's not the end of the journey and your production can go to new heights.

on 2015-06-03 15:19:07

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Primary Game:
Titanfall (Electronic Arts , 2014, WIN)
Music by Stephen Barton
"Welcome to the Marauder Corps"

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