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OCR03143 - Titanfall "M-COR Rising"

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WHY does Titanfall make me think of that 007 movie? Gah.  :razz:


This mix rocks pretty hard but it has a lot of flaws.. the biggest problem being that the rhythm guitars are so loud they overpower everything. Those toms need some humanizing, and are also really dry, which lets the quality of the sample shine through in a bad way. The snare is almost inaudible beneath the louder kick and cymbals. Drum levels all around are a bit odd, even the hat is a bit hard to hear, but again, it could be due to how loud the rhythms are. They really mask most of the detail in this mix. You could have gotten so much more volume and even bass presence with a more balanced mix.


Please! Take some of this advice into consideration for future mixes, even if OCR does give it the DP treatment. :P Once you're above the OCR bar, the only way is up -- that's not the end of the journey and your production can go to new heights. 

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This is a mix that brings it really freaking hard and from an arrangement standpoint, this is pretty good at making a ReMix that brings the aggression. I would, however, have to agree with Brandon that this mix could have benefited from some production and level fixes. I think he said what needed to be said on that, but as for me, I liked it and it is definitely a pretty sweet mix. Not bad.

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Not having played Titanfall, I have nothing to compare this to, so I’m approaching this as a completely original track. I love the percussion work in this track in the beginning. However, it’s hard for me to maintain an invested interest in this track, as it’s short and kind of generic. I will give the artist credit for choosing to remix something released on one of the current-gen systems. It’s a great risk that very few remixers take it seems.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR03143 - Titanfall "M-COR Rising"

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