ReMix:Super Mario World "It's-a-Me" 4:59

By Funk Fiction

Arranging the music of 2 songs from 2 games ( view all )...

"Map 7 (Special)", "Overworld BGM"

Primary Game: Super Mario World (Nintendo , 1990, SNES), music by Koji Kondo

Posted 2015-11-30, evaluated by djpretzel

Who knew that Mario's "Ungh" sound effect in SM64 could provide such a superb stand-in for the Godfather of Soul?? Newcomer Funk Fiction (Pejman Roozbeh), that's who! We end our Super Cartography Bros. mixflood with a milder groove that lands on the funkier side of things, which is appropriate given its creator's nom de guerre. Making a very stylish OCR debut, Pejman writes:

"I transformed the relatively simple Special World theme into an enticing groove with fresh samples, paired with an artisan chord progression. Mario's irresistibly friendly voice accompanies you through this funky voyage with playful cheers and James Brown-reminiscent grunts. Flavors of disco funk, French touch, and deep house are blended into this infectious tune for your listening pleasure."

It's cool that the chord progression is artisanal... but were the synths grass-fed, and are the beats free-range? We need sustainable mixing practices, here! ;) I love that "French Touch" is a genre, because it could so easily be confused for so many other things, in so many contexts. SCB director Flexstyle writes:

"At the time of this writing, I've opened more sets with this song than any other song. It's a perfectly-crafted combination of funk and electro, and really captures the playful spirit of the Mario games. How can you not smile while listening to this one?"

I dunno, sounds like Mario may be smiling a little TOO much :) Great stuff that, as Mike says, is very playful... bass is huge & wiggles its hips with confidence, sound FX are perfect, synth brass gives everyone some FRENCH TOUCH (see?), squiggly cross-panned synth pops are squeaky-clean, and string/guitar hits are disco ace fantastic. Nails the details, nails the feels, & fuels the funk - great work from FF, and another standout track on a uniformly killer album!



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on 2018-04-21 02:27:30

Leave it to a ReMixer called Funk Fiction to really lay out some solid, almost spacey funk work. I have to admit, Mario's "ungh" voice clip being used like this got a smirk out of me, and the rest of mix was very well produced, using the SFX tastefully. Having such a funky mix of the special zone theme with the overworld theme sprinkled around it is pretty fun because if you left the controller alone while on the special map screen for a while, the overworld theme would play as an easter egg in SMW. Probably wasn't intentional, but still fun to remember while listening to this one. Nice work.

on 2016-08-27 19:57:08

I found this to be a really fun listen. :nicework: Thanks.

If you want to go a bit crazier, You should compare this remix to Chrono Trigger's end of time song. It almost sounds like you could sample it over this track (maybe even the Chrono trigger theme...?). Then again, I haven't really put in the effort to have any studio chops to do this, so what would I know. *shrug* :-P

on 2016-01-07 03:38:43

Ungh! The Mario voice samples definitely grab our attention (and seem to be quite divisive) but that's far from all there is to this solid disco house thumper.

For my money, the SFX use is really well embedded to the arrangement. Even though the vox samples are pretty much in your face, they work to build the piece and are very well paced, and don't feel like used for their own sake. I can see if you're allergic to sound effect samples it would make you uncomfortable, but I must say I thought I'd heard enough Mario voice samples in arrangements but this doesn't grate me in any way. It's precisely because they're a part of the arrangement and not just pasted on top for laughs. The brilliantly James Brown-esque (indeed!) "Ungh!" is a simple highlight, and the "poing!" combined with the coin sound is delightful.

I like the pacing of the beat, the sometime sparsity of the soundscape gives the tune a wide open feel, which is a fun contrast to the humorousness of the vox samples. The instrumentation is a good combo, I like the classic synth tones especially, but the tasteful splashes of delay and the disco borrowings of funk wah and string interjections are very effective too.

Great opener for the album.

on 2015-12-27 21:02:30

I love the intro chords. Not digging the SFX at all though. I'm usually not fond of remixes that spam SFX too much to be honest, especially ones with Mario's voice haha.

Besides from the SFX, this sounds awesome. As I said above, the chords are awesome. Bass line is also damn good. It took me a while to identify the source tune since it's used in a not very conventional way. Usage of the main Super Mario Bros theme is a bit risky since its chromathic nature clashes with the background a bit.

Overall, awesome track!

on 2015-12-24 16:24:21

Haha, the ungh SFX. Aside from that, I like how the reverb all fades out to a space behind the main mix. Depending on how you listen, the mix can sound tighter or more open. Later on, the reverb prevails. Fun stuff, dreamy for an EDM mix (which is bonus points IMO).

on 2015-12-03 13:17:13

This is surely a perfect track to open SCB. The vocal samples are very cleverly used and they fit here perfectly here. They really make this track so catchy. Gotta also mention that this phat bassline is sweet. Cool work!

on 2015-12-03 13:13:06

I love the style of this remix. For lack of anything better to say - I love the way it sounds. It's a fun song to listen to.

The repeated Mario SFX were awkward the first listen, but I've gotten used to it.

on 2015-12-01 22:09:19

The "boing" vocal makes me giggle. I do this with accents in songs, yep.

This is electro-funk done well.

on 2015-12-01 09:16:48

This arrangement (as well as most so far in this album) really seems to lend itself to the truly playful side of the SMB universe. And because of that I feel like the SFX work. I could see the track with maybe one less, here and there, and a bit more lead work but Pejman had a vision and it feels pretty well executed.

on 2015-12-01 04:05:51

On first listens the repeated mario SFX might be kind of awkward. But they're pretty intentional. The "boing"s are aptly-timed, for instance, and eventually I find the mario SFX in general to provide a charm that one might only find in a track like this that's specifically made for actual dance floors. They give something for people to relate to and "sing along" to. :P

on 2015-11-30 13:07:13

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Sources Arranged (2 Songs, 2 Games)

Primary Game:
Super Mario World (Nintendo , 1990, SNES)
Music by Koji Kondo
"Map 7 (Special)"
Additional Game:
Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo , 1985, NES)
Music by Koji Kondo
"Overworld BGM"

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