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It's been a great year for OCR, from a successful forum migration & upgrade, to some superb album releases including the long-anticipated Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart, to 226 featured ReMixes... slightly fewer than last year, breaking our trend of ever-increasing totals, but that just means we're gonna have to compensate in 2016 ;) I'd like to give a quick shout out to our supporters on Patreon - you've opened doors for us and made OCR's future brighter than ever!

So how do we cap off such a great year?? Well, howsabout a funky Knuckles Chaotix joint from OverClocked Assembled? That work?

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Knuckles Chaotix (1995, 32X), this raptacular & funky hip-hop ReMix arrives JUST IN TIME for your NYE celebrations and features the formidable talents of the OverClocked Assembled posse, who lay down another heapin' helpin' of music & verse... their previous featured mixes have been juggernauts of juicy beats & fresh rhymes, and - non-spoiler alert - they've done it again; lineup as follows:

"Assembled," indeed; the amount of talent contained in that humble, unordered bullet list is mind-blowing and/or pants-wetting. It really doesn't matter, because your mind will be so blown that whatever happened in your pants won't even register. I'm going to move on, now... about the mix itself, metaphist (Paul Ford) writes:

"Let me tell you guys a little story. One day, 20 years ago (!), I stumbled upon a particular GameFan magazine that had the most colorful cover - front and center was Knuckles the Echidna, with four of the most bad ass Sonic-style characters chilling out behind him. It was probably the coolest thing I'd ever seen at the time. My mom bought it for me, and I would spend hours just looking at the dazzling full-page spreads within, and drawing the characters, wondering if I'd ever actually get to play this obscure game...

Well, I never did get to play the game back then, but I did eventually stumble upon the soundtrack around the time when I was trying to get something onto OCR. This also happened to be around the time when "Unknown from M.C." came out, which was instantly one of my favorites. I had this crazy idea in my head that one day, when I was actually good at music, I would ask José to return as Knuckles over a remix of my own from Knuckles' Chaotix.

What I *didn't* imagine back then, is that I'd one day have access to a group of emcees in the form of OverClocked Assembled who wanted to do that very sort of thing. Everyone loved the idea, and I knew that if we approached José with a concept this good, there was no way he could say no. He would have to come back, even though he is the busiest man alive. >:) Shout-outs to him for doing us justice, and the rest of the OCA crew for making some random idea I had way back when something much, much cooler!"

It's very cool that this all originated with José the Bronx Rican's original debut mix from all the way back in 2004 - it took over a decade for the inspiration to reverberate & coalesce into this mix and build towards this day, but it was worth it. Mr. Felix writes:

"One of the simplest, yet most satisfying things to see is to receive props from the people that come after you. It's almost quaint to say that didn't happen enough in hip hop, because that lack of respect seems to occur in all entertainment now. I definitely appreciated the consideration of the OverClocked Assembled collective, who decided, "we gotta get 'MC' Knux back in here for this track," and it really was a perfect idea, so why not? I gave them a verse acknowledging the return, repping the posse, and also tweaking the self-flagellating fan community in the process.

Finding time and effort, of course, was the bottleneck: every time I thought I'd be done quickly, I dropped a hint, like on one of our Talkbacks, only to be pushed back with other stuff. Here's my anecdote: while finishing the verse, I was transitioning to better recording equipment, and got a new Focusrite Scarlett, but couldn't get a new mic yet. Also considering my noisy-ass neighbors, I couldn't hold off any longer, so I brought the interface and the old hypercardioid (the same mic used on "M.C.") to my job. I work in a medical record department, so after everyone left, I went to work in one of our file rooms, because (PROTIP) a room full of patient records in their folders can be as dead as any studio booth. We missed the anniversary of Chaotix' release, but we can drag the celebration for a year. Enjoy!"

Make music wherever you can, whenever you can, however you can :) Good resolution for 2016, for anyone who still needs one! When José made his OCR debut many moons ago, he really brought something fresh & new to the site; it's great to see that contribution paying musical dividends 11 years later. New, proud, & sleep-deprived father Larry "Babytamer" Oji writes:

"Nice work, and what a meta mix. "Knuckles' Unknown from M.C." was the only song I ever played twice on the same episode of a VG Frequency back in my college radio days. It was definitely a revelation, so it's awesome to read the story on this one. Big props to Paul for not only having a grand vision, not only building his skills in the decade-plus since "Knuckles' Unknown from M.C." dropped, but EXECUTING with an awesome collaboration with José the Bronx Rican and bringing him into the fold of OverClocked Assembled. Everyone killed it! :-)"

I'd go even further; everyone killed it, temporarily resuscitated it with a bolt of lightning, then killed it AGAIN, just to be sure. The amazing thing about this mix is the amount of motion & polish on the bassline & other accompanying elements, COUPLED with the rapping/singing; things never get cluttered, it's smooth like butter, and there's so much fun stuff going on that's all executed so well that it almost feels decadent :) Amazing arrangement filled with heart, soul, craft, and skill.... the ONLY way to end 2015; mad props to OverClocked Assembled & José, finally reprising his alter ego from 2004!

Have fun, party safe, drop this jam into your NYE playlists or I'll punch you, and we'll see you in 2016!!



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on 2018-05-15 03:22:54

Chaotic and cool, this is sick as hell! The intro had a neat little anarchy vibe with the vocal clips mixed together before breaking into the raps. Great lyrics, good beat, awesome flow, and I love how the beat at times sounded like it had a transmitter blip sound effect. Intentional or not, it's a good call back to the intro. So slick and groovy, this is the kind of funky hip-hop that I can bop my head to for a long, long time. Fantastic, truly incredible ReMix from everyone involved.

on 2016-01-02 19:11:25

Man, this is CRAZY; really catchy backing track, rappers that got the flow, and insanely clever lyrics; "I literally carry the team when I carry the team," "I'm dat echidna, but I ain't a kid, nah," and much, much more amazing stuff. Gotta love this track.

on 2015-12-31 16:55:52

It's always a pleasure to work with these fine gentlemen! This track has been a looooong time coming and I'm glad we were able to finish it and get it out here for ya. And major thanks to the OCR staff for posting it! :) Happy New Year everyone!

EDIT: I just realized it wasn't pointed out in the write-up, but I hope you guys notice that in addition to having José on the track, Paul also sampled a line ("clique called Chaotix") from 'Unknown from M.C.' throughout this mix ;)

on 2015-12-31 16:47:06

So weird not opening up Excel when I listen to a mix. I actually find the narration really cool for some reason. I usually find it decent at best, but it really works here. I'm not into the rap, but the processed vocals are cool and the instrumental is nice.

on 2015-12-31 16:11:24

This one brings the swagger! Great work from everyone involved.

on 2015-12-31 15:59:42

I've been a huge fan of Metaphist's Sonic remixes since he posted Funky Side Up in the workshop. Love the classic 90's west coast vibe of this one. Solid work from O.A.!

on 2015-12-31 13:59:18

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Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Knuckles' Chaotix (Sega , 1995, 32X)
Music by Junko Shiratsu,Mariko Nanba
"Evening Star"

Tags (14)

Funk,Hip Hop,R&B
Piano,Singing,Synth,Turntable,Vocals: Male,Vocals: Rapping
Effects > Vocoder
Lyrics > Lyrics: Original
Origin > Collaboration

File Information

11,193,282 bytes

begoma [Vector]:

Some say I'm "amazing," but I'll settle for "the man"
Call for Vector. I'm the leader. Understand?
Eggman? Bad man? Just call us with a case
Watch the Bad Boys work it like Puffy and Ma$e
Work hard, play hard. I love to see the green
But I still keep it real, if you know what I mean
We'll find the reason while givin' you the rhyme
If you got the money, then we got the time

Started off, '91, playing keys, havin' fun
But my destiny was callin' me
Went to Angel Island, met up with the man with the pointy hands
Solved a little mystery. The rest is history.
Had to keep it goin', so I headed up a crew
And we do what we do. Badniks better get a clue:
If you step to us, you'd better step correct
or you'll be looking like you had a wreck
Where my money at?

DiGi Valentine [Mighty]:

Run up on the zone, armadillo rolling tightly.
Tough shell to crack, that's why they call me Mighty.
Take a shot if you think luck is on your side, G.
If not, then trust you don't really wanna fight me.
I'm old school, from back in the day.
The echidna is my homie, I even knew Ray.
You may think I copied Sonic, but you're thinking whack, bro
And I was rocking black and red before there ever was a Shadow.
For a while, I've been out of the game
And still no one ever seems to forget my name.
Mighty with the one-two. (Blap, blap.) Yeah, you know that.
I may go out the picture, but I always seem to roll back.
A rebel, running up on a level.
When my team's up, we strike a pose and assemble.
I'm on my own when I do what I do
But when I'm back home, it's all about the crew.

Sir Jordanius & BrothaDom [Bomb/Heavy/Metal Sonic]:

[Bomb] Bomb is blowing up the spot... with the clique Chaotix!
[Heavy] Heavy's gotta hold it down when around Chaotix!
[Metal Sonic] Metal Sonic... you know I gotta stop Chaotix!

[Chaotix] Not likely, you will find these five emcees are connected at the ring, and we bringin' dat...

[Chorus - Bomb/Heavy/Metal Sonic]

metaphist [Charmy Bee]:

Yes! The member with the wings on the scene
With clever elevation makin' me seem quite distinct
Charmy Bee, aviator supreme, I'm runnin' the skies
...with some help from Angel Isle
Suckas wonder why me and mine lovin' a fight. You thought it was the money?
More likely like the kid just likes to hit the scene for funsies
My flight resembles lightning strikes, trust me you don't want it
Death from above when I'm buzzin', unless it's flowers I'm touchin'

Appearances deceive, inspect this insect, you'll see
I literally carry the team when I carry the team
The young-blooded veteran tracker
Prince by birth, so yessir, respect the stature
I float like a monarch, sting like a poison dart
Hyperactive action-packed when I'm goin' off
Combination deadly stats when the rings attached
You know you wanna be connected to the bee genius!

The Auracle [Espio]:

They sayin', "Jesus, E's team's the meanest!"
Never defeatist
Peep my ice cold demeanour
Way before assassins made creeds
it was me on the scene
Supreme, serene ninja warrior being
Ninjitsu razor-sharp like Ginsu's
Step to? Bless, dude...
You picked the wrong geck to flex to!
The E to the S-P-I-O, yes
Lightning speed/stealthy type of steez
Know what I mean?
Believe you, me... you slowpokes are Pokémon
compared to Bee, Mighty, and Knux?
Best hope to God we don't flatten you beatniks
So heed this or the homie Vector will proceed to beat shit
My thesis is clear to all
The warning call: you need long arms before you box with God
Hack your face like black hats
as my faction makes you dash
like that rabbit in Alice
That Chaotix magic

José the Bronx Rican [Knuckles]:

Y'all got yo' Knuckles back, so face the fact
"Unknown" 'bout to lace the track
So send a text, 'cause now I got biceps and pecs
ever since the Boom enhanced my physical specs
But now the pitiful fandom is hateful
Being built like a bull means all the haters stay miserable
Downcast, ignorance vast, gotta know
trash talk's tired and past, still, they gotta go...
Run a catchphrase, my crew's in attack phase
Wack plays smoked and put out over ashtrays
I'mma fill ya in: armadillo, chameleon,
one is armored, and one is in colors by the millions
We got a bee whose lyricism will leave you stricken
We got a croc, does NOT mean that we bullshittin'
I'm dat echidna, but I ain't a kid, nah
When five combine into one, another hit, brah

Sir Jordanius & BrothaDom [Bomb/Heavy/Metal Sonic]:

[Bomb] Bomb is blowing up the spot... with the clique Chaotix!
[Heavy] Heavy's gotta hold it down when around Chaotix!
[Metal Sonic] Metal Sonic... you know I gotta stop Chaotix!

[Chaotix] You will find these five emcees are connected at the ring, and we bringin' dat...

[Chorus - Bomb/Heavy/Metal Sonic]

[Bomb] ...with the clique Chaotix!
[Heavy] ...when around Chaotix!
[Metal Sonic] ...Chaotix!

[Bomb] ...with the clique Chaotix!
[Heavy] ...when around Chaotix!
[Metal Sonic] ...stop Chaotix!

[Bomb] ...with the clique Chaotix!


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