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Slimy debuted on OCR last December with an excellent track from Vampire Variations III, followed that up with a very cool & conceptual take on Metroid, and now we're back to another VV3 arrangement, this time a dark, dramatic, & highly creative orchestral ReMix of a couple themes from Super Castlevania IV:

"Of all the songs I could have remixed for Vampire Variations III, the climax of "Room of Close Associates" caught my attention. When I heard it, I knew, this one was the one.

"This needs BIG! LOUD! TROMBONES!"

Oh, right, that's only 15 seconds out of the entire source. So, what do I do with the part of the song that equates to musical gibberish? Eh, I'll throw some woodwinds at it, they can handle it. Everyone else can play whatever. Chord progression? What? Whoops, I didn't mean to put the drum of impending doom in there. Actually, he can stay. He sounds like he knows what he's doing."

I like your process :) And I totally dig this mix, not the least because of some of the slick string clustering and articulation work, juxtaposed nicely against some BIG brass & drum hoo-hahs. It's dank, it's dark, and it changes things up quite a bit in its 7'23" runtime, painting a harrowing narrative of undead lore... album director Chernabogue writes:

"Slimy beats alone Slogra, Gaibon, and Death with his 7+ minute arrangement of a totally chaotic source - I was amazed by his ability to bring several arrangement ideas before mixing them together. The three sections of his remix could be considered as a big reference to the three boss fights before the one with Dracula. This is a real roller-coaster of emotions, creepiness, and epicness. The perfect buildup to the final battle!"

It really is very smart & powerful writing, and the production is there, too... combined, they take you on a journey that ranges from mysterious to suspenseful to rather intense; DaMonz writes:

"Well, this is a very strong demonstration of arrangement skills! The source content was explored significantly, in a very creative manner. The progression is excellent, everything works very well. I'm loving this attention to detail that is notable throughout the whole piece in the writing of all parts. With the source usage confirmed (thanks Mike!) this is indeed an easy pass. Nice work!"

What he said; I'm very glad VV3 brought Slimy's music onto OCR, because so far his batting average is pretty insane & he's representing large, creative orchestral work with style, power, & finesse!



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on 2016-05-01 18:33:29

What a mix. I like how much of it is atmosphere-focused; it moves between sections with fluidity and the more intense sections feel right. Great work, Slimy.

on 2016-04-29 11:59:43

Dracula's secretaries sound hot, but that's ok, there's no need to schedule me a meeting, really...

"I'm sorry, but Dracula's too busy to kill you right now. Please take a number and have a seat in the adjacent waiting room."

music plays

on 2016-04-28 22:04:04

I really enjoyed listening to this, even though it felt a bit long, it was powerful and with plenty of interpretation, I love tracks that focus on bringing out new things via arrangement. Nice Work.

on 2016-04-28 10:34:19

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Sources Arranged (2 Songs)

Primary Game:
Super Castlevania IV (Konami , 1991, SNES)
Music by Masanori Adachi,Taro Kudo
"Beginning (Stage 10 Dracula's Tower 2 BGM)"
"The Attendants' Rooms (Stage 11 BGM)"

Tags (13)

Brass,Chromatic Percussion,Orchestral,Organ,Piano,Strings,Woodwinds
Time > Time Signature: Variable
Usage > Halloween

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