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From the "ReMixing with the Stars" compo (Season 3, Episode 6) comes this floaty, percolating downbeat groove on the "Hang Glider" theme from Pilotwings 64 by YoshiBlade:

"OK, so by the grace of KingTiger and his amazing patience with me, I am able to present this Pilotwings 64 remix of "Hang Glider." If there was ever a round where I learned the ins and outs of mastering, it was probably this one. A big thanks to KingTiger for his help on this. KingTiger (truly he is the king of the tigers) helped me mix this for a round of RWS... not much else to say. I usually write more, but a string of outright nays have me down. Thank you for the listen, everyone... I was going to call this "16-Bits High," but I just now realized the original title was "Hang in There," so I'll go with that. ...Hmm, now it seems kind of poignant....."

Dat compo life can be rough :) Arrangement here is conservative, enough so that it gave the judges pause, but the overall demeanor/production is altered, and the consensus was that there's sufficient personalization in a lot of the details. DaMonz writes:

"Well, I'm loving this cute little gem. I agree that a lot more could have been done on the arrangement to explore the material further... But sometimes, less is more. I think this works very well for what it's seemingly trying to achieve: a mellow, simple groove over the theme. I love the sound design, and the soundscape is beautifully fleshed out."

We do like to see (and I know YoshiBlade is capable of) a bit more interpretation... there's so much you can do - additively, subtractively, melodically, harmonically, rhythmically - that the sky's really the limit, and part of "making a mix your own" is exploring those avenues to varying extents. I agree with Emery, though... what's here is good, serves the concept, and lands the mix on the right side of the interpretive spectrum, if only by inches. Texturally, it's quite fun: pure, sustained synth tones hang in mid-air as crunchy drums rumble underneath, conjuring an appropriate sensation of flight. Good stuff from YoshiBlade with a motivational title, backstory, & vibe!



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on 2016-06-14 02:16:55

Well I finally found an awesome place to hang the drawing KingTiger made for me...Truly, he is King of the Tigers.


on 2016-05-23 12:40:40

Hey guys, thought I would clarify the part I played in this mix :wink: YoshiBlade sent me the stems for his (already great) arrangement, which I then cleaned up and mixed. I didn't change any of his existing work apart from the aforementioned mixing (EQ, compression, etc), but I added some of my own synths and drums to fill things out a bit more, and then sent a wav back to him and walked him through the concepts of mastering so he could try mastering it himself. I think he did a pretty decent job :wink: even if he doesn't think so himself. I hope we get the chance to collab again soon!

Cole Train
on 2016-05-20 14:32:39

Man. This is so happy that it makes a dude wanna chase after their dreams and like... give out free hugs to people, I don't know, lol.
Great Mix though. It has a it of unmet potential, but it's freaking great as it is.

on 2016-05-19 16:58:25

I enjoyed this, specially since I played tons of pw64 back in the days, but this had a lot of missed potential. So I would say to YB to push the personalization a bit further next time. Nice work regardless.

on 2016-05-19 12:18:14

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Pilotwings 64 (Nintendo , 1996, N64)
Music by Dan Hess
"Hang Glider"

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