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OCR03356 - *YES* Pilotwings 64 'Hang in There'


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Was tempted to DP, but thought some feedback would be in order. Sounds pretty hot to me.







1) Remixer Name- Yoshiblade


2) D L


Forum ID) 52832


1) Game Being Arranged- Pilot wings 64

2) Name Of Arrangement- Hang in There

3) Name Of Arranged Song- Hang-glider 

4) Original Composer- Dan Hess


KingTiger (truly he is the king of the tigers) helped me mix this for a round of RWS...not much else to say. I usually write more, but a string of out right nays have me down. Thank You for the listen everyone...I was going to call this "16-Bits High", but I just now realized the original title was "Hang in There" so I'll go with that

...hmm now it seems kind of poignant.....





Original- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9Pga-y7F8k


RWS round- http://compo.thasauce.net/rounds/view/RWS0306


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Ah, I'm very familiar with this theme, I played PW64 a lot back in the days.  Anyways, this theme is sweet, as well as this song.  At first, the main lead seemed a bit plain to me but some effects were applied to it over time so it evolved into something more interesting.  The lo-fi quality of the drums fit this song well, although they do get a bit loopy.  Some variations or glitching would've fit the drum sequencing here very well.

The arrangement is VERY conservative though.   There's some variations in the lead melody at one point, which felt a slightly noodly, and the arpeggio near the end is a variation on the original's underlying  harmony, but other than that I'm not hearing a lot of interpretation.  The structure is also a little different.

Overall this is a clean sounding mix with a good selection of well utilized instruments but the arrangement side is the weak point.  I feel much more could've been done with the original melody but it's mostly repeated verbatim.  However there IS some interpretation and a different structure and feel, so I'm willing to give this a pass but I wouldn't be surprised if other judges think otherwise.

YES (Borderline)

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Me three! I'd say you're there in terms of the production and the interpretation has a good start and gets you above the bar, but I agree with the gents that you could take this further. Overall a fun mix to listen to!

As a small bit too pick I found the lead synth to be a little harsh when wearing headphones, but no big deal.

YES (borderline)

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Well, I'm loving this cute little gem. I agree that a lot more could have been done on the arrangement to explore the material further... But sometimes, less is more. I think this works very well for what it's seemingly trying to achieve: a mellow, simple groove over the theme. I love the sound design, and the soundscape is beautifully fleshed out.

I see where you guys are coming from, but no borderline from me. I think this is just great. :)


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