ReMix:R-Type "IR-Type" 3:21

By Instant Remedy

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: R-Type (Electric Dreams , 1988, C64), music by Chris Huelsbeck, Ramiro Vaca

Posted 2016-08-11, evaluated by djpretzel


Instant Remedy (Martin Noriander) was the second artist to have a ReMix featured on OCR, back in February of 2000! That was not only before the judges panel, it was before we even accepted *submissions* of any kind - I actually asked Chris Abbott of if I could mirror a few mixes already on THAT site, and he was cool with it. It was a different Internet, back then... (*) so after ALL these years, this is actually the FIRST legit submission directly from Martin himself! This marks the longest return-after-hiatus for any artist, a record that will stand a very long time, if not forever... so there's a lot of history with this mixpost, but let's hear about the track itself, a contemporary EDM take on R-Type (C64), from its creator:

"This is another attempt in the struggle to update my sound to 2016 and sound like contemporary commercial EDM-tracks (how kids like it it these days), but it's definitely not everyone's cup of tea. It's not for everyone, since the genre may put some people off. Anyways, I'm liking this remix and think it has something that I rarely find in retro remixing sites. Metal and orchestral covers are often very common, especially on NES/Nintendo remixes.

I guess I spent around 80-100 hours on this remix, most of the time evaluating techniques, FX/sounds and instruments. If I would make a regular IR remix, it would, of course, include the great arp-chords, maybe parts of the lead and not use as much pumping, etc. Although blaspheming by excluding the original arp-chords, I feel the track came out pretty neat and met my expectations and goals I set up - sounding right at home in the clubs. It's full of energy and some French speech spices things up even further."

It does indeed! There are plenty of familiar, competently-executed genre staples here, a nicely unsubtle sidechain, and a pumping, bouncy energy that carries things forward. Nothing that colors outside the lines too much, but a definite departure from Martin's signature sound, updated (as he says) for the modern era. I think all of his old stuff holds up VERY well, but it's cool to see him back in action & consciously working a newer aesthetic. Larry writes:

"Yooooooo! There's a name I didn't think I'd see in our inbox! Hey Martin, I'm really hyped to see a new OC ReMix submission from you, this is excellent. :-) I've been a fan of yours since first finding OC ReMix as a fan in 2002 and going through all of the music, which then put Remix.Kwed.Org on my radar, so thank you for thinking of us! Through R:K:O, I've learned about lots of other talented European arrangers like Makke, moog, sumppi, Romeo Knight, The SoundWavers, Visa Röster, and also tons of classic C64 game themes, like those of the Great Giana Sisters, Last Ninja, Monty on the Run, Comic Bakery, and this classic track from R-Type by Chris Huelsbeck!

As soon as the main beat comes in at :44, you get that feeling of more movement after the buildup. The original dropoff and rebuild from 1:15-2:00 was a smoothly written way to break up the uses of the source theme. At 2:06, I was worried that the re-use of the intro with the French voice clip would mean a rinse and repeat of what came before without some sort of variation, but 2:15 quickly had some more substantial arrangement of the theme before repeating the main verse at 2:30 with an extra level of synth writing in the background to beef it up further. Nice ending at 3:00 with the backing elements given a filter and gradually dropping out. Some folks may not care for the pumping, but it's purposeful, I dig the club authenticity and it's nothing interfering me from enjoying the energy of the track. Incredible to hear from Martin again, which is a huge blast from the past! :-D"

Ditto all that; it's mindblowing to be posting a mix from an artist we haven't featured in 16 years, but I guess that's what happens when you start getting old ;) Martin's still got it, still representing the C64 scene with quality, enjoyable EDM, and we're still very honored to be sharing his music with you!!



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on 2016-10-22 21:13:33

Such a killer beat! Still get that eurodance vibe from IR's older stuff. I'd put this right up there with Last Ninja and International Karate though obviously this has more modern intricacies.

on 2016-08-18 10:43:46

Glad to hear an old remixer come back, though not my personal cup of cake

on 2016-08-17 04:50:15

Now it's been forever since ive logged in here. This remix though....holy shit. This song is perfect, the way everything goes together is kind of ridiculous.

hopefully it doesnt take as long to hear from you again....just awesome. there is really no more i can say about it :)

on 2016-08-12 20:34:13

Description says this was the result of dozens of hours of work, and I believe it. There's not a sound out of place, everything is deliberate, everything is perfectly in its spot. Killer execution of the genre and an amazing remix, to boot. I love it!

on 2016-08-12 12:47:59

As an old guy who is here since pretty much the beginning, I don't know if I count as knowing what's hip these days, but I do listen to mostly electronic music and this remix was an instant download! I LOVE it! The energy is just so powerful and makes me happy :)

on 2016-08-11 23:30:43

Damn, it's good to hear a new remix from this guy. As sometimes I feel like I'm starting to slip with's examples like this that really bring the fact home that, it's never too late to start up that DAW. The remix itself definitely has influence from modern big room/house artists and ends up sounding pretty cohesive yet fun. Awesome comeback. :)

on 2016-08-11 10:16:47

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Primary Game:
R-Type (Electric Dreams , 1988, C64)
Music by Chris Huelsbeck,Ramiro Vaca

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