ReMix: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island "A Long Way Home" 4:52

By nokbient

Arranging the music of 2 songs...

"Story Music Box", "Yoshi Start Demo"

Primary Game: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (Nintendo, 1995, SNES), music by Koji Kondo

Posted 2016-10-03, evaluated by djpretzel

Newcomer nokbient (Noel Keith) debuts with a stellar, satisfying EDM / chip take on Yoshi's Island:

"Probably my best remix so far. I FRICKIN LOOOOVE Yoshi's Island!

This is the track that made me want to start remixing. This is a remix of the song that plays when the Yoshis find Mario at the beginning of the game. I have wanted to create my own version of this track for a really really long time since I was very young. Well, now I HAVE and it sounds rad!"

Achievement unlocked!! It's a great OST that I think could use some more attention, even if it's not exactly obscure or unmixed. This is an indentifiable, creative, expansive take on sources that I wouldn't have thought would work so well, but DAMN. Great production with a deep kick anchoring everything certainly helps, but the actual structure & treatment of the sources, along with the chromatic elements... fresh, surprising, accessible, and a great way to start the week. Emunator concurs:

"YES! I've been waiting for this track to arrive on the panel ever since I heard the first incarnation on the Workshop forums. nokbient wasn't on my radar prior to this, but from the moment I heard the first demo of this track I knew he was onto something special. In a way, this reminds me a lot of halc's old mixes - not just because of the prominent use of chippy tones mixed with more organic samples, but because of the overall playful vibe and wild harmony lines as well! It's all very bubbly and relaxing, but energetic when it needs to be, and endlessly detailed and nuanced.

Noel didn't slack one bit in stretching out the original source to a full-length remix. It might not feature the wildest production or sound design, but in terms of creating a fully-realized, expansive arrangement that still keeps the spirit of the source at heart, this is one of the best examples I've heard in recent memory!"

Yeah I don't really have any nitpicks, even - love the varied instrumentation, love how thingss develop, it held my interest for just under five minutes... everything clicks, and I'm gonna be jamming to it for years to come. Great way to debut on OCR, great way to start the week - kudos to Noel, definitely looking forward to future submissions... highly recommended!



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on 2018-01-19 10:05:43

Man, everything about this remix is absolutely perfect. From the light build-up where Noel blended glassy, shiny ivories with mellow, soothing synts to the purely genius usage of in-game sfx (1:48 gives me goosebumps every time, dang!) evry little thing, every detail shines here. I can't help but smile whenever this song plays in my music player. The sources are already gems, but this approach takes them to the whole new level. Mad props for this track!

on 2016-12-16 17:27:10

I agree with lemnline, it is CRIMINAL that there are not more remixes from Yoshi's Island... what a FANTASTIC game... I am DYING to hear a remix of the "End Course/GOAL" theme. GREAT JOB, nOkbient!!!

on 2016-11-30 19:33:07

This is a smashing song, and quite unexpected.

I -barely- remember this song... But I'm glad you liked the song so much and did this remix, because it's really really great. It's a different take song on the song, but yet I feel it still evoking the same memories I had when I played this gem of a game.

Great job, and nice style. :]

on 2016-11-11 23:59:41

Wow, love the samples used here. The buildup in the first 40 seconds or so was amazing. The soothing rhytm with the soft synths is a great combination. Awesome remix!

What is this genre of music called?

on 2016-11-06 16:16:50

There just aren't enough remixes of the awesome music from this awesome game. This is one of the best I've ever heard for Yoshi's Island :-P

on 2016-10-25 06:46:56

Amazing... I'm going to wear out a whole set of headphones with this track. Thanks nokbient, you hero ;]

on 2016-10-05 23:47:46

Definitely wasn't expecting this take, but holy moly it sure is good. There's really not much to say here other than it's freaking beautiful.

Thanks so much for this gorgeous piece of music!

Eric McD
on 2016-10-05 20:57:31

I have been listening and downloading songs from this site for over 7 years now. This song is what prompted me to register for an account. It gave me actual goosebumps in the first 20 seconds. A glorious addition and probably now on my top 5 out of 1000+ remixes I have heard. Great job!

on 2016-10-04 14:33:47

Some of the OC ReMixes have become "classics" for me, like "Castle of Tears" (DigiE), or "Essence of Lime" (Hylian Lemon). I think this now joins them. :)

on 2016-10-04 14:27:57

Hey, that's me!

Super glad to finally be posted :D

Do check out my soundcloud if you havent!

on 2016-10-04 14:01:33

Definitely getting the feels from this one. Which is what this source deserves. Clean well-balanced production and some great sound design here. An unexpected arrangement for sure, which makes it that much better - it's mellow and reflective, and has a good dynamic curve. Great work!!

Cole Train
on 2016-10-04 13:33:55

The effort and time put into this ReMix most definitely shows.

Honestly this is looking like it might become one of my favorite ReMixes on here.

on 2016-10-04 09:37:35

Thank you for this remix. You put a lot of effort into this, and like was said in the write up the instruments chosen were really nice and it held my interest for the full 5 minutes.

on 2016-10-03 17:39:37

Well this is a surprise, I've followed nokbient on soundcloud for awhile and wasn't expecting anything to get submitted here. Do check out his soundcloud, it's an absolute goldmine.

on 2016-09-30 09:46:21

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Sources Arranged (2 Songs)

Primary Game:
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (Nintendo, 1995, SNES)
Music by Koji Kondo
"Story Music Box"
"Yoshi Start Demo"

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Chill, Happy
Bells, Chiptune, Electronic, In-game FX, Synth

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