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Sir_NutS (Paul Michael Molina) rocked us LAST year for Halloween with our first-ever System Shock ReMix, and now he repeats the feat with our first ReMix of spooky NES adventure game Uninvited, with OverClocked Podcast co-host Stephen Kelly offering up a retro 50's radio-drama intro & WillRock (William Harby) lending some guitar chops to a driving synthwave foundation; NutS writes:

"I wanted to do something for Halloween again, and for some reason this game has been in my mind the past month. I only played the game once or twice, but I know it's part of other, better-known games from the MacVenture series (like Shadowgate). It's a horror/mystery game, so it fits the bill.

I started with the idea for something spooky, but after half an hour or so I had a very catchy synthwave groove in my hands. So I had a dilemma: something spooky, or synthwave? But... por que no los dos? So I set out to do a spooky, synthwave Halloween mix. I had the song almost done when I booted up the game to play it and get some more ideas, and I thought the first few intro screens sounded like they were written for those old narrations found in horror movies from the 50-60s. At that point, I decided that'd be a great intro for the track, so I got in contact with Stephen Kelly who does some great work for the OverClocked PodCast and asked for his help, and he loved the idea and was in right away. The intro background music is sampled from The Beast of Yucca Flats, an infamous old horror movie that should be very familiar to MST3K fans.

After that, I thought the track needed something very exciting, so I thought I could add a guitar solo. At that point I contacted WillRock, who went HAM on this and delivered a really epic solo that fit the song like a glove. I hope everyone has a spooky Halloween, and enjoys our combined effort!"

While effectively channeling some spookiness, it's also a LOT of fun; Stephen adds:

"Sir_NutS may have the breakneck rhythm down and WillRock may have the mad solo skills, but I have "making funny voices into a microphone" on lock. It’s just a spooky coincidence that campy narration from the '50s is my favorite!"

WillRock confirms:

"I did a guitar solo."

Indeed you did, sir! It's entirely worth mentioning that WillRock's NEW original synthwave/chiptune/rock album, Journey to the Centre of the World, is out TODAY on OverClocked Records!

Please consider picking that up along with Sir_NutS' own Journey to Silius arrangement album Silius : 0373 - both are excellent.

As for the mix, it's pretty epic... Stephen's intro sets a specific, narrative tone and builds the tension as synths gradually take over, with the full pick-up at 1'05" leading into a high-energy synthwave structure. It's a little bubbly & upbeat to be TOO spooky, but you could see it working for a chase scene, some atmospheric wolf howls help recall the concept, and then WillRock enters around 2'32" and melts face... and melted face is kinda spooky, so there ;) It's less about being explicitly sinister or dark and more about having fun & embracing the spirit of the occasion, which I think the radio drama intro conveys. Great conceptual & collaborative work from Mike, Stephen, & Will; whether you're familiar with the game or not, you should definitely check it out!



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on 2019-12-29 14:38:03

I don't know why I've been ignoring this one for so long, but man, it's really good. The spoken intro is just so silly, and I love it, haha. Good job here, Stephen! As for the instrumental part - wow, this groove is dangerously catchy! Classic fast-paced bouncy synthwave groove here. The call-and-response section at 1:43 is definitely one of the numerous higlights for me - those chippy bits are so sweet! Then there's a bitchin' solo at 2:31 - another example of why this remix is so amazing. Nice work, Will! And the following half-time part filled with a ton of cheesy sfx and more of that cool voice acting :D All in all, there's a lot to love - kudos to all of you, gentlmen!

on 2016-12-03 10:52:36

The Uninvited is the only one of the NES MacVenture ports I never played. Now I want to.

As for the music, it's awesome. Seems to have an 80s feel.
I can't help but close my eyes, listening to this, and visualize it as the opening theme song to a cheezy (but awesome) TV series about two rogue cops, one is human, one is a werewolf, who fight crime against bad guys who turn into monsters themselves.

on 2016-11-06 16:18:21

Never heard of the game but I downloaded it b/c of seeing Willrock's name attached. Glad I did, it's pretty awesome

on 2016-10-30 14:23:03

I dig the style and the overall mood of this track. Cheesy haunted 50s vocals, check. Synthwave to the max, check. Epic guitar solo, check. In a word: awesome stuff, and a great collab. Didn't know the original game or source, but I guess learning new VGM is part of being part of the OCR community ;)

on 2016-10-30 12:08:12

Thumbs up for this one. Not many people cover these kind of obscure titles. You brought a lot to it. Reminds me a bit of Turrican by the way. Oh, and mustn't forget mentioning the guitar solo is great. The 50's style campy narrator was a nice touch too. Great job to all involved!

on 2016-10-27 02:55:06

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Uninvited (Kemco , 1991, NES)
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Look out!! The last thing you remember before blacking out was a shadowy figure approaching in the road in front of you. You heard your sister cry out as you swerved the car into a tree. You now realize you are... alone. Your sister must have gone for help. You pry yourself free of the steering wheel and step out, intent on finding your sister!!

You find yourself standing in front of an old mansion. It gives you the creeps. This mansion is cold and foreboding. You sense great evil within. Nearby, you find a pendant. As you pick it up, it begins to sparkle, then...
The door of the mansion opens and dares you to enter!!!

This mansion is cold and foreboding. You sense great evil within. Nearby, you find a pendant. As you pick it up, it begins to sparkle, then...


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