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OCR03443 - Uninvited "The Old Mansion by the Road"


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  • 4 weeks later...

The Uninvited is the only one of the NES MacVenture ports I never played. Now I want to.

As for the music, it's awesome. Seems to have an 80s feel.
I can't help but close my eyes, listening to this, and visualize it as the opening theme song to a cheezy (but awesome) TV series about two rogue cops, one is human, one is a werewolf, who fight crime against bad guys who turn into monsters themselves.

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  • 3 years later...

I don't know why I've been ignoring this one for so long, but man, it's really good. The spoken intro is just so silly, and I love it, haha. Good job here, Stephen! As for the instrumental part - wow, this groove is dangerously catchy!  Classic fast-paced bouncy synthwave groove here. The call-and-response section at 1:43 is definitely one of the numerous higlights for me - those chippy bits are so sweet! Then there's a bitchin' solo at 2:31 - another example of why this remix is so amazing. Nice work, Will! And the following half-time part filled with a ton of cheesy sfx and more of that cool voice acting :D All in all, there's a lot to love - kudos to all of you, gentlmen!

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