ReMix:Remember Me "Errorize" 3:33

By timaeus222

Arranging the music of 3 songs from 2 games ( view all )...

"Fragments", "Nilin the Memory Hunter", "UNATCO"

Primary Game: Remember Me (Capcom , 2013, XB360), music by Olivier Derivière

Posted 2016-12-31, evaluated by Chimpazilla


2016 certainly had its ups & downs, with several hard hits landing late in the year. For me, personally, it will always be the year that my second daughter, Sarah, was born, so I have positive connotations, but we lost so many amazing artists & scientists & wonderful people, and at times modern civilization itself seemed like it was regressing. For OCR, we posted fewer mixes and albums than in previous years and didn't make the sweeping reforms we had hoped, but we *have* made a TON of progress behind the scenes, and we'll be making some very exciting announcements EARLY next year, so stay tuned!

We end the year with our first ReMix of Remember Me, which is what we promise to do for all of those we have lost, that also blends in some like-minded Deus Ex source material. This cyber-on-cyber compositional EDM d'n'b mashup comes courtesy timaeus222 (Truong-Son Nguyen), who extends his style to include some additional influences:

"Man, this game... Okay, first of all, I've never heard of this game, but the music makes me actually want to play this sometime. Stephen Kelly pointed this soundtrack out to me when he and Brian interviewed me on Train Station at 8 (@TrainStationAt8); if you recall, they started OverClocked PodCast. :-) When I checked that soundtrack out, it was TOTALLY my style. If you haven't checked out "Chase Through Montmartre" from that soundtrack, put it on your to-listen list! I knew I had to remix SOMETHING though, and here we have a Remember Me X Deus Ex mashup!

When I wrote this, I wanted to kind of emulate the style I heard in "Fragments" (also from the same soundtrack, but not one of the actual sources; figured I'd mention that in case someone hears it!), which was somewhat drum & bass with some glitched vox, and incorporate my own glitching and unique wobbles (other than the main bass, they were made using FM oscillators and sometimes a comb filter). Also, I had recently heard Redg's "Helljam" and was inspired by his bitcrushing and FM crackling, so I did something like that to line the intro and outtro with some unease; y'see, sometimes my poor speaker wiring leaves me with one speaker crackled out, thus prompting me to blast some loud music to jolt the system back into action. That's what the crackling sounds like, to me. ^_^

As for the title, it's basically a reference to how the protagonist group in the game is known as the Errorists. However, before I finalized the track, I had some pretty funny preliminary titles that I can't NOT show you: "A.R.S.E. (Annihilate Remnants of Sensation Engine)," and "Operation B.U.M. (Blow Up Memorize)," among others. But the titles were pretty long, so I went with something shorter (and less weird!)."

Source Breakdown:

  • 0:00.0-0:36.9 = "Nilin the Memory Hunter" (:00.0-:30.2)
  • 0:49.1-0:51.5, 0:54.6-0:57.0 = "Nilin the Memory Hunter" (:00.0-:30.2)
  • 0:57.3-1:00.0, 1:00.0-1:02.4 = "Nilin the Memory Hunter" (:00.0-:30.2)
  • 1:05.5-1:07.9, 1:08.2-1:10.3 = "Nilin the Memory Hunter" (:00.0-:30.2)
  • 1:13.7-1:29.6 = "UNATCO" (:00.0-:23.7)
  • 1:29.6-1:33.5 = "Nilin the Memory Hunter" (1:19.2-1:22.0)
  • 1:32.8-1:43.7 = "UNATCO" (:00.0-:23.7)
  • 1:43.7-1:54.6 = "Nilin the Memory Hunter" (:30.2-:40.2) re-arranged, on top of "UNATCO" (:00.0-:23.7)
  • 2:01.1-2:04.8 = "Nilin the Memory Hunter" (:30.2-:40.2) [dark mood]
  • 2:05.5-2:16.4, 2:16.4-2:27.3 = "UNATCO" (:23.7-:46.7)
  • 2:27.3-2:38.2 = "Nilin the Memory Hunter" (:30.2-:40.2) re-arranged, on top of "UNATCO" (:00.0-:23.7)
  • 2:49.1-2:51.5, 2:54.6-2:57.0 = "Nilin the Memory Hunter" (:00.0-:30.2)
  • 2:57.3-3:00.0, 3:00.0-3:02.3 = "Nilin the Memory Hunter" (:00.0-:30.2)
  • 3:05.5-3:07.7, 3:08.2-3:10.1 = "Nilin the Memory Hunter" (:00.0-:30.2)
  • 3:21.9-3:32.4 = "Nilin the Memory Hunter" (:00.0-:30.2) [dark mood]

Very cool combination of sources; glad that the Kelly bros. introduced timaeus to this OST, resulting in this mix! Blending in Deus Ex makes absolute thematic & aesthetic sense, the pacing is frenetic & intense, and the lofi & more ambient elements add some grit & dystopian atmosphere to all that momentum. Chimpazilla writes:

"I can definitely hear Clem's influence here, and I think it works well and adds extra edge to Timaeus's sound. This mix is fast-paced, spooky, well arranged and produced. Super cool!"

Ditto all that; very glad to be closing the year out with an arrangement of a previously-unmixed game, t222's had a fantastic year on OCR and this kinda reflects that, as well, and we wish all of you a happy new year - here's to an amazing 2017!



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on 2017-01-03 16:58:56
11 hours ago, bluelighter said:

Where is “fragments” theme? I don’t see this on the breakdown.

Yeah, I think I mentioned that I was only inspired by it, and I seem to recall that Larry said simply having the word "Memory" spoken a few times didn't really count towards its source usage. @djpretzel what do you think?

on 2017-01-03 05:46:44

I'm a big fan of the OST and it's great to hear a remix of it on OCR :)

The production level of the OST was yet awesome, with its good balance between orchestra and electro sounds. Timaeus got with this an interesting arrangement, with powerful electro sounds! Difficult to recognize at a first listening, but now I well hear “Nilin the Memory Hunter”.

Where is “fragments” theme? I don’t see this on the breakdown.

I hope hear more from “Remember Me” on OCR :)

on 2016-12-31 22:44:51

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Sources Arranged (3 Songs, 2 Games)

Primary Game:
Remember Me (Capcom , 2013, XB360)
Music by Olivier Derivière
"Nilin the Memory Hunter"
Additional Game:
Deus Ex (Eidos , 2000, WIN)
Music by Alexander Brandon,Bryan Rudge,Dan Gardopée,Michiel van den Bos,Reeves Gabrels

Tags (9)

Drum and bass
Effects > Lo-Fi
Time > Tempo: Fast

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