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  1. I like this! The mix is definitely clipping, although I don't hear artifacts per se, it needs to be brought under 0db because YouTube compression will probably bring out artifacts. There is no reason it needs to be mixed this loud. The synths do sound simplistic but effective for this genre. The highs on some of the white noise sweeps goes into painful territory briefly, and there are a lot of them. The progression of the track goes on for quite awhile without anything incredibly interesting being introduced, which is ok but not optimal. The transition into breakbeat wasn't as jarring as
  2. Is it just me or does the lead guitar sound like it's a few cents high in pitch generally? I also hear many sour guitar notes beginning at 1:03 and continuing until 1:34. The mixing of this track is serviceable but the lead sounds quite small and thin. The choir/pad instrument that plays throughout the track is verbatim from the source, it is repetitive as it only plays two notes and often it clashes with the rhythm guitar writing in the remix. It would be good to use a different filler instrument perhaps during the breakdown, that is a good opportunity to introduce more interest as well
  3. I love the surf rock sound of this! The performances are very good. I'm stumped on this though.... I know this source well and I cannot pick it out, except at 1:18-1:34 (0:59 in source video). After ten listens I still can't make out any other source. Other Js, what say you? edit: Thanks Wes for that source breakdown! I still can't hear it. I'm leaning towards NO because I feel like it just shouldn't be this hard to hear the source. If there was more of a flavor of the source in the mix, to connect to, then 46% could possibly be considered, but in this case (with a mix with such a
  4. Wow, this is short, but it packs a lot into that short time. This is going to be a very split vote. I could see it passing, but I'm going to say that I'd like two production fixes before passing it. One, the leads are significantly quieter than the backing guitars (which sound amazing). The leads need to come up a bit in volume. Also, that snare sounds really mid-heavy and uncomfortably thwacky, it needs a touch more highs and less mids. I'd pass it with those two fixes, although ideally I'd love to hear another reprise at the end to really finish up the arrangement. NO (resubmit)
  5. I really like this laid-back concept, and the instrumentation ideas are great. But I hear what Larry is nagging about. Your instruments are not mixed or balanced well nor are they placed well in the soundscape. I hear your lead instruments way in the back instead of the front, and what does find it's way to the front are your acoustic guitar and accordion, which should clearly be in the back. Even though those elements are wide-panned, they are too loud and dry and they are totally drowning out the leads that you have more centered. (This wide placement is fine, it's the levels and mixing
  6. I have loved this track as I have heard it develop over the past few weeks. It is very sweet and relaxing and well executed, full of lovely detail. I agree with prophetik about the sour notes and I have mentioned them before, they are noticeable but not distracting; certainly not worthy of holding this lovely arrangement back. Wes your arrangements always speak to my soul. YES
  7. Just FYI everyone, the rendering errors were all on my end and had to do with issues with my Lynx card. With the help of my computer-expert friend, I was able to solve that issue today, which is a huge weight off my shoulders as well as finally getting this track sounding the way it should! It's a beautiful track and I enjoyed working on it!
  8. I have to agree with Rexy in full, she nailed it. I love this idea, "pseudo-surf" is a great term to describe it. The mix is way too hot, this much clipping is unacceptable; the track needs an entire re-balance and mastering with levels not exceeding 0db (but preferably more like -0.3 at least). The arrangement is short and repetitive, in writing and instrumentation, three playthroughs of the same material, and the ending is an abrupt drop off. I agree with Emu about the drum breakdown, great idea but it sounds too basic to carry of that section solo. Cool ideas but this needs more work.
  9. The piano is lovely. I love the drum work too, but I'm finding it repetitive and relentless, I wish for a breakdown somewhere, longer than five seconds (2:27-2:32). I agree with Emu that the length of the track isn't supported with quite enough variation, but honestly I think that would be remedied by dropping the busy drums down to minimal or nothing for nice long-enough breakdown segment to let it breathe and then rebuild the energy. The mastering has to be brought down for sure, there is audible distortion when the snare/kick/hat hit at the same time. Please fix and send it back, it's r
  10. The intro with the strange piano is odd. The tambourine/hat loop feels very stiff, repetitive, plodding and out of place, and the pace is too fast while the piano and accordion play whole notes. That loop never stops, it is relentless. The flute is quite nice, best part of the mix so far. I like this arrangement, but that tambourine/hat loop must cease at some point during the track. I think that bothers me even more than the production problems because the arrangement never gets a chance to breathe, it needs a breakdown without that loop. Perhaps some variation with another loop, one wit
  11. I totally dig this. The guitar is ace, and the bass is making me smile big time. (is that you Deia?) Loving the entire soundscape and writing. I hear the weird chords, and the weird triangle thing, but they don't bother me much at all. My only real nitpick is the drums feel repetitive after awhile, and that abrupt cutoff ending really reveals the loopiness of it.... oof, please fix. This is super fun though, yes indeed. YES (conditional, please to fix oof ending)
  12. This is a REALLY fun arrangement. Sadly I have to agree with my fellow Js that the samples just aren't strong enough to carry it off. All the brass, the piano, and the banjo just sound thin, stiff, and unhumanized. As Emunator said, I can totally appreciate how hard it is to get a humanized performance from VSTs, most especially brass which has such attitude and sass to it when played live. You did a pretty amazing job with what you're working with, but ultimately these samples sound too stiff and thin because they are 100% exposed. I'd love to hear this again with better samples, but dan
  13. It has been awhile since I played Xenoblade Chronicles but I remember the beauty of the entire OST. This track really breathes, feels as luscious as the original but in a new way. The production is excellent, the instrumentation is fantastic, lots of detail in the arrangement. This remix is utterly beautiful, with so much personality and feels. Love it! YES
  14. What a fresh-sounding style, totally unique. The arrangement is relaxing while being full of detail. The production is on point. There is plenty of variation even while keeping the orchestration mostly the same. I love the effects sprinkled throughout the mix, and the vocals. Easy YES from me too. YES
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