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  1. There is so much to love about this remix, it's so creative! It needs a few fixes though. Dubstep drums have got to be on point. I think the drum writing is fine, but the sounds need to improve. The kick is not a proper dubstep kick, the snare isn't heavy/loud enough, and the hats are kind of lost mixed in the center. Regarding wubs and leads playing at the same time, it works fine as long as everything has its place in the soundscape. Starting at 0:47 (and again at 3:19), there is too much going on in the same frequency range (and a lot of it is in the center) and it's too hectic, it is better at 0:58 because there's less going on (and the backing sounds wider) but the panning of the wub so far left feels unbalanced. I think this will work well if you widen the wubs/backing quite a bit leaving the lead to occupy the center (as you have it now). The lead timbres do feel quite vanilla, but the writing makes up for it I think. 1:48 really exposes the drum issues I mentioned. The solo writing starting at 2:10 feels very random and doesn't follow a contour well. If this were my track, I'd consider cutting out 1:37-2:32 entirely, that part seems unnecessary and doesn't flow well. TL;DR - Change the kick to a solid dubstep sample, make the snare louder/more impactful, give the hats a little stereo image, widen your wubs/backing with no hard-left panning, and either re-write the solo lead so it makes more melodic sense or chop 1:37-2:32 out of the mix entirely, and this will be a yes from me. This is very cool and I'd love to see it on the front page. NO (please resubmit)
  2. I agree with the other Js that the vocals sound like they aren't nested into the track well, they sound pasted on, perhaps they are just too loud, fx and all. Other than that, the track is very well crafted. Drum groove gets repetitive after awhile. This track is almost good to go for me, but I have to agree with Sir_NutS here, the too-quick fadeout is a dealbreaker. It would be so easy to end this on the downbeat with a nice crash or something, but the quick fadeout sounds too awkward. I hope we can get that fixed! YES (conditional on fixing ending)
  3. Really unique and creative arrangement. I agree that the mixing could be refined, some leads are a tad loud, and Larry's right about the drums not fitting the soundscape, the main snare is much too snappy and the hats are too loud, and there's an electro-shaker that doesn't fit well at all or is just mixed too loud/dry. Regardless, I'm loving the creativity here. YES
  4. I was ok with the resub last time, and I'm still ok with it now, I still like it! Let's post it already! YES
  5. LOUD. This track hits -5.6db RMS, and is generally a sausage waveform all the way through; it's a bit sonically exhausting just due to the strong compression. That said, the track is very well mixed especially for how loud it is, I hear no distortion. I love the track. It's long, but it never loses my interest. Well done! YES
  6. Oh man this is fun, so varied, so cool, so much detailing. Nice work with the horns, very well sequenced. The tempo speed up is wicked cool. The kick does get a little tedious, I think because it may not be the best kick for this sonic palette. Regardless, I love it! YES
  7. This is incredibly creative considering the limits of the sonic palette you've chosen. As Deia said this one won't be a fan favorite, but it is one of the most unique mixes I have ever heard. And I adore bells. The mix is well crafted and mixed. Very nice! YES
  8. This is great! Starts out really conservative, but moves into some very cool mood changes. The humanization is good enough I think. I really like this, it's epic! YES
  9. I'm really torn here, the mix itself is beautiful and well put together, but I can't quite get into it because of the repetitive nature of the arrangement. I get that the source is repetitive, but that doesn't mean the remix has to be. The mix builds and things are added, but the way the writing is, it feels like a four and a half minute build to nowhere, followed by an extended outro. I feel like if the arrangement were broken up just a bit in the middle that would help, even if something like the outro were to appear halfway through and then something similar at the end like you have already. As it stands, the arrangement just doesn't keep me engaged even with all the additions made. I may be in the minority with this opinion. Good luck with the rest of the vote! NO (resubmit)
  10. What an interesting take on this source! Very groovy and chill. I don't care for the long pauses, especially when they fade to more than a second of complete silence, but like Larry I am not bothered by them. My main gripes are: 1. the Christmas bells are too loud and up front when paired with the snare, and 2. fade out ending. Still, unique, creative stuff here. YES
  11. Very nice arrangement of these two sources. I agree with the crits on the instrument attacks, but overall the instruments are sequenced very well and the chants fit in quite well. Nice work! YES
  12. Chimpazilla

    *NO* Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 'Wood Requiem'

    I agree with the mixing critiques, the intro panning is distracting, the overall volume is low and the middle section gets a bit overcrowded. My bigger concern is that the source is a super simple series of notes, and the way those six notes are used here is so completely different from the source tune as to be unrecognizable. This is one of those rare instances where even though the source is used verbatim, I cannot hear (or feel) any connection to the source tune at all. I only recognize Minuet of Forest at 2:02, right before the track ends. Cool track, but I don't feel it fits OCR standards. NO
  13. This mix could be HUGE if things were stereo-spread better. The entire drum track is hammering away in mono. If this were my track I'd make copies of the clap track and the hats too, and make them very wide (haas, even) and mix the copies in with the original, and what a difference that trick makes. Many of the synths could also have more movement, either filter movement or creative panning. Even with the synths being vanilla, some creative movement would bring this track to life. In a track like this, having a soundscape that is alive is everything. I like the track, and none of what I've said here is enough to reject it, but I see a lot of lost mixing potential here. Perhaps suggestions for next time. YES
  14. Chimpazilla

    *NO* Lufia 2 'The Heat of the Battle'

    This is a great cover, wonderful performances. I agree with the production crits though, the track is bottom heavy, and hopefully this is a fairly easy mixing fix. The sour notes at 1:38 really need to be fixed also, I hope that is an easy fix too. Otherwise this is good to go. Hope to hear this back quickly. NO (resubmit)