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We end our tasting menu of tracks from Mirror Image: A Link to the Past ReMixed with a gorgeous, only-slightly-melancholy (in spite of title) intimate classical piece from Doc Nano (Alex Johnson-Buck), with some beautiful, expressive performances contributed by collaborators:

"I thought it was an interesting choice to attribute sentience to the Triforce of A Link to the Past; it was not just an artifact, but a character in its own right. What would such an entity feel after being used by Ganon to impose his destructive wishes on the Golden Land? Surely a great deal of sorrow, despite Ganon's eventual defeat by Link. Perhaps it's fitting, then, that the main source tune ("Triforce Chamber") is surprisingly melancholic for a post-victory track. I explored this idea of a sorrowful Triforce in an orchestral arrangement whose style is inspired by the gorgeously melodramatic soundtrack for The Legend of Sirius (Koichi Sugiyama). By juxtaposing the melody of "Triforce Chamber" with the harmonic progression from "The Goddess Appears," I sought to add both variety and a bit of schmaltz. The track would not have been complete without the expert contributions of soloists Jeff Ball (violin, viola), Kristin Naigus (oboe), and Denis Bluteau (flute)."

Very interesting concept & inspiration, and absolutely breathtaking execution; I looped it five times on first listen. Denis writes:

"Beautiful melodies, great arrangement. Lots of talent!"

Concise & accurate. Album co-director WillRock writes:

"This was one of the first WIPs received for the album, and, I'll admit, the first time I heard this, I was hit with such a wave of nostalgia and emotion for a source tune that honestly, I'm not only not that invested in, but barely knew, due to it being at the end of the game. However, this take is SO STRONG that it brings up that vivid imagery of all those adventures you'd go on while playing these games. For me, remixing isn't just paying tribute to a game's soundtrack. It's a means of connecting you to that youthful innocence you had playing these games as a kid, and helping you relive the joy of playing these games for the first time. This remix manages to do that for me with a source tune that I'm not particularly nostalgic for by itself, which I find pretty incredible. That's about as high praise as I can give anything, really."

Fellow director DaMonz adds:

"Here I was expecting an awesome solo piano piece from Doc Nano, maybe with some orchestral embellishments. And then what do we get? An ambitious, amazing orchestral arrangement that goes far beyond anything that I could have imagined. As it turns out, the Doc knows what's up.

AND THEN, having samples wasn't enough for Alex. Jeff Ball recorded violin and viola, which stepped up the quality of the piece dramatically, even though it was already excellent. Then came in the beautiful oboe track from Kristin, which brought it even further. And as if that wasn't enough still, Alex sent me over the flute parts, after which I invited Denis at Sébastien "Trainbeat" Dufour's personal recording studio to record the finishing touches (huge thanks to both of them from me for that, by the way). The gorgeous result of this unexpected collaboration is definitely worth all the effort that went into making it a reality, and I'm extremely grateful to everyone involved."

It's truly beautiful stuff, and while I see Jeff Ball's name and KNOW it's gonna have superb, expressive solo strings, Kristin & Denis make their respective oboe & flute parts live and breath in a way that feels, well... magical. Not too much more to said that hasn't been, here - a transporting arrangement that seems to stop time & create its own space. Highly recommended.

MAJOR congratulations & kudos to Doc, Jeff, Kristin, Denis, WillRock, DaMonz, Annie, and the entire Mirror Image team for putting together a unified, polished, emotional, stirring, & stunning tribute to A Link to the Past!!



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on 2017-08-11 21:24:58

From what I've heard so far, this whole album is AMAZING.



on 2017-08-11 02:40:10

Gorgeous work, an obviously loving tribute. It goes by like a moment.. I too am listening to it many times in a row.

on 2017-08-07 00:03:30

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