ReMix: Mass Effect "One Small Step" 4:24

By Moiré Effect

Arranging the music of one song...

"Uncharted Worlds"

Primary Game: Mass Effect (Microsoft, 2007, XB360), music by David Kates, Jack Wall, Richard Jacques, Sam Hulick

Posted 2018-04-24, evaluated by Gario

Moiré Effect follow up their memorable "Linkin Park meets Deus Ex" debut with another rock/metal vocal arrangement, this time putting a minimalist vocal refrain to a dramatic, inspired take on Mass Effect:

"Gario asked for more from us, so here it is! I am Drew Etterle (SuprMelO) and my bandmate is Scott Wells (BluuMonk), and together our band is Moiré Effect. This submission is a remix of "Uncharted Worlds" from the original Mass Effect on the Xbox 360. Our remix is titled "One Small Step." The Mass Effect trilogy is probably my favorite franchise from the last generation, and Mass Effect 1 is up there as one of my favorite games of all time.

The track "Uncharted Worlds" and its beautiful arrangement makes you want to spend time exploring systems and planets. The song was written to encourage going forward and pioneering. The lyrics of the song were written as a gentle imperative for my son. I want a lot for him and hope he lives up to his potential, whatever it is.

The composition of the song was based on an idea on combining a few elements: the choral elements from "Return to the Castle" from the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 OST and the buildup of "Angel" by Massive Attack. Mixing those together with some Moiré Effect hard rock and this is what you get.

Here it is on YouTube with some footage from ME1. For the video, I just took some footage from my Xbox 360 of Mass Effect. Not really trying to tell a story or anything, just going for some imagery."

Really cool context for the lyrics; I've seen Moana so many times that I've started thinking of it as a metaphor for space exploration, with "going beyond the reef" equating to traveling outside our solar system, and I find that interpretation inspirational for our species in general and for my daughters, far more specifically. It's cool to see another parent making a similar connection, albeit for a narrative more explicitly about space; every generation should want its children to worry about which planet they should visit next, rather than fighting on & polluting this one. Clearly we're not there yet, but I dig that this mix touches on these themes. Gario solicited the follow-up submission, and we're both glad he did:

"Damn, I'm glad that I requested more from you guys - this is some great stuff! I'm surprised that you could take such a simple source and expand it in such a way that it never gets boring after four and a half minutes. The backing vocals are brilliant, and the guitar & drum work is top notch. Hell, you even made the lyrics thematic to the game - no small feat!

The production is great (if a touch reverb heavy - it still works well though), the subtle variations that happen throughout really add to the arrangement, and it clearly nails the source while transforming it into something else entirely. Excellent work overall!"

Dramatic, dark choral intro sets a nice tone, love the sticks on drums w/ varied ambiance, and when things go full heavy at 1'08" with rhythm guitars, there's a satisfying fullness to the sound. While it's hard rock & has vocals, it's a very different vibe from their debut mix, an interesting concept overall, and has an inspiring message. Great stuff from Moiré Effect that lives up to the promise of their first mix while also delivering something new!



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on 2018-04-27 00:11:58

To me the brilliance of this arrangement is that when you start listening to it, it's like there's this lengthy intro and you (or at least I) expect it to kick into a verse-chorus-verse kind of rock deal ... and it doesn't. Instead it explores some fresh territory. It feels like one of those less conventional album tracks on a rock album.

on 2018-04-25 21:48:56

Wow!! This is really unique and awesome - I love the fact that all this emotion and feel is packed into a song that basically has less than 20 words of lyrics. It lets the words become almost another instrument, one with dark undercurrents but an ultimate destination, like a dangerous journey through space that still has a steady eye on a distant star. SUPER props for the walkdown at the end - a perfect way to ease out.

Special, distinct, unique. This remix crushed it!

on 2018-04-24 11:51:04

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Primary Game:
Mass Effect (Microsoft, 2007, XB360)
Music by David Kates, Jack Wall, Richard Jacques, Sam Hulick
"Uncharted Worlds"

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Metal, Rock
Aggressive, Energetic
Choir, Electric Guitar, Singing, Vocals: Male
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Your fate is in the stars...

Your fate is in the stars...

Your fate is in the stars...
Why are you still here...

Go forth and find your way
Our hopes ride with you

Go forth and find your way
Our hopes ride with you


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