ReMix:Final Fantasy VI "Ecstatic Heights" 3:47

By RebeccaETripp

Arranging the music of one song...

"Mt. Koltz"

Primary Game: Final Fantasy VI (Square , 1994, SNES), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2018-06-07, evaluated by the judges panel

Kickstarter plug! Rebecca E. Tripp is one of OCR's biggest contributors. Now she's organizing a July 6th Chrono Trigger concert in Florida with the Orlando Contemporary Chamber Orchestra that she'll ALSO livestream. BACK HER & share it! :-) To help spread the news & encourage support, we've got not one but TWO mixes from her today, starting with an upbeat, energetic orchestral take on "Mt. Kolz" from FF6:

"When I first played Final Fantasy 6, something changed in me. It was sort of like a light turned on inside me and something special happened. I became a composer! :D FF4 had a similar effect on me (I got them both at the same time). They affected me in different ways, mind you. FF6 had this kind of "magical" effect. It filled me with this strange, wistful melancholy that never really went away -- but this felt like a good thing, somehow. I've spent the better part of two decades trying to give this "magic" to everybody I meet. I think many other people who played that game when they were young probably understand what I mean.

"Mt. Koltz" was one of the early tracks that really grabbed my attention! (Though I ultimately came to associate it with the mountain near Thamasa, rather than Mt. Koltz.) The tune was maddening beautiful to me; at the time, I'd never heard anything like it. Hopefully, this orchestral arrangement will convey at least some of that excitement to others."

Liontamer had some specific pointers, but was digging the overall:

"At 2:41, there was more meat added into the soundscape via more new instrumentation; would have also like to have heard some other type of rhythmic or tempo change or melodic interpretation there as well, because dynamically things were relatively similar, but that's not to say there was 0 dynamic contrast. That last little held woodwind note at the very end should have tapered off a little more softly, because it felt like it cut off abruptly, but no big deal.

All in all, a solid, melodically close arrangement that focuses on personalizing the track through lots of well-done instrument changes. The arrangement could have been more dynamic, but what's here still gets it done with enough interpretation."

I think that's spot-on; the highlight here, besides an overall pleasant & peppy arrangement, is the instrumentation, and how woodwinds, strings, brass, and chromatic percussion all get some time in the spotlight as the melodic baton is passed. It's a good way to handle one of FF6's more distinct pieces, and the uptempo, agile pacing facilitates the handoffs. Good stuff!



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on 2018-06-14 01:15:31

A beautiful handling of the source material - moving and invigorating, all in one. I really enjoy the artist's ability to walk the line between re-creating an original and adding a whole new take on the source - it's eminently recognizable AND original, which I loved. Loving this!

It's all right that this sometimes passed-over gem from the OST doesn't have other representation on this site. After this, it doesn't need it.

on 2018-06-08 00:04:53

I was ECSTATIC the second I noticed the source material (I know you liked what I did there). :)

There's been so many Final Fantasy VI mixes on this website of excellent calibre (same goes for this rearrangement from Rebecca BTW) but I was thinking as I listened that Mt. Koltz has only been remixed several times in an almost 20 year history, but it's worse than that.

Surprisingly, this is the ONLY standalone arrangement of the song on the ENTIRE site!

With the Overclocked history lesson over, I now have to nerd out about this arrangement because it's just great. Which hilariously almost sounds like stale praise because it's hard to find any arrangements with the name Rebecca E Tripp attached that aren't just great. :D Solid instrumentation, nails the source, really does capture that emotion and magic present in the original (and expands on it). I remember feeling like a damn hero the first time I went over those mountains – there really is something indescribable about the Mt. Koltz music.

This arrangement's a wonderful ride and hits me right in the nostalgia. Oh, that's gonna leave a mark. ;)

on 2018-06-07 08:54:33

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Primary Game:
Final Fantasy VI (Square , 1994, SNES)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"Mt. Koltz"

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Brass,Chromatic Percussion,Harp,Orchestral,Strings,Woodwinds
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