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OCR03740 - Final Fantasy VI "Ecstatic Heights"

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I was ECSTATIC the second I noticed the source material (I know you liked what I did there). :)

There's been so many Final Fantasy VI mixes on this website of excellent calibre (same goes for this rearrangement from Rebecca BTW) but I was thinking as I listened that Mt. Koltz has only been remixed several times in an almost 20 year history, but it's worse than that.

Surprisingly, this is the ONLY standalone arrangement of the song on the ENTIRE site!

With the Overclocked history lesson over, I now have to nerd out about this arrangement because it's just great. Which hilariously almost sounds like stale praise because it's hard to find any arrangements with the name Rebecca E Tripp attached that aren't just great. :D Solid instrumentation, nails the source, & really does capture that emotion and magic present in the original (and expands on it). I remember feeling like a damn hero the first time I went over those mountains – there really is something indescribable about the Mt. Koltz music.

This arrangement's a wonderful ride and hits me right in the nostalgia. Oh, that's gonna leave a mark. ;)

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Spelling and mangling Rebecca's name :p

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A beautiful handling of the source material - moving and invigorating, all in one. I really enjoy the artist's ability to walk the line between re-creating an original and adding a whole new take on the source - it's eminently recognizable AND original, which I loved. Loving this!

It's all right that this sometimes passed-over gem from the OST doesn't have other representation on this site. After this, it doesn't need it.

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