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Back to school! Our 12th FREE independent album release is now available, as OverClocked University follows up two commercial albums with Sophomore Year, featuring 8 arrangements of games like Sonic & Knuckles, Super Mario Galaxy, Street Fighter II, and more!

Download here and help spread the news!

And definitely, most assuredly check out their previous two albums, Freshman Year and Spring Break DJ Set!

We're still putting the finishing touches on Songs of Light & Darkness (SD3), but in the meantime here's a whole album of badass rock/pop/vocal VGM jams, because variety is the spice of life! OverClocked University (OCU) is comprised, for this album, of the following lady & gentlemen & Stevo:

We open with a high-energy alt-rock vocal take on the iconic "Bloody Tears" from CV2, with L99 on vocals and even some spoken word, a three-part RealHuman™ choir, and blazing drums, guitar, & especially tasty rock organ. Credits:

  • Lead vocals by Level 99 (Stevo Bortz)
  • Choir by BardicKnowledge (Ryan Thompson), DragonAvenger (Deia Vengen), and OceansAndrew (Andrew Luers)
  • Mixed and mastered by RoboRob (Rob Anderson)

Regarding the album release, Stevo writes:

"Major kudos to every member, especially OA, who totally picked up the ball and ran with it to finish this."

While several tracks from it have been posted back in the day, these are new & improved versions, and it's very cool to see the final result coming together as a single album. Great, deeply relevant & resonant vampire lyrics from Stevo, whose earnest/indie delivery plants the aesthetic in the late nineties or early naughts, and a frenzied, spontaneous energy to the rhythm parts, plus a pretty swanky 3-person choir make for a fun ride; Larry writes:

"It's great to have OCU back in action (back to school???) with OceansAndrew leading the charge. Whether it's giving Andrew and Stevo's past OC ReMixes a new coat of paint (e.g. Sonic & Knuckles, Ragnarök Online), or unleashing the new hotness like their Super Mario Galaxy and Chrono Trigger mixes, OCU always bring the hits through great game selections coupled with rocked out performances. Be sure to get the band's previous 2 albums, Freshman Year & Spring Break DJ Set!

The main thing that stuck out with this vocal mix for me was that I LOVE Stevo's lyrics. Sometime when you try to fit the cadence of a source melody, it can be an awkward and unnatural fit; I've heard enough on the judges panel where it can be a curse in and of itself. Here, everything clicks perfectly, so major props for making that work without sounding forced and also having really strong subject matter that ties into Castlevania's story. I wouldn't have minded some effects to make Stevo more villainous/ominous, but it's Stevo and he's one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Beware Dracula, even if he sounds chill, lest you fall into the sweet embrace of death. ;-)"

I would have liked more vocal processing/layering, but I'm with Larry: lyrics are on-point and make the vocal concept work. Accompaniment is tearing it up, don't get me wrong, but since lead vocals are covering the lead melody, they end up being more critical, and it's always good to have verse that taps into the libretto effectively. When the chorus & choir come in, things click just right, and the promise of a catchy alt-rock vocal meditation on Dracula's innermost thoughts is fulfilled. Cool concept, fun execution, and part of an album that features seven MORE similarly creative & high-impact arrangements!



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on 2024-05-08 11:21:13

The backup vocals that come in around the minute mark sound really great! Echoing what was said in the writeup, the accompaniment was going ham! I enjoyed the lyrics for this. Great job on this!

on 2018-09-11 15:42:57

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Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (Konami , 1988, NES)
Music by Kenichi Matsubara,Satoe Terashima
"Bloody Tears (Street-day time-Stage BGM)"

Tags (10)

Choir,Electric Guitar,Organ,Singing,Vocals: Male,Vocals: Voice Acting
Lyrics > Lyrics: Original

File Information

5,019,011 bytes

This urge to feed
A reminder of what's inside of me
and all the things that I have
done to you
across the span of time, from your point of view
I'm the antithesis of all that's true, so

Hate me
Berate me
Now face me
You'll taste my curse

Despise me
Decry me
Deny me
The sweet embrace of death

This crimson blood
rests upon my lips
Warm and comforting
just like a demon's kiss, a
slave to hate
all humanity
What defines a man
besides his penchant for secrecy, so

Hate me
Berate me
Now face me
You'll taste my curse

Despise me
Decry me
Deny me
The sweet embrace

So hear me
Now, clearly
don't fear me
I'm just like you

So hollow
we wallow
not follow
Our destinies are bound

Until the end of time

We're brothers
We're still fighting
for blood

All these lives
I've claimed
It's my nature
You're the same

A universe of secrets that I've taken to the grave
Time and time again, with no soul to be saved

Eons ago
I was human too
I knew how to love
and I had things to prove

My bane was pride
And I faltered well
into the abyss
And in this hell I dwell forever

Hate me
Berate me
Now face me
I'm just like you

So hollow
we wallow
not follow
our destinies

You came here
and all that
you hold dear
will crack and fall

Don't fight this
It's useless
So fruitless
Your destiny is mine

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