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While we're in a Zelda mood, something from 25YEARLEGEND: A Legend of Zelda Indie Game Composer Tribute: the first of three ReMixes we're featuring involving singular game and film composer Disasterpeace (Rich Vreeland) - a jazzy, dreamy take on Link to the Past:

""Chamber of the Goddess" combines the fairy fountain and Triforce chambre music from Link to the Past into a mellow fusion that wouldn't be all that far removed from a 70's B-side."

Of course "I Will Survive" was a B-side, so it doesn't always speak to appeal/hierarchy the way it's supposed to :) The detail and texture on the celeste (or celeste-like) intro keys is wonderful, as the arrangement begins minimalist and eventually blooms into a more identifiably-jazz groove. The noticeable detuning on the lead used in the latter half conjures dusty vinyl and oscillator drift with style; this is something Rich is particularly adept at, channeling yesteryear spirit & soul in his sound design. Larry Oji gives us a rundown:

"In having OCR's first Fez and Hyper Light Drifter arrangements on standby, I asked Rich if he'd be down with formally submitting his 2011 contribution to 25YEARLEGEND: A Legend of Zelda Indie Game Composer Tribute as a standalone OC ReMix. With his OK, I'm glad to present it as the first of our ReMix trio honoring D-Peace's VGM career.

Rekcahdam pulled together a who's-who of indie game composers for 25YL, with no less than Disasterpeace himself opening it up with this beautiful and relaxing piece. This had a nice, extended build with a pretty dreamy soundscape, finally filling out at :56 with the classic fairy fountain melody. Any Fez fans will enjoy the lead at 1:20, before the track eventually moved over to the Triforce chamber theme for the final third to close.

We've seen so much range from Rich's compositions, including since 25YEARLEGEND came out. While you definitely shouldn't sleep on his darker film scores or even further back to his original releases on the II/Pause netlabel, this Zelda ReMix is a great example of the relaxed side of Disasterpeace's music. I hope OCR fans enjoy not just this piece, but both of the follow-up arrangements inspired by Rich's critically acclaimed indie game soundtracks!"

I particularly dug the soundtrack to It Follows; the film really wouldn't have worked the way it did without Rich's music, which helped elevate a cool concept horror film to something more iconic/enduring. As Larry writes, we've got two mixes of games scored by Disasterpeace coming at you next, for a Disastrous mini-flood of sorts, but I'm particularly glad Mr. Oji thought to get Rich's go-ahead to kick us off with this LttP gem from 25YEARLEGEND; a mellow, special track from a stellar album!



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Sources Arranged (2 Songs)

Primary Game:
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Nintendo, 1991, SNES)
Music by Koji Kondo
"The Goddess Appears"
"Triforce Chamber"

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Fusion, Jazz
Chill, Mellow
Bells, Chromatic Percussion, Electric Guitar, Flute, Woodwinds

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4,750,706 bytes
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Published 2011-11-22
By OverClocked ReMix


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