ReMix:DuckTales "To the Moon or Bust!" 2:32

By PirateCrab

Arranging the music of one song...

"The Moon"

Primary Game: DuckTales (Capcom , 1990, NES), music by Hiroshige Tonomura

Posted 2019-06-21, evaluated by Liontamer

We end the week with a short burst of celestial metal, as PirateCrab (Daniel Woodyer) takes on VGM icon "The Moon" from DuckTales:

"I said I'd have more for you, and here I am! :-) I won't be submitting some stuff, as I feel a few of them don't stray very far from the source melodies, and I know you guys like to have something that's more original, but I think this one might be right up your street! Anyway, enjoy!

DuckTales time! Man, I have forever loved the music from DuckTales, but I figured the Moon theme needed some special metal love. The Moon theme needs no explanation. Iconic and quite simply catchy, it is a wonderful theme and one that will stand the test of time...

So, I'm gonna ruin it for you, HERE COMES THE CHUGGY BOI!"

To the extent that we have a street, this is indeed up it; colors outside the lines a lil, injects the epic original with a bit more oomph and a heapin' helpin' of shred, hits hard, hits fast, and is then gone. Like a ninja, if that ninja were a metal arrangement of DuckTales. Liontamer writes:

"As I've said to other folks before, please don't self-reject your own work. :-D Even if you think it's too conservative for OCR, submit it anyway; let us listen and see if you were right. :-) Something like this would also be in the melodically conservative mold, but it's interpretively adapted to metal with new part-writing behind the melody along with some original sections on top of the theme, followed by a more melodically interpretive final verse with some quick twists and embellishments.

Everything about the formula here works well in presenting your own unique and personalized spin on the source tune, and meshes with OCR's arrangement standards, even if it plays the melody relatively straightforward. Very intense stuff, and a worthy (but standalone) complement to other heavier takes on this classic like norg's "Harden the Duck Up!" and WillRock's "Apollo Duck"! Submit that other stuff you're not sure about too, Daniel. We won't bite!"

What he said! Don't assume that something being too conservative (or too liberal) is a dealbreaker regarding our standards; plenty of folks have been surprised, and interpretation can often be found at different "layers" of the arrangement, even when it is conspicuously absent from the melody. Great, energetic, & intuitively FUN take on a VGM classic - enjoy!



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on 2019-06-22 07:54:03

A rock cover of The Moon--what's not to love? Fantastic!

on 2019-06-17 15:24:12

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Primary Game:
DuckTales (Capcom , 1990, NES)
Music by Hiroshige Tonomura
"The Moon"

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Electric Guitar
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