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HoboKa (Alex Shtokalko) contributes a moving ambient ballad/lament with a new age/cinematic aesthetic & ethereal vocalizing from his collaborator:

"Well, I love this OST, as does everyone else who participated in the Paths Less Traveled. Decided to employ Stahalamora's vocal chops in order to make a cool orchestral, sing-songy, conservative remix. Sprinkled with the feelings of wanting, sorrow, and perhaps just a hint of sexiness. I commissioned Stahalamora to sing in my Terranigma cover-mix, to which her singing helped push the remix into not-a-cover territory, LOL. And boy, does she have the voice of an angel, as well as a certain je ne sais quois that I so desperately needed (and she's also very beautiful... which is a distant third reason why I chose to bring her on. I swear on my honor as a gentleman, a scholar, and a retard -- I mean saint).

Right, serious mask on, I aimed to make "Enigma of a Broken Soul" as close to the source as possible, texture and notation-wise. I know not if I should've tried something more creative notation-wise. But, it seems to be easier for me to get posted when I take less risks. Oh, and certainly not least of all, I also have to drop mention to Chimpazilla (remaster, added some SFX and compositional touch-ups), for helping to fix the mix and add in a more ethereal aesthetic that surprisingly jived very well with my intent. So, thanks to all who contributed and helped me make this happen!

By the by, Odai is a kick-ass project coordinator, and I strongly recommend him for further projects to all other prospective remixers. :)"

Misgivings about the r-word aside, nice background/context & props from Alex; this mix definitely has an otherworldly quality to it, with vivid textures & passionate vocalizing. Album director Jorito writes:

"Every RPG needs its sad, lamenting music, and "Sadness" is that music in Terranigma. While HoboKa plays it relatively straight, sticking close to the source track, the floaty vocals and the instrument choices give it a more ethereal and dreamy feel rather than a profound feeling of sadness and loss. Still, it does work well with the source material and gives it a nice new interpretation. The performance by Stahalamora does bring a lot to the track; always great to hear live performances take things to the next level."

Co-director Trism adds:

"HoboKa perfectly sets the scene right from the outset with nighttime sound effects that compliment the emotion of the song. Stahalamora's vocals are perfect for the main melody and Hobo's minimalist approach to the composition works wonderfully, creating a sense of almost hopeful melancholy. Yes, that's an oxymoron. No, I don't care."

Judges were unanimous, with some shared criticisms - Gario writes:

"Jesus, this is freakin' gorgeous. The overall style is calming, somber with a hint of Celtic folk in the vocals. Everything about this track really does send some shivers down my spine."

He did proceed to point out a couple flat notes on the vocal, and wondered whether lyrics would have given the piece a more narrative, developed vibe. On the first issue, which MindWanderer also noted, I concur - things steer flat once or twice in a noticeable way. It's fleeting, but it's there. On the question of lyrics, though, while I certainly think it could have worked, I also think that lyricless vocalizing absolutely has a place and is part of what gives this track its atmosphere & vibe. Larry Oji closes us out:

"Your strengths have always been holding fast to the source composition and adding in interpretation through other means. Working with Stahalamora and doubling/chorusing some parts along with the new instrumentation have all helped present this theme in a more fleshed out way. Let's go."

Roger that; cool piece from Alex which plays it close compositionally but breathes new life into the bones of the original with an ambient expansiveness & Stahalamora's emotive vocal performance!



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Mak Eightman
on 2020-02-08 18:07:12

Lovely.. Just lovely. Great work! Great voice! I need that voice!

on 2020-02-08 02:07:46

Man my remix comments sure were cringe at parts. Must've been a combination of caffeine, nicotine and a bit of the reefer that went to work. Probably sleep deprivation too. And autistic screeching.

on 2020-02-07 13:07:41

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Primary Game:
Terranigma (Enix , 1995, SNES)
Music by Masanori Hikichi,Miyoko Takaoka
"An Unforeseen Event"

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