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Our previously featured Sonic Colors & Undertale mixes from Faseeh (Faseeh Deen) were both superb, so I came into this (our first featured ReMix of Sonic Unleashed!) with high expectations... which were met & exceeded, as the artist blends d'n'b, jungle, & rock elements for an invigorating, energized take on "Jungle Joyride - Night":

"Hey, OC ReMix! Been a while, haha.

Sonic Unleashed is a game that I truly admired greatly. I pretty much got a console just to play it when I was young. I've loved "Jungle Joyride - Night," and this song has struck a chord with me ever since I first heard it. The track perfectly fits the level, with the serene sunset view, waterfalls, and jungle depths. It feels melancholic and, yet, calming.

This arrangement is filled with jungle (hah) influences. Just like my last submission of "Spider Dance" in 2017, this is a rock n' bass track too. Sonic music is filled with awesome rock guitars and the Daytime levels in Unleashed featured lots of DnB/breakbeat influences, so flipping this track into this style just felt right. Just picture Sonic boosting through the level.

I'm glad to have Joshua (formerly known as EXshad) on this track. He's a joy to work with and we've been friends for quite a few years. Thank you, Josh, for being awesome at what you do and adding to our pretty cool list of collaborations! Felt like making an unapologetic banger, hope we succeeded! Thank you. :)"

Mission accomplished; great electric guitar contrbutions from Joshua give this already-exciting mix an extra oomph, while the production maintains clarity & crispness even as electric & acoustic piano, breakbeats, and a variety of synths take the stage. Faseeh's got a firm grasp on what it takes to give a mix impact & momentum, and both are present in spades; judges were unanimous, as Emunator writes:

"Yessss. I know I can always count on Faseeh to lay down high-energy electronic bangers with just the right amount of smooth. This is no different - the mix of various organic timbres with a pounding D&B beat makes for quite a satisfying soundscape. The live guitar adds an appropriate level of expressiveness to the melody. Conceptually, this feels quite natural despite taking some detours off the beaten path, so great work there!"

Rexy adds:

"Faseeh, I love you. This source is my favorite track in the game, and I'm so happy to see someone arrange it! ...Ultimately, this is one of those tracks that has a good presentation and a more stellar interpretation. And in classic Faseeh fashion, it feels both fast-paced and chilled out at the same time, and no doubt something to start winding down a DJ set. Great teamwork between the pair of you!"

Seconded :) Great stuff from Faseeh & Joshua; Sonic Unleashed hadn't gotten any love on OCR *prior* to this, but they've fixed that, and they've done it with style. Enjoy!



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on 2021-03-11 03:55:30

This was definitely unexpected. "Jungle Joyride - Night" is probably my favorite tune from the game. t's an incredibly mellow/calm/serene source, so dnb might not seem an obvious genre choice at first, but it works very well, which is still a surprise for me. I really love how Faseeh kinda kept the original vibe, but also made it bit more pumping. Nice job!

on 2021-03-02 13:25:58

This reminds me a lot of the opening theme from Phantasy Star IV.

on 2021-03-01 22:34:28

What's this i see? A Sonic unleashed remix?!

on 2021-02-25 00:54:18

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Primary Game:
Sonic Unleashed (Sega , 2008, XB360)
Music by Fumie Kumatani,Hideaki Kobayashi,Kenichi Tokoi,Mariko Nanba,Takahito Eguchi,Tomoya Ohtani
"Jungle Joyride - Night"

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Drum and bass,Jungle,Rock
Breakbeats,Electric Guitar,Electric Piano,Electronic,Piano,Synth
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Time > Tempo: Fast

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