ReMix:Jet Force Gemini "Anthem Anubis" 3:21

By bLiNd

Arranging the music of one song...

"S.S. Anubis"

Primary Game: Jet Force Gemini (Rare , 1999, N64), music by Alistair Lindsay, Graeme Norgate, Robin Beanland

Posted 2021-07-07, evaluated by Liontamer

Badass symphonic EDM trap off of Jet Force Gemini: Mizar Attacks!, as bLiNd (Jordan Aguirre) kills it with his take on "S.S. Anubis":

"Anubis" was originally something I was remixing for a friend, so I instantly claimed it for the project. Not much worked at its tempo with my style so I went for a trap beat since it worked so well with the source.

Again, one of the things that makes Mizar Attacks! so impressive, to me, is that I think the JFG OST is relatively difficult to approach, from an arrangement perspective. Going for a trap beat and effectively turning the track into a three-genre hybrid (when you factor in the sweet symphonic elements) was a creative way of working with the source; I was originally slated to contribute to the album, and was going to go in a similar direction, myself, on a different piece. Liontamer evaluated:

"I love listening to "S.S. Anubis" and getting that GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark energy from the composition's tension but mainly the soundset as well! Awesome stuff that shows off how Robin Beanland would have also been a good fit doing the heavy lifting for either soundtrack. :-)

With Jordan's take, you have a frenetic electronic energy in his original writing that builds over the top of the more measured source melodies for a great combination. More and more evidence here on Jet Force Gemini being such a vastly underrated and underappreciated gold mine of a soundtrack, which make me all the prouder to have Darkflamewolf honor this score through such a strong tribute like Mizar Attacks!"

EDM trap seems to often sit in a BPM pocket where it feels either pretty slow, or pretty fast, depending on whether you're listening to the hats or the hits, and this mix makes use of that nicely. Right from the cool, ambient intro, you get the type of hazy, indiscernible vocal chop that defines some of these modern subgenres, over delicate piano chords. Tension builds, and then the drop and quick synth run at 1'13" with the pitchslide oscillator sync synth is, in a word, dope. Jordan does a superb job incorporating mostly ensemble orchestral elements & choir for an additional epic vibe, and the whole piece is an intense journey that oscillates between ominous suspense-building and an all-out barrage of beats & synths. The whole enchilada ends with a resounding low brass fart, which is always satisfying for everyone involved. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I like trap, I'd like to do some more trap-influenced pieces (beyond my Super Mario RPG mix), and I think the sounds & compositional tricks specific to the genre can be ported effectively to other genres, as Jordan's done here. Fantastic stuff, VERY fun!



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on 2021-07-06 11:54:19
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Primary Game:
Jet Force Gemini (Rare , 1999, N64)
Music by Alistair Lindsay,Graeme Norgate,Robin Beanland
"S.S. Anubis"

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