ReMix:Hollow Knight "Spirits of the Fallen" 4:17

By heymagurany

Arranging the music of one song...

"Dream Battle"

Primary Game: Hollow Knight (Team Cherry , 2017, WIN), music by Christopher Larkin

Posted 2021-10-12, evaluated by Liontamer

Off Pixel Mixers' Voidheart comes this rock/metal take on Hollow Knight from heymagurany (Matt Magurany):

"I got another one for you! This is the arrangement I put together for Pixel Mixers' Voidheart album. Needless to say, the OST for Hollow Knight is amazing, so it was tough to pick one to arrange. I chose this one because it was one of the only songs I could picture in my style of rock music and still have the source be recognizable. I wanted to see how a song from the very orchestral soundtrack would sound with electric guitars and chippy synths with an extra helping of delay on everything. I hope I delivered something that sounds like it belongs in a dream... that also rocks. I also got a lot of inspiration from Mick Gordon's song "Twins" on the Wolfenstein II OST. The intro is heavily influenced by that track. Thanks!"

Before the harder, distorted guits came in, I was actually getting an Edge/U2 vibe.... like you could *almost* see things turning into a liberal arrangement of "Where the Streets Have No Name" - probably all those repeated notes & delay, kind of iconic. 1'10" comes around and clears that up tootsweet, with a nasty, sick metal riff that segues into a more aggressive energy overall. Liontamer evaluates:

"It's fitting to post this back-to-back with another arrangement of a tense theme, and it's cool to see heymagurany tackling another big indie soundtrack, as well as being inspired by a fellow OC ReMixer in Mick, who's of course since gone on to make an indelible mark in modern game scores. Boy, that's a hell of a dream to be stuck in though... I haven't played Hollow Knight (I've watched gameplay since I don't have enough time in my life, unfortunately), but the way the core theme is essentially looped segments in both Christopher Larkin and Matt's versions gives me imagery of being engaged in a battle with a very indeterminate end; the tone isn't scary in a tropey way, yes, but the underlying tension's always there because you also don't know how or when you'll get away. Matt rocks it out here; you proved your point, now lemme out! :-)"

The extended intro uses its minute-plus to build anticipation & suspense, With or Without Bono, and then from there out it's sinister, galvanized battle vibes, with screamin' leads, meaty drums, & chuggin' rhythms. I love how the shimmering, sustained ambient feedback tones kinda soar/hover over the carnage below; an effective contrast of simpler atmospheric parts against a complex, bustling rock underbelly. Great stuff from Matt that builds a tense atmosphere & then takes off - enjoy!



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on 2021-10-11 12:02:15
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Primary Game:
Hollow Knight (Team Cherry , 2017, WIN)
Music by Christopher Larkin
"Dream Battle"

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