ReMix:Super Metroid "Concealed Caverns" 5:05

By Gaspode

Arranging the music of 2 songs from 2 games ( view all )...

"Brinstar", "Brinstar - Red Soil Wetland Area"

Primary Game: Super Metroid (Nintendo , 1994, SNES), music by Kenji Yamamoto (I), Minako Hamano

Posted 2022-03-30, evaluated by the judges panel

Brilliant creative sound design on this downtempo/cinematic electronic Super Metroid "Brinstar" mix from Gaspode (Peter Köller):

"Here's my latest submission. Hope you like it. It's a remix of »Lower Brinstar« from »Super Metroid« (Original Score by Kenji Yamamoto & Minako Hamano) and »Brinstar« from »Metroid« (Original Score by Hirokazu Tanaka)."

A Tale of Two Brinstars; Peter has done a superb job with different sci-fi textures & timbres, which is evident right from the outset - a simple pluck pattern starts us off, but then we get bitcrushed swirls, percolating synth FX, and subtle subharmonics. S'very nice. Judges were unanimous, and evauation was probably a formality, but it gives me nice quotes to quote; Liontamer writes:

"Cool original opening. Very comfortable fusion of the source tunes alongside Peter's original composition ideas working countermelodically and adding texture. Such great execution here, I love it.

Timing it out to show Super Metroid's Brinstar theme as the primary source.

:31.5-:55, 1:03.75-2:28.5 (SM); 2:29-2:47, 2:50.5-3:35 (M); 3:38.5-4:21 (SM); 4:21-4:39.5 (M); 4:42-5:01 (both)

Happy to give this feedback of course, but man, what's this track doing on the panel? One could argue it's overlong, but I enjoyed it; the sounds, textures, and density of the piece morph and evolve over time. Nice work, Peter!"

Sir_NutS adds:

"Loving the synth work on this, electro vibes all over the mix. The bitcrushing is at the forefront of some of these patches but it's never out of place. There's a clear metroid feeling all over this track, including the choral pads which sound very and properly synthesized. I love me some chorused synth bass and the minimal use of it in this track just helps it hit right when it shows up.

This is just a super easy vote, this rendition of the theme is very well realized, all the instruments seem to complement each other and the mix really well, includes elements from both the tracks it's remixing where they are recognizable but brought under a different light, and I love me some electro/ambient light for sure."

Emunator did make a passing mention that some buildups didn't release as satisfyingly as they could have, and I personally found myself more engaged in the darker first half of the mix than the second stretch, which ventures into major keys, but these are nits - Gaspode nails the Metroid aesthetic & incorporates a diverse menagerie of synths into a compelling soundscape that blends expansive ambient sustains with gurgling, mechanical FX. Atmospheric, melodic, and not to be missed - superb work from Peter!



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on 2024-03-31 12:26:19

:catjam: This was a solid bop! Very interesting and cool leads used here. ?

on 2022-11-02 10:02:02

I cannot get enough of this! It's a fantastic take on these classics unlike any others I've heard. The choice of chords used throughout just adds an incredible emotional element and it works beautifully. Honestly the first remix I've heard in years that has stopped me in my tracks. Well done!


on 2022-04-02 13:09:46

After finding Secret Labyrinths here back in November and falling in love with his style, I had to go look for more of Gaspode's work. I came across Concealed Caverns on his soundcloud page and it quickly shot up my list of all time favorites. It definitely deserves the feature! Fantastic work

on 2022-03-31 15:49:07

This one's really good. I wasn't really expecting Super Metroid's Red Soil Area version of Brinstar to transition so well into OG Metroid's Brinstar, but here we are!

on 2022-03-28 12:46:01
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Sources Arranged (2 Songs, 2 Games)

Primary Game:
Super Metroid (Nintendo , 1994, SNES)
Music by Kenji Yamamoto (I),Minako Hamano
"Brinstar - Red Soil Wetland Area"
Additional Game:
Metroid (Nintendo , 1986, NES)
Music by Hirokazu Tanaka

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