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OCR04324 - *YES* Super Metroid & Metroid "Concealed Caverns"


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Here’s my latest submission. Hope you like it.
It’s a remix of »Lower Brinstar« (Super Metroid) and »Brinstar« (Metroid).
You could listen to it here:
Contact Information
Your ReMixer name: Gaspode
Your real name: Peter Köller
Your email address: 
Your website: –
Your userid: 26608
Submission Information
Name of game(s) arranged:
»Super Metroid«
Name of arrangement:
Concealed Caverns
Name of individual song(s) arranged:
»Lower Brinstar« from »Super Metroid«
»Brinstar« from »Metroid«
Additional information:
Super Metroid, Super Nintendo, Music by Kenji Yamamoto & Minako Hamano
Metroid, NES, Music by Hirokazu Tanaka
Link to the original soundtrack:
Bye, Peter
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Cool original opening. Very comfortable fusion of the source tunes alongside Peter's original composition ideas working countermelodically and adding texture. Such great execution here, I love it.

Timing it out to show Super Metroid's Brinstar theme as the primary source.

:31.5-:55, 1:03.75-2:28.5 (SM); 2:29-2:47, 2:50.5-3:35 (M); 3:38.5-4:21 (SM); 4:21-4:39.5 (M); 4:42-5:01 (both)

Happy to give this feedback of course, but man, what's this track doing on the panel? One could argue it's overlong, but I enjoyed it; the sounds, textures, and density of the piece morph and evolve over time. Nice work, Peter!


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  • Liontamer changed the title to 2021/11/16 - (1Y) Super Metroid & Metroid "Concealed Caverns"

lot of interesting attention paid to the initial atmosphere. melodic content comes in at 0:31 (a little heavy in the right ear) and is both immediately recognizable and creatively realized via the synths. i really like the buzzy bass synth under all of the bubbly, undistorted synths above it. the build into 2:08 is fantastic, and the subsequent chord changes to the melodic content are just perfect...i wish i'd thought of the idea! the transition into the original Brinstar theme at 2:50 was also great, love the choral vox behind it.

if i'm going to complain about any one part of it, it's that it meanders a little between maybe 3:00-4:00 simply because it goes through a lot of melodic content in a row without a break. a break to the lead synth in there may have helped prevent that, but it's a nitpick at most.

there's a great drop beat that flows into an extended ending around 4:20.

this is fantastic. what a great track. i have really nothing significant to complain about.




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  • prophetik music changed the title to 2021/11/16 - (2Y) Super Metroid & Metroid "Concealed Caverns"

Loving the synth work on this, electro vibes all over the mix.  The bitcrushing is at the forefront of some of these patches but it's never out of place.  There's a clear metroid feeling all over this track, including the choral pads which sound very and properly synthesized.  I love me some chorused synth bass and the minimal use of it in this track just helps it hit right when it shows up.

This is just a super easy vote, this rendition of the theme is very well realized, all the instruments seem to complement each other and the mix really well, includes elements from both the tracks it's remixing where they are recognizable but brought under a different light, and I love me some electro/ambient light for sure.




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  • Sir_NutS changed the title to 2021/11/16 - (3Y) Super Metroid & Metroid "Concealed Caverns"

I love all of the reharmonization at play here, and how you merged multiple sources together into a seamless journey, it really demonstrates the flexibility of some of these tunes and the genius of the Metroid soundtracks as a whole. The analog synth pallet sounds great, as I've come to expect from Gaspode's submissions, but I also appreciate the extra care taken to give the percussion a more organic, distinctly-Metroid quality!

I personally found that some of the payoffs to your buildups left something to be desired - I was expecting something a little harder from 2:08, for example. 2:30 through 4:00 dragged a little bit for my tastes, but it's not a dealbreaker for me (and clearly not any of the other judges, either!) Let's roll! 


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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR04324 - *YES* Super Metroid & Metroid "Concealed Caverns"
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